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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Minfernal is finally mine!

Can't actually believe I'm typing this post, at long last!

Hey guys,

I've been online most of the day, probably from around 1:30pm till 00:35am (UK Time) and its finally happened, I've  been able to add the Minfernal pet to my list! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D! and the best part is, the only spawn that was there was mine, no-one tried to gank me, (which has been happening alot today...), no-one else farming, literally just me and him. The bonus part is that it was a RARE, SAY WHAT! So I get to keep my flawless magic pet stone for now.. not sure who to use it on.

Co-ords approx 41,44 SouthEastern part of Shattered Vale

I think my breakthrough for getting it was changing tactics on my 'rage random killing' which involved both the infernals and fire elementals around the Shattered Vale, and also the rat critters I found. I have been doing this for AGES thinking that was the way forward, my theory was kill the stuff to make new stuff appear. Naturally I got 1-2 catchable rats every hour or so, but I accidently killed one of them, making me think, what if I killed the catchable pet spawns in the zone? Surely that is the way to get a catchable pet, you wipe out the rest to make new ones spawn, and I'm now sitting here able to talk about my new pet...coincidence? Try it yourself and pleaseeee let me know, I'm going to try for the Scourged Whelp using this 'theory' (more like grasping at straws to keep me entertained while farming... :D)

The feeling of getting some rare in game is always so frantic and a completely insane heart pounding moment, definately in this case, hope to update with another whelp related post soon, but I am more than happy with my Minfernal for now, can't wait to level him!

So with the new addition, current pet total is 498!

Off to Icecrown to stalk some dragons...gonna be a late one!


Saturday, 29 December 2012

What to do when the servers say no

Hey all,

Well since the EU servers have been down for a good while now, I have taken the opportunity to go through some wow blog sites and add to my blog roll!

A shout out to the new arrivals to the roll:

The Crimson Hammer
The WoW Debutante
Touch of Death
A Work in Progress
Warrior Wez
Praka Goes Panda
Harpy's Nest

I hope I've 'followed' everyones blogs correctly and hope to see many more posts from my blog rollers :D#

I also joined twitter, finally! Click the follow button to well.. follow me! :D


A new addition and upgrades!

Hey hey!

Hope everyone had a great christmas! I had a lovely time and as with everyone, way too much to eat and drink! Back to WoW business now...

As always I have my alts planted at certain areas/spawn points for the rarer pets, and today I finally logged in to see a sandstorm in Tanaris! You would think being a desert that there would be sandstorms constantly, but I've had my warrior, Severity, planted there for perhaps 1-2weeks without hitting one storm. Anyhoo, all the waiting paid off, after approx 10-12 silithid hatchlings I came across a rare one, and upgraded my Sand Kitten and Striped Scorpid along the way. Some nice upgrades and nice to cross yet another pet off the list.

Severity will now to planted along my shaman, Kaiti, in Felwood, surely one of them will hit lucky? I periodically check for the whelp on my priest by using the Argent Tournament Tabard to teleport there, so thats the most important points covered. I'm hoping also to start grinding for the Alliance version of the Argent Squire on my Worgen, so I can also go and check out the whelp spawn points with her.

Tainted Rat why do you mock me?

It would be the perfect time to find either of these pets as I now also have an undead pet stone, so I can upgrade a Minfernal and a Scourged Whelp immediately!



Current Pet Total: 497

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hey all,

Well christmas is nearly here and my time on wow will be extremely limited, so my blog will be coming to a full stop over the festive period.

I know I have only been blogging a couple of months so still pretty new to the scene, I want to thank those who stop by my blog, makes me smile to see the page views increase each day, can't wait for the 1000 views mark!

 Hope everyone has a wonderful christmas and a very happy new year!


Sunday, 23 December 2012

What a pain in the...


Hello all,

Finally decided it was time to get my last race exclusive pet, the Shore Crawler. Sure its just a crab, and sure I'll never use it, but its a pet isn't it? Obviously thats a need for the collection. Without thinking, I make my random lvl 1 goblin, and ask friends to summon me to orgrimmar.. only to find I cant get summoned and that I must "Fulfill my duty to the Bilgewater Cartel" WHAT I have to actually level this thing?

11 levels and a bunch of pretty boring quests later, in my opinion, and I'm in orgrimmar buying my pet. I wouldn't have minded so much if there was quicker transportation whilst questing at such a low level, I forgot how incredibly slow it is to move around, even with the goblin jump racial. I am just pleased that its over. The crab pet is 1 per account, even if you trade or sell the pet, so be warned! No wonder I've never seen any for sale!


Friday, 21 December 2012

This s#!@ is....

Bananas! B.A.N.A.N.A.S - Literally!

I know I have just posted about my Pet-tastic day, but it just got better <3 I was browsing on for any interesting EU trading going down, and I spy a post "WTT Bananas" I check the replies and to be honest, for a pet as rare as Bananas, the offers were appauling. You can only get this little one via a trading card which was from one of the first sets of cards, and it goes for a hefty price on ebay. Anyway I add the player and I offered x2 Pandaren spirits, an Aqua Strider, Grinder, Eye of the Legion and Puffer the fish and they accepted! I am over the moon! Christmas has come early indeed.

Current pet total: 493!


What a pet-tastic day!

Evening all!

Lumpy - Pebbles' dad!

 Well.. I'm pretty pleased with myself, I got the last christmas event pet I needed, Lumpy! He's usually alot smaller than in the picture, was so excited I used some pet items on him! Also got another clockwork rocket bot in the same bag, so if anyone's needing one, message me!

I also finished my Raiding with Leashes achievement! Waahhhooooooo! Since raiding naxx in wotlk I have always wanted my own Mr. Bigglesworth and that day has finally arrived. Immediately tried to rename it to Mrs. Bigglesworth but unfortunately not possible :( Any suggestions for names anyone? Going to have a good long think about it. I will definately continue my old raid runs, firstly to get some spares of the pets for future trading/if friends need, but also its quite a good little money run for a few hours work.

Look at the teeny tiny paw prints in the snow! /squeal

So with my pet count at 492, whats my next goal? Not sure to be honest, I still have alts planted at various spawn points and no luck as of yet for my Scourged Whelp and Minfernal. Still doing the Pandaren Air Spirit Trainer daily as thats my last for that set, still no sign of the Imperial Moth from my tailoring daily, no sandstorms in Tanaris. Literally these are luck of the draw, right place right time pets. One day...keep watching for posts.

In the meantime I shall be herbing, coincidently in Felwood, coincidently near some infernal npcs, no idea why..


Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Clockwork Rocket Robot!

Sing that title to the "Go Go Power Rangersssss" tune and it works!

Hey peeps!

Well you may have a hint of what this post will start with, the fact I got the Clockwork Rocket Bot from the Winter Veil daily! Hurray! Got it whilst doing the daily on my Worgen DK. It's not a struggle at all the get the quest done whilst on her server, but reverting back to Vashj for my other three characters, pretty much have to beg guildies to come and help, for some reason theres never any crossrealmers there, usually hoping that someone has just killed him and I can ninja swoop in and get my quest completed. Oh well, one down, one to go...gimme!

I was surprised to see you can cage the robot, I know you can cage Lumpy, but the robot has a feat of strength attatched once you learn him. Sadly he is also uncommon quality, so need a mechanical pet family stone for him asap.

Also grabbed the Anodized Robo Cub from Everlook in Winterspring, uncommon quality, but that will do for me. I like the new models for these mechanical animals, the Fluxfire Feline has to be my favourite closely followed by the Cogblade Raptor, who still hides from me, hoping to get that little baby soon.


Monday, 17 December 2012

Happy Fun Stones?

Not the exact Happy Fun Rock, but they make me happy.. Flawless Pet Battle Stones!

Hey all,

Whilst doing my circuit of pet battling dailies in Pandaria, I received a second Flawless Magic Pet Battle Stone from Wastewalker Shu in the Dread  Wastes, the same trainer I had got my previous magic stone from. It got me thinking if certain trainers have higher % chances of giving certain pet family stones from the bags you get from the dailies, or if its just a random coincidence that it was the same trainer who gave me the same stone. Probably the second option, but I'm going to test the theory out regardless, many pet battles to come!

The first stone I used on my Enchanted Broom, mainly because I have leveled it previous to getting the stone, but also I will never be able to farm a rare version of it, so made sense really. My second I am definately keeping for that special day when the Minfernal will be mine! That means, I can instantly upgrade him to be rare and not have to sit and hope for a rare to come along, so its win win all round. It also means that more people will be able to capture them, without me being greedy checking them all for the quality, I say all, haven't even seen one yet! /cry

Off to pet battle some more, will hopefully have some luck with more stones!


Sunday, 16 December 2012

Little Booky Wook!

Woohoo! Thought this deserved its own post for sure!

Hey all,

Libram found at 2:01pm server time at approx 34,33 co-ords.
Well as I was re-planting my alts to the rare pet spawn locations, my lady orc was very very lucky indeed! Her spawn point is with the Lofty Librams in Hillsbrad at the Dalaran Crater and at first, the usual green paw marks came up and of course they were rats. I sighed and thought I may aswell clear those out to hopefully spawn the librams. As I was clicking to forfeit the match with the rat, in the background I saw a little purple object flapping around, my libram! It's an amazing feeling to get one of the rarer pets, I'm so happy! I did do the worst thing someone can do when it comes to rare pets and I did battle all 3 librams I found, please note I did fly around a couple of times looking for others who may have been waiting for them, so I did check! I know my location on the crater is in the centre, that is just for the picture. I actually found my librams by following the purple/pink circle, and they were located near to the houses around the crater.

"A wild Lofty Libram appears!"

My best quality of uncommon, so was extra pleased with that. I additionally have a common and a poor quality one in my journal, I'm thinking that if they ever decided to make the capturable pets trade-able, then I can give to my friends if they have had no luck with it by then.

I thought I might be on a lucky streak, so I checked also on my lady orc for to see if I could upgrade my Emerald Proto Whelp and to also look for the elusive Scourged Whelp, only to find lots of farmers/campers, as normal. Her new spawn point will be tanaris to wait for a sandstorm.

On a side note, I also got another Pandaren Water Spirit pet from my daily bag, which is great for potential trades!

With the addition of my lovely libram, my current pet total is 483. Happy hunting!


Thursday, 13 December 2012


I'm officially in the Brawler's Guild!

Hey all!

Well yesterday I finally decided bid on a Blood Soaked Invitation from the Black Market Auction House, for the sum of 1100g and won it! I've been bidding for a few days now and always seemed to be outbid, no idea how on my very low populated server..

Anyway, having read very little about the place (only that there is a pet to be had!), I just thought I would wing it and check it out without reading exactly what to do with regards to ranks and achievements. It's nice to see a new tab under the World Events section in achievements for the Brawlers Guild, and they award a nice amount of points too, not these 5 pointer achievements like the pet battling ones. So you enter and are greeted immediately with the Brawler's Guild quartermaster and he sells potions to help you out in the actual arena battles with various stats to suit whichever class you are. He also sells the pet, Clock'em, which you buy for 30 silver and have to be Rank 4 with the Brawler's Guild. Off to get rank 4 then!

On the opposite side of the room, I saw maybes 4-5 players standing around some npcs. Some of the npcs you can interact with and you speak to those to join the queue to enter the arena against the NPC type bosses, when you are rank 1 they are similar in health to one of the MoP rare spawns, and they increase in health the higher rank you go.

There are other NPCs, Brawler Enthusiasts which are friendly most of the time, and these are used for one of the achievements, Bottle Service, and to do this you need to purchase some bottles called Expired Blackout Brew and use one on the Brawler Enthusiast, once it has enraged and becomes hostile. Pretty easy to do once the NPC is enraged, its just the RNG of waiting for it to happen.

The same vendor who sells the brew also sells rotten fruit, which again is used for an achievement, Haters Gonna Hate, where you need to deliver a killing blow to one of the arena bosses whilst having 10 stacks of the debuff, You Stink!, and you get this after someone throws some rotten fruit at you. Each piece of fruit gives one debuff, and there is a small cooldown after the use of each type of fruit, so can't be spammed, but is fairly simple to get up to 10 debuff stacks. I had a another player help me get this whilst facing King Kulaka, who is the last boss in the Rank 2 stage of the battles, I took this advice from a post on wowhead due to the fights I had been doing had all required me to move around constantly, and this is the earliest one in the rankings to be able to just tank and spank in one spot, therefore another player can throw the fruit at you.

These two achievements pretty much explain themselves, free 30 points basically!

I could go through the bosses I have defeated so far by name and what moves they tend to do, but to be honest thats half of the fun of finding out what you'll be up against! So no spoilers on that I'm afraid! I am currently Rank 4, but there is an achievement to hit Rank 7, but I have personally hit a brick wall with the current boss, as you are timed and unfortunately my disc spells are not strong or fast enough to kill him in that alloted time and a horrible firey death is what I get for trying, literally! Will have to possibly go shadow.. really will have to be desperate to do that though! ;D


Current pet total:

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Scourged Whelp and Minfernal are only the beginning...

of my problems!

Hey all,

A bit frustrated today, as I had a couple of new pets on my 'hit list' to capture, only to find that they are getting farmed/camped as much as the Scourged Whelp and Minfernal! Honestly thought these two would be my last to get, but it seems the Emerald Proto Whelp from Sholazar and the Lofty  Libram from Hillsbrad can be added to my 'annoying pets to capture' list. Already on this list is the Robo Raptor from Blades Edge Mountains, Irradiated Roach from just outside Gnomeregan and the Robo Bear from Everlook, there is always at least 3 people there flying/hovering/sneaking waiting for spawns. Almost as grumpy as grumpy cat.

On the plus side, Mondays raid was rather fruitful as I got another weapon upgrade, Kri'tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm from Empress Shek'zeer! Not only is the weapon amazing in stats and I could use my sha touched gem, my shadowfiend is now a Sha!

Pretty cool :)


Current pet total: 472

EDIT! 18:41pm:  Log back onto my priest to attend wednesdays raid, and would you believe it, an Emerald Proto Drake whelp! Only one aswell! Sadly not rare, but uncommon, would have caught it regardless of quality <3 Good times!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Back to life...

back to reality! I'm noticing a trend in my posts beginning with song lyrics, good times!


It's been nearly a week since I posted! To be fair I have been away for the weekend, it was my birthday on Friday so I earned a few days rest, and rest meaning hectic and busy in London! Had a fab time <3

Anyhoooooo whats new?

The darkmoon faire has gone, and they took my Darkmoon Eye pet with them! Will have to hope for it next month. I did manage to catch a crow pet though! Sure its of poor quality but the fact I have it is a miracle, I only saw this one as a secondary pet once since the hot fix, really not very common, at least for me.

Earlier last week I posted the shared topic from BlogAzeroth, and 2 of my wishes have come true already! Firstly I own a Cinder Kitten - bought her on Friday as a birthday treat for myself, and she is worth every penny, so adorable. Definately will level her to 25 as soon as I finish leveling my current three. I also have a new main hand weapon, woohoo no more blues! It is the elite version of the Dagger weapon from the Protectors in Terrace of Endless Spring, was rather pleased to finally get my Mystically Epic achievement!

2/3 wishes aint bad at all! ;)


Current pet total: 470

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: What do you want for Winter Veil?

Hey all!

Whilst browsing, I noticed there was a new shared topic! My second to participate in /woop!

What do you want for Winter Veil? Where do I start!

  1. Cinder Kitten pet - Just been released onto the Blizz Store, this little cutey is a must! 
  2. Robot and Lumpy Pets - I have missed out on getting Lumpy and the Clockwork robot from previous Winter Veil world events, so I'm really hoping that they come to me this year, I have been a good girl! Honest!
  3. A new main hand weapon - Preferably the lovely mace from Heart of Fear which drops from the Empress. It's too good! I have my gem ready to go in it also, and apparently your shadowfiend turns into a sha when you have this mace, errr need!!!!?!! Sounds brilliant!
To be honest I could list each pet I don't currently have, but if I did manage to achieve one of these, I would be a very happy person :)

Winter Veil starts on Saturday December 15th and runs till January 2nd, can't wait! One of my favourite times of year, in game and out!


Current pet total: 468!

Monday, 3 December 2012

The Darkmoon Faire is in town!

Hey all,

It's the first week of the month and we all know what that means... we welcome to Darkmoon Faire back to Azeroth, and there are some new goodies to be had!

Firstly a new pet trainer, who uses a Darkmoon Tonk and a Darkmoon Monkey and the added new pet, the Darkmoon Eye. Very similar to the Eye of the Legion pet, with it being a floating eye, but it has the appearance of the moving eye on the gateway into the Darkmoon Faire. Sadly the only way to get this is to beat the trainer and pray that it is contained in the bag which you get for defeating him. I like the fact there is a new trainer, its a shame you can't just buy the eye via 90 tickets like the others, but I suppose this way makes it even more special and rare for those lucky people who get it. I have to make sure I do this everyday, only 7 chances afterall until next month.

Another new pet to come to the faire is the Darkmoon Hatchling, which is a pet version of the purple and green strider mount that you can buy for 180 tickets. Very cute indeed and is available to buy for 90 darkmoon prize tickets. I don't have the mount myself, but this screenshot was taken using the strider mounts that are available to use when on the island, when you teleport into the faire, a new gnome npc offers to let you ride one. Definately have to get my own now!

There are two new wild pets to capture on the island, the Darkmoon Glowfly and Crow. Unfortunately there have been reports that the Crow pet is bugged at the moment, and I experienced it first hand when trying to get one of my own. I went to battle a glowfly, to discover the crow as the secondary pet. By this time I had already captured an uncommon glowfly and couldn't find any crows on the island, so was thrilled, only to discover my trap would not work and I would get the message 'Pet cannot be captured'. Others have experienced this bug/problem, and I do hope it gets fixed soon!

Last but by no means least, a new ride has arrived, the merry go round! You buy your ticket book from the panda on the gate and your in. Sure you may think not to bother, your only going around in circles and you don't actually gain anything... but you do! The longer you sit on, the more time you gain on a lovely buff with increases experience AND rep gained by 10%! Don't mind if I do! The things you can sit on are a murloc (which I chose), wyvern, gryphon, nether rocket x2 and a cloud serpent. They are all cute little wooden looking versions, the cloud serpent one even has a moving tail! Well worth a look.

Current pet total: 464

Friday, 30 November 2012

My quest for Mr Bigglesworth..

started this weekend! My progress is as follows:

I was really suprised at how easy my priest could handle Naxxramas, sure its two expansions behind, but I'm still pretty squishy at the best of times, so was quite pleased to find how easy is was, and was rewarded the Fungal Abomination from Loatheb. The other two pets from Naxxramas are the Stitched Pup from Gluth and the Giant Bone Spider from Maexxna. 1/3 here!

I travelled next to Ahn'quiraj, and this was a totally different story. The Mini Mindslayer will not be a problem to get if I used my priest, however the Anubisath Idol and the Viscidus Globule are a different story. I remembered that Viscidus had a particular tactic where it needed to have Frost spells cast on it to freeze it and then it could be killed. I assumed that they might have taken this mechanic out now that you do not have to be in a raid group to enter these old instances, but I was mistaken and had to leave that one. My lil worgen DK can have a go at that one later! The last remaining pet, Anubisath Idol, drops from the Emperor Twins encounter and being alone, and the mechanic of them having to be kept seperate did not go down so well, so will need to ask for help on that one. 0/3 here :(

Next I took a trip to Blackrock Mountain, to venture into Molten Core and Blackwing Lair. The boss Magmadar drops the Corefire Imp, Goremagg drops the Ashstone Core and Sulfuron Harbringer drops the Harbringer of Flame. Pretty straight forward, no problems with these bosses and was rewarded the Ashstone Core. 1/3.

Last stop was Blackwing Lair, and I had a bad first try on Razorgore, thinking I could just kill it, but I forgot about killing all the eggs in the room, that one hurt... but second go and he was down. The next boss I killed before I died from his debuff so had to run in, but at least it was dead and I could continue. The slloooooowwwww run through the nasty smoke and I arrive at Broodlord Lashlayer and he rewards me with the Death Talon Whelpguard. Only one boss left, Chromaggus and I was really really hoping he would drop the pet, this would mean I would only have to do first boss and then I would be done with Blackwing Lair drops, mainly avoiding the slow gas room, and it dropped! Chrominius, my favourite so far. 2/3.

So 4 on my first raid runs isn't so bad I think!

I have also caught the Arcane Eye from Deadwind pass and the Eternal Strider from The Vale of Eternal Blossoms in the past 2 days, and my current pet total is 458. Slowly creeping up, can't wait for 500!


Thursday, 29 November 2012

Dance! Boogie Wonderland

Ha HA!

That was for the Earth, Wind and Fire fans, and also to introduce my elemental themed topic... featuring the Pandaren Spirit Trainers!

We have the Flowing Spirit in the Dread Wastes, the Burning Spirit in Townlong Steppes, the Thundering Spirit just north east of Shrine of Two Moons in The Vale of Eternal Blossoms and the Whispering Spirit in the Jade Forest. You first pick up the quest on the platform outside your factions Shrine town in the vale, and have to defeat each Spirit in order to unlock these as daily trainers to battle. They each have 3 legendary pets, all having a pet version of themselves, which is from the elemental pet family, not much fun for my Mini Thor!

So after a good few pet bandages, I complete the quest, and get the achievement and 5 points. You also get the choice to pick one of the Spirit pets. I personally went for the fire one, since it looks like a kitty. You can get all four so do not panic! The other three you will have to battle the spirit trainers daily in order to get a pet supplies bag which has a chance of containing one of them. You can cage them, so no doubt that these pets will be on the auction house very soon.

Happy battling!


Current Pet Total: 450!

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Hey all! Sooooooo much new content /implode

Where to start!!

  1.  New world event - I haven't read much, if anything, about the new Horde Vs Alliance quests and objectives so this has be a good thing! BRING IT!!!!
  2. Pets! - Was thinking of putting this as number one on my list, but surely that would be too predictable ;) Plenty of goings on with pets, firstly can have up to 650 pets in your journal, and I cannot wait to get farming those oh so dear classic raids for the bosses to drop the new ones! (When I say me, I technically mean begging for my boyfriends deathknight to come and blast his way through for me to take the glory and pets <3) There are some various pet battle skill changes, achievement changes and some journal changes/improvements also. Can't wait to get stuck into these!
  3. Class changes - Most importantly for me, Holy Priest improvements! HURRAY! Can't WAIT to try these out. As the weakest healing class, better be some amazing improvement!
  4. Scenarios - New scenarios added, faction specific ones also, will be interested to see the differences in each, probably not so great, but still interesting!
  5. Darkmoon Faire revamped again!? - New pets to catch/buy, and new music for the zone.
As always, there are many more things that will just simply be a great update or implemented part of the patch, but these are the 5 things I have personally picked up on. Will no doubt be posting about more patch goodness in the next few days!

Was hoping that it would be Cinder Kitten day today also, but alas that day is not today. I did love the blue post concerning it though <3

Cinder Kitten Availability
The Cinder Kitten will be available in the near future. They're still a little young yet to separate from their mother and make them available for adoption. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

Awww, kittens <3

Off to prepare my priest for tonights raid, ciao for now!

Current Pet Total: 449

(All my information on this post was brought to my attention via MMO-Champion <3)

Monday, 26 November 2012

1/6 Heroic Heart of Fear

Hey all! Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Just a very quick post to say that we have started our heroic tries in Heart of Fear and were successful in killing the second boss!

So currently we are at 4/6 Heroic Mogu'shan, Killed elite mode Protectors in Terrace and 1/6 in Heroic Heart of Fear! Aint too bad, even if I do say so myself! Apparently I was ranked 7 in the world for priests on that fight, but as it was quickly pointed out, not many guilds take healing priests so it seems :( Still a nice rank right? :>

Current Pet Total: 448

Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Wolf impression.. can only mean one thing.. Worgen!

A couple of weeks ago, my friends from another server asked me to make an alliance character there just for funsies, and of course I had to pick Worgen. I had never really completed the starting quest zone, and technically still havent. I made a Worgen Warrior at first, got to around lvl 10 and changed my mind, so I'm now a Worgen Deathknight. Sure the instant boost to lvl 55 was appealing, but I've already got a higher lvl warrior, so it makes sense to try to get something else up to 90. So far its quite fun, I don't get to play it as much as I would like as my priest keeps me busy, but the main thing is I can chill with my friends on another server, a largely populated server aswell which is a lovely change from Vashj, hardly see anyone else there, so Ghostlands was a bit overwhelming! Also nice to be alliance again, cannot for the life of me remember where anything is, and of course with Deathwing blowing stuff up, doesn't help much!

Would like to spend some more time on her this week, but we shall see!

Current Pet Total: 444

Monday, 19 November 2012

Monday monday...

bah bahhhh bah bah bah bah~...First monday song that popped into my head! 

Anyway.. Hello :D Haven't posted for a few days, blame free listing weekend on ebay for that!

SO whats been happening?! I have just caught up with the warcraftpets news. Firstly nice to see you can go ahead and pre-order your digital copy of SC2: Heart of Swarm and you can get the pet Baneling as soon as you do so! Nice for those who are not bothered so much with actual collectors edition art books and goodies. I did this myself for MoP, it was either get the digital copy to go for my realm firsts or wait for my actual Collectors Edition and get the goodies and no realm firsts. So technically I did the correct thing and I can still pick up a collectors edition copy to keep, but irl funds say no at the moment! Maybes one for the xmas list! I will be waiting for the actual collectors edition for HotS though, definately looks too cool to not get!

Guild news includes <Dice> now being 4/4 in Terrace of Endless Springs. We then also went and kicked Elegon HC in Mogu'shan! so now 4/6 heroic Mogu'shan! Fantastic stuff! Congrats guys <3 We are currently 906 in the world, 559 in europe and 235 EU english! :>>>>>>

To follow our guild progress, check us out on wowprogress!

Pet news now, and I am currently at 430 pets! I have to thank my guildies Devilisha and Bobanbeer for donating and (through force) selling the Rare monster pet drops, Grinder and the Aqua Strider. Thankyouuuuu

That's all for now!


Thursday, 15 November 2012

Terrace of Endless Spring 3/4

Hey all,

Yesterdays raid went pretty well and we managed to clear 3/6 Mogu'shan Vaults and 6/6 Heart of Fear so we could completely focus on Terrace of Endless Spring. This raid is, in my opinion, the most boring in looks, just looks like your in Vale of Eternal Blossoms at a fountain, but nevermind, still a raid with some nice bosses!

The Protectors are essentially a repeat of Iron Council from Ulduar, once you kill one, the rest get boosted and they all have different skills, however total pushovers! The next boss, Tsulong, is another recycled boss tactic taken this time from the Valithria Dreamwalker where you heal the boss in one phase and damage in another, again pretty easy and went down fairly quick. The same applied to Lei Shi but this boss has some nice mechanics, with an invisible mode where you have to aoe to find him and a water wave which pushes you away from the boss. Last boss is Sha of Fear, and this one is just.. wow. We had a few tries on the boss, but nothing amazing to write about haha! A full night to be had on him on Sundays raid.


My Thanks - 2012


Whilst doing my daily website/blog scouting, I noticed the shared topic on BlogAzeroth, Thanksgiving Event 2012. Now since I have only been blogging a very very short while, I have not participated in any shared topics, so here goes my first! :D

Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2012

Image created here via Wow Item Creator!

Firstly I'd like to thank my boyfriend, as before I even set up my blog, I was having problems getting to terms with how to even use it, and I actually deleted it. I was using wordpress at the time which could have been the problem, but he convinced me if I really wanted/fancied having a blog, then I should just give it time and not totally dismiss the idea, so thanks for the convincing! I can get frustrated very very quickly when I cannot work out how to use certain technological things!

Secondly, I'd like to thank my friend Hannah, aka Jaedia/Seithir in game, as she is a veteran blogger and helped me sooooo much in introducing me to blogging sites to join and actually making it look semi decent with buttons and other gadgets which are just brilliant. Thankyouuuu <3

Thirdly, my guildmates from <Dice> for firstly inviting me back into the world of raiding, was a sweet day to get my Raider rank back, and although I am not the best player (can guarantee if someone has to die on a fight, 99% of the time its me!) I hope I contribute in some way to better the guild and to help our progress.

Fourthly? - lol - I want to thank BlogAzeroth for making me feel welcome and also anyone who has stopped by to have a glance at my blog, I keep checking the page views and it goes up slowly but surely everyday, so thankyou very much :)!

I am from the UK, so thanksgiving isn't technically celebrated, but in my own way, I will make my goal today to catch the Turkey pet from Howling Fjord to show my appreciation

EDIT - Got him :D --->


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Empress DOWN! 6/6 HoF Normal

Woohoo! <Dice> join the 6/6 Heart of Fear normal club!

Firstly I love the Empress's look, with her Sha like limbs, and its a bit different to other models we've seen, sure theres been plenty of beetles and things, and I mean plenty! I really like this one, thumbs up to Blizz for it! I'm quite gutted that I got the digital copy of the Collectors Edition now, the actual copy would have included the art book, and I always love looking through that. Think a trip over to Ebay may be in order!

Was actually a pretty straight forward fight, I like the mechanics of the amber traps and the fields on the floor, I was actually a little worried about these when I was first reading the tactics. Was an absolute breeze once you have the fight pattern down.

Also this week, we scooted on over to Mogu'shan Vaults and managed to get Gara'jal HC down! He's proven a bit of a bugger when we've tried previously, I honestly thought I would never get to go and kill him as we had tried a set up with didn't require a holy priest /sadface, however, I went Discipline and smited the hell out of him! Was a nice change to be honest and kinda fun to actually see a fight, rather than my Grid bars! So thats been a lovely boost for the guild, 3/6 there, hopefully next week some progress on Spirit Kings to make it 4/6. Before we get there though, this Wednesday is New Raid Wednesday, again, which brings us Terrace of Endless Spring, looking forward to that!

Last piece of news for now, and a massive thanks and much love to my lovely guildmate, Devilisha, who donated his Darkmoon Rabbit to my collection! I will treasure it forever <3 Thankyouuuuuuu!


Saturday, 10 November 2012

Cinder Kitten update

Hey all,

Just a quick post, not much news as haven't been online as much as I'd like to have!

The news concerning the Cinder Kitten new pet store buy put a smile on my face, as it has been announced that Blizzard will donate 100% of the proceeds to help the Hurricane Sandy victims/cleanup. I was going to buy it before, but definately making sure I will buy it asap!

Nice one Blizz <3

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

400 :D

Hey all :)

Finally reached my 400 pets goal, woohoo! Feels good to have got there, but it doesnt stop at 400! Plenty more to catch and to get back to no.1 on my realm on warcraft pets, I need to get a lead that no-one can beat! Still also got plenty of pet battling achievements to do so that will keep me busy.

So its wednesday, another new raiding week and the first part of Heart of Fear is available to do as Looking for Raid, which personally, I think could have been put off a couple of weeks, things feel a little rushed again in my opinion. <Dice> are currently 3/6 in Heart of Fear, and had a 7.5% try on the 4th boss, so very very nearly there! Can't wait till we clear it and we can get started on some Heroic progress.

Still hunting those rares for the two pets, Aqua Strider and Grinder, thankfully Vashj is a low populated server so I have a decent chance of being able to get to these spawns without too much competition. Seen Grinder on the auction house a couple of times, but wheres the fun in that? Love the chase of a new pet! I've also collected enough tokens to get the new Darkmoon Hatchling which comes with 5.1 soon, so remember to keep 90 tokens back! It's just like the little Mulgore hatchling which I think is adorable anyway, but the purple and green mount I have always admired, so a pet version is perfect <3!

That's pretty much all my news for today, except this last little picture, found him wandering in Kun'lai, a nice tribute to Lonesome George the tortoise/turtle.


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Not 1, not 2 but 3!

Yes 3 new amazing pets to add to my collection in one day!!!! /squeal!

Thundering Serpent Hatchling - A huge congratulations to my guildies; Ildrathar, Kolaak, Noktharos, Mojojoe and Lastator for completing all the challenge modes with gold time and getting it as a realm first! Fantastic news for them, but also great news that this pet has been unlocked from the guild vendor.

Crawling Claw - FINALLY the Tol'vir gods have smiled upon me and granted me with this pet! (only took 1 expansion to get...) Nevermind! It is finally mine :)

Last but by no means least, on our Black Market Auction House we had one item only, and it was the Rocket Chicken which is available only, usually, via a loot card from the trading card game, but I managed to get mine tonight for 52k. I'm so overjoyed, I was so nervous waiting for the last few minutes of the auction, in the end I had no competition, and the bid I had put in a few hours before hand stayed till the end. Amazing <3

 Current pet total = 385 - so close!!


Monday, 5 November 2012

Remember remember...

the 5th of November! Can't believe its nearly a week again since I've posted! Very very sorry for that :(

So last time I was discussing the new raid, Heart of Fear, with it just being released last wednesday. As soon as we got in, it felt like a proper raid. Mogu'shan is of course a proper raid in its own right, but I think HoF has that edge to it, that 'evil' aura around it.

So we went and cleared the first two bosses on heroic in Mogu'shan and headed straight for HoF, and we got the first boss down in the first 3-4 tries. Theres some really great mechanics in the fight, he has 2 phases technically, but he moves around before phase 2 hits. He has 3 platforms where he has different abilities which are the typical mind control in a boss fight, which features on many many bosses, but it fits more with the mantid, from doing the Klaxxi quests and mind control being used there too, its a good link to it. Theres a 'dodge it' mechanic, which is taken from the Atrimedes encounter, the yellow rings/sound waves which you have to dodge, and then theres the aoe massive damage platform, but you get some help in the form of shields which reduce this, giving us healers a chance! Once he has done these, he moves to the middle of the room, where he gains all three of these moves, so you never know which order they will come in, just have to react asap. Really good, interesting fight, having to move around and take notice of where he's standing to prepare for the abilities.

The next boss we didn't manage to kill on wednesday, but on thursday we took him out in the first 1-2 tries, and again this boss is really fun. Has the tornado abilities that the rare mantid monsters have, but magnified, and has the fun mechanic of running against the wind and dodging the tornados that come at you (even though I died from this - oops!). Theres not much room for error during that, you step ever so slightly too close and you get scooped up into the tornado and taken back to the start, annoying when that happens, but hopefully that was my first and last time of doing that!

Onto the third boss next, Garalon, a huuuuuge beetle with some good, yet annoying mechanics. It's one of those fights that when you get into it, it becomes second nature to move in a certain time and pattern, but firstly learning those steps took a good few tries. Thankfully theres a mechanic I am not involved in, which is a debuff switcher and carrier, as it sounded far too complicated for me and also my healing would definately have been impaired due to it, and theres enough of that needed to begin with! Sadly I could not make the raid last night, and tonights aswell, so cannot join on the tries, but hopefully he'll be down when I go back there :D


Wednesday, 31 October 2012


That title was my impression of a ghost! Happy Halloween everyone! It just so happens it falls on a wednesday and not just any old wednesday, new raid opening day, w00t!

So Heart of Fear is upon us, nice to have the choice of where to go now. Apparently a guild has already cleared all 6 bosses, talk about speed run! Insane!!! <Dice> are sadly still stuck on 2/6 heroics in Mogu'shan Vaults :( This will improve this week, I can feel it! That Gara'jal aint letting us pass at all.. damn you! /shakesfist.

A new pet to add to my collection arrived today also, Eye of the Legion! (Also new honor bought pvp transmog gear, loving my horns <3)

He's pretty cool, definately worth my £6. I thought he may have been part of the elemental family of pets, but turns out he is an undead pet, definately going to level this little guy up :) Sticking with the halloween theme, this week I have a goal to level my Enchanted Broom, Feline Familiar and Sinister Squashling, if I don't do it this week, when will I?! It's turning out to be a nice team combo actually, inparticular suprised with the Enchanted Broom, has some nice little moves which I can't wait to try out :)

I'd better log off here and get ready for the raid!

Current pet number total = 354


Sunday, 28 October 2012

More patch 5.1 goodies!

Well patch 5.1 certainly is looking good, I've already mentioned the addition of lots of new pets, but theres plenty more coming with it!

Some personal favourites of mine include:

  1. The increase in valor points for heroics and scenarios, sure its not alot, but that little bit extra will definately help get to the cap asap, I'm already very bored of the heroics and the scenarios are ok, not amazing. 
  2. New scenarios are being implemented, hurray! Hopefully the achievement Scenaturday will not include these new ones also, and perhaps actually count them.. :(
  3. Theres been some new icons/models released for a very cute looking mechanical raptor and a racoon type creature, gimme!
  4. The nat pagle achievement to get exalted has also been changed from a feat of strength to being awarded 10 points.
  5. You will be able to trade in Lesser charm of good fortune for money. No details on how much as of yet.
These are but a few of the latest blue posts originally posted on mmo-champion

Now its time for my many many dailies..


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Gotta catch some more!

Hey all!

Some more pet news via warcraftpets has revealed new achievements and new wild pets being added in patch 5.1.

There will be a new achievement called "Classic Raid Collector" and this means that old classic WoW bosses will drop pets. What a fantastic idea! Firstly I wanted a good reason to have to go back and do old content other than for 'old times sake' but the most important thing about this news is that finally I can own my own Mr.Bigglesworth <3 Can't wait!

I have also been checking up on Ebay for the new pet via the Trading card game, The Eye of the Legion, which comes from the new card set War of the Ancients. Of course theres a new mount with this set also, but no doubt that will be £100+ on ebay, I can only hope that they come available via the black market auction house soon.


Saturday, 20 October 2012

MoP and New Pets!

Doing my daily website scout, I discovered some news on some pets that have been datamined and what will hopefully become available in patch 5.1! Very exciting :)

 Also just saw this pets post on the news on www.mmo-champion, sure they arent brand spanking new, but I found out some useful knowledge on where to obtain a couple I did not know about!

 Good times <3

What a week!

Well last time I posted was 1 week ago! eep!! I better have some good news ;D!

So October 14th is a very special day for me and my boyfriend, its when we started dating, in 2002! Woop woop for our 10 year anniversary :D Hurray! Not only did he get me a lovely new robe in-game, he also booked a romantic getaway for us! He is so kind and thoughtful <3 Was amazing!

The presents don't stop there either! I log in on Wednesday night to prepare for the raid, when I see a mail from my friend and guildy, Noktharos, containing a Terrible Turnip pet!!!! I have been farming like crazy in the hope to get this lil fella.

Yippeeeee!! I am soooooo gonna level him to lvl 25. I would never have guessed he was in the elemental family mind, I'm quite impressed with that. He has also been renamed to Terry Turnip!

I think getting Terry spurred me on to go for my 250 pets achievement, I didn't particularly want the vermling as the reward, but was nice to reach the goal anyway, for a few seconds till I realised the next pet milestone would be 400! Wow.... just wow. I think the best strategy would be to continue travelling around Azeroth and just battling and catching anything I do not have, regardless of quality, although my mini ocd about having all of them as rares may kick in..

A guildmate recommended these following addons to help with pet battling and catching:

Battle Pet Quality Notifier - Does exactly what it says in the title, shows you what quality the pet is your battling. It also tells you if you have the pet already in your journal, and if so, if the current pet your battling is an upgrade in quality or not. Very very handy!

Pet Journal Enhanced - Has inbuilt filters to look at your pets in many different listed ways, alphabetically, my level etc. Also includes icons next to your pets showing their highest stats, so you can see at a glance if the pet is particularly strong for example.

Check them out at Curse

With regards to raiding, Dice are currently 2/6 heroics down in Mogu'shan Vaults, really pleased to have got Feng down!

The challenge will be with the spirit binder, apparently around 150 guilds had downed him last time I heard from wowprogress, so if we could do that, would raise our guild profile insanely!

Watch this space!!!


Saturday, 13 October 2012


Thats right! World no. 491 guild to kill heroic Stone Guard :D Woop woop! Was very very intense but extremely proud to be in the top 500, and part of such a brilliant guild!
You can check out our progress here!

So its Saturday, and that can only mean one thing.... Scenarios!

So browsing through my achievements, I discovered this, Scenaterday - Basically to do scenarios and to complete them on a saturday and you get the title, Scenaterdist. Sure its not going to replace my 'Insane' title, but still fun to have, plus gives me a proper chance to go through each scenario :) UPDATE! So yeah Scenaterday is bugged! Does not record you finishing each scenario, and will be apparently fixed in patch 5.1 - Poop!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mogu'shan Vaults down!

Well I haven't posted for a few days, been too busy completing Mogu'shan vaults! Woohoo!!!

We went there all guns blazing last wednesday and cleared the first three bosses in pretty good time in my opinion, took about 3.5hours. So naturally after this we felt pretty good and thought we could finish up the next day.. then we met Elegon. His fight is really well thought out in my opinion, so many different things to be watching out for and timing is a massive part of it for certain phases he goes into, you really have to be on your toes for this fight. Long story short, we wiped Thursday and Sunday night on him. I personally felt really deflated. To start with, healing has completely changed and mana is a huge issue until I can get some more spirit, so I really felt this was one of the major factors for us not killing him. So with a bit of a 50/50 feeling towards Elegon, we go back on Monday and one shot him, woohoo! Was so pleased with it! A near perfect kill too. Onwards we went to the last boss and an hour or so later he's down too!!! Ready for heroics next week! /squeal!

According to, this also means that Dice are currently no. 875 in the world! :D

Now with all this new raid content excitement, some may wonder if I have had any time to get new pets? The answer is yes!

I did a little pet battling/capturing for a couple of hours and my total number of unique pets has risen to 224. The number was boosted by getting honored with The Anglers to get my Tiny Goldfish pet :)

One last thing before I sign off, I have been looking for rares for the achievement to kill all the rare 'boss' type monsters, and this adorable item dropped  Crate of Kidnapped Puppies

Ok so it sounds horrendous that there are kidnapped puppies in a crate, but look what it spawns!

Puppies! Very cute! They can be my helpers in my search for future rare killings :D


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

First Raid Night

Well just finished the first three bosses in the new raid, Mogu'shan Vaults, and I've got to say I'm pretty impressed! I had watched a couple of videos before raiding, so I had a fair idea of what was going to happen, but even so, the fights are really well thought out and different. It's so nice to go back to raiding and have these boss mechanics to work with. Very very happy bunny indeed!!!

As a bonus to today, I also got a new pet, the Red Cricket for getting my reputation/friendship lvl to the maximum with Sho at The Tilers marketplace in Valley of the Four Winds. New raid and a pet all in one day? 10/10!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Lvl 90!!!! Now what to do first...

Well I finally reached lvl 90! Yay!!! I say finally, even though it is less than a week since MoP came out, my guildmates have rushed to 90 and are pretty much waiting for wednesday to raid! Being the top level I can be, and of course getting my flying mount back, (how I have missed thee!) what is there for me to do? TOO MUCH

  • Gear farm - As mentioned raids will be upon us soon enough, so got to be raid ready by wednesday - eep! Have already made a good start on doing heroics with some help from guildies, so that should set me up nicely!
  • Dailies/Reputation grinds - So many new reputation grinds and I'm sad to see that you can not get tabards to assist you in getting this elusive rep! /GASP! I'll have to actually grind it like the good ol' days. 
  • Finish levelling professions - I have already finished my Fishing, Archaeology, First Aid, Enchanting and Tailoring, but my Cooking skill seems to be taking forever!!! Definately need to have a couple of hours fishing to catch this one up!
A couple of other things I need to keep my eyes on are the normal auction house and the all new black market auction house. Now since I have been checking the black market AH, I think from around Wednesday/Thursday night perhaps, I have seen the Ellwyn Lamb and Phoenix Hatchling on there for 10k a piece. Some may say that they are rare and nice that they are up for sale, but I'm hoping for something a little more special to come up soon - /begforspectralkitten! That would be amazing, but god knows what the price would be, probably 100k+ which I do not have! I have been able to pick up a Spirit of Summer from the normal auction house, which I was very very pleased with, never got the chance to get from the Midsummer festival back in the day, so that's been a highlight this week! Along side my lovely spirit of summer, I was given two of the new kite pets by my guildie, Miami - Thankyouuuuu! Boosts my collection <3 PLUS! I /love the crane kite! Very very nice!

What are my next goals for the next couple of days? Definately going to hope I get this little fella!

Another of my guildies featured here! He got this little cutey from an 'Ominous Seed' whilst tending to his farm, so I'm hoping I will get him soon!! I also hope to pick up where I left off with my Pet Battling, but I think raiding may get in the way of these goals ;)