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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Minfernal is finally mine!

Can't actually believe I'm typing this post, at long last!

Hey guys,

I've been online most of the day, probably from around 1:30pm till 00:35am (UK Time) and its finally happened, I've  been able to add the Minfernal pet to my list! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D! and the best part is, the only spawn that was there was mine, no-one tried to gank me, (which has been happening alot today...), no-one else farming, literally just me and him. The bonus part is that it was a RARE, SAY WHAT! So I get to keep my flawless magic pet stone for now.. not sure who to use it on.

Co-ords approx 41,44 SouthEastern part of Shattered Vale

I think my breakthrough for getting it was changing tactics on my 'rage random killing' which involved both the infernals and fire elementals around the Shattered Vale, and also the rat critters I found. I have been doing this for AGES thinking that was the way forward, my theory was kill the stuff to make new stuff appear. Naturally I got 1-2 catchable rats every hour or so, but I accidently killed one of them, making me think, what if I killed the catchable pet spawns in the zone? Surely that is the way to get a catchable pet, you wipe out the rest to make new ones spawn, and I'm now sitting here able to talk about my new pet...coincidence? Try it yourself and pleaseeee let me know, I'm going to try for the Scourged Whelp using this 'theory' (more like grasping at straws to keep me entertained while farming... :D)

The feeling of getting some rare in game is always so frantic and a completely insane heart pounding moment, definately in this case, hope to update with another whelp related post soon, but I am more than happy with my Minfernal for now, can't wait to level him!

So with the new addition, current pet total is 498!

Off to Icecrown to stalk some dragons...gonna be a late one!



  1. Double Gratz for not only getting a Minfernal but a rare one aswell! I know exactly what you mean about the feeling of getting a rare. When I got my rare Scourged Whelpling I freaked out a little :)

  2. Nice catch, grats!

  3. Thanks guys! Still over the moon with this catch!

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