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Thursday, 13 December 2012


I'm officially in the Brawler's Guild!

Hey all!

Well yesterday I finally decided bid on a Blood Soaked Invitation from the Black Market Auction House, for the sum of 1100g and won it! I've been bidding for a few days now and always seemed to be outbid, no idea how on my very low populated server..

Anyway, having read very little about the place (only that there is a pet to be had!), I just thought I would wing it and check it out without reading exactly what to do with regards to ranks and achievements. It's nice to see a new tab under the World Events section in achievements for the Brawlers Guild, and they award a nice amount of points too, not these 5 pointer achievements like the pet battling ones. So you enter and are greeted immediately with the Brawler's Guild quartermaster and he sells potions to help you out in the actual arena battles with various stats to suit whichever class you are. He also sells the pet, Clock'em, which you buy for 30 silver and have to be Rank 4 with the Brawler's Guild. Off to get rank 4 then!

On the opposite side of the room, I saw maybes 4-5 players standing around some npcs. Some of the npcs you can interact with and you speak to those to join the queue to enter the arena against the NPC type bosses, when you are rank 1 they are similar in health to one of the MoP rare spawns, and they increase in health the higher rank you go.

There are other NPCs, Brawler Enthusiasts which are friendly most of the time, and these are used for one of the achievements, Bottle Service, and to do this you need to purchase some bottles called Expired Blackout Brew and use one on the Brawler Enthusiast, once it has enraged and becomes hostile. Pretty easy to do once the NPC is enraged, its just the RNG of waiting for it to happen.

The same vendor who sells the brew also sells rotten fruit, which again is used for an achievement, Haters Gonna Hate, where you need to deliver a killing blow to one of the arena bosses whilst having 10 stacks of the debuff, You Stink!, and you get this after someone throws some rotten fruit at you. Each piece of fruit gives one debuff, and there is a small cooldown after the use of each type of fruit, so can't be spammed, but is fairly simple to get up to 10 debuff stacks. I had a another player help me get this whilst facing King Kulaka, who is the last boss in the Rank 2 stage of the battles, I took this advice from a post on wowhead due to the fights I had been doing had all required me to move around constantly, and this is the earliest one in the rankings to be able to just tank and spank in one spot, therefore another player can throw the fruit at you.

These two achievements pretty much explain themselves, free 30 points basically!

I could go through the bosses I have defeated so far by name and what moves they tend to do, but to be honest thats half of the fun of finding out what you'll be up against! So no spoilers on that I'm afraid! I am currently Rank 4, but there is an achievement to hit Rank 7, but I have personally hit a brick wall with the current boss, as you are timed and unfortunately my disc spells are not strong or fast enough to kill him in that alloted time and a horrible firey death is what I get for trying, literally! Will have to possibly go shadow.. really will have to be desperate to do that though! ;D


Current pet total:

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