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Friday, 7 March 2014

So what's new?

Hey everyone!

Again, real life has taken over the past few weeks. I sadly haven't had time nor the want to play WoW at the moment. It's quite sad when I hit a dip in playing, and usually I miss out on a once in a lifetime pet, I'll always be mad that I missed out on the Vampiric Batling. Inbetween work, planning my wedding next year, getting settled in our new place, and that I got DOS box working, the constant desire to play Theme Hospital has replaced my WoW addiction.

 It doesn't help that I've seen snippets of news on Facebook concerning Warlords of Draenor, and was extremely put off with the instant boost to 90 they are looking to charge people. It really angered me to the point of Blizzard disregarding the older expansions. So you make people buy them to have to install enough expansions to get to the newest one, yet your boost to 90 offer completely ignores those expansions you paid for...what!? I really hope I've missed another piece of news stating that you don't need those expansions anymore, but I highly doubt it. I really couldn't get my head around it.

Some news I did like the look of was that the Diablo 3: RoS Collectors edition Treasure Goblin is available in game, so will have to log in at some point to have a spy at him. Also loving the new Diablo 3 patch, with the exp and loot increase running up till RoS hits us on the 25th March. Currently waiting for the patch to download before I can play my Demon Hunter again, and finally get some loot without farming for weeks. Loved that in the PS3 version, so extremely excited to see that the PC version is revamped and kicking some ass once again.

If I don't post for a while, again, then apologies in advance, and happy gaming!



  1. *hugs* I know the feeling. Haven't had the slightest bit of interest since I stopped playing around September time. I thought I would but I haven't so I guess it's safe to say that I've quit now, haven't been gone this long before. Enjoying my other MMOs still though! And happily pet hunting there. :D Rift has some lovely pets. Guild Wars 2 pets are a little tougher to get hold of, but I pick up the cuties I can. :)

    Find me on Facebook, Kaitikait. And congrats on the engagement!!! 'Bout time. ;)

  2. I just recently came back tot he game to get back into things with the prospect of a new xpac and a second chance on the horizon. I think many people have been quite upset about this L90 boost thing Im not sure about it yet myself.

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