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Friday, 7 March 2014

So what's new?

Hey everyone!

Again, real life has taken over the past few weeks. I sadly haven't had time nor the want to play WoW at the moment. It's quite sad when I hit a dip in playing, and usually I miss out on a once in a lifetime pet, I'll always be mad that I missed out on the Vampiric Batling. Inbetween work, planning my wedding next year, getting settled in our new place, and that I got DOS box working, the constant desire to play Theme Hospital has replaced my WoW addiction.

 It doesn't help that I've seen snippets of news on Facebook concerning Warlords of Draenor, and was extremely put off with the instant boost to 90 they are looking to charge people. It really angered me to the point of Blizzard disregarding the older expansions. So you make people buy them to have to install enough expansions to get to the newest one, yet your boost to 90 offer completely ignores those expansions you paid for...what!? I really hope I've missed another piece of news stating that you don't need those expansions anymore, but I highly doubt it. I really couldn't get my head around it.

Some news I did like the look of was that the Diablo 3: RoS Collectors edition Treasure Goblin is available in game, so will have to log in at some point to have a spy at him. Also loving the new Diablo 3 patch, with the exp and loot increase running up till RoS hits us on the 25th March. Currently waiting for the patch to download before I can play my Demon Hunter again, and finally get some loot without farming for weeks. Loved that in the PS3 version, so extremely excited to see that the PC version is revamped and kicking some ass once again.

If I don't post for a while, again, then apologies in advance, and happy gaming!


Saturday, 15 February 2014

My Top 5: Raid Bosses

I wanted to create a 'Top 5' series of posts for some of my favourite moments in WoW. Please feel free to join me


I never got the chance to actually kill him when the raid was current content, but the overall feel and backstory to this whole raid was just incredible.

Lich King

Another epic story and the first time I teleported up to his throne was goosebump inducing! That race to get him to 10% health was immense and I remember the shouts and screams over vent when we finally did it. I had avoided watching the cinematic until we killed him also, so that was a great bonus. We (me and my bf) head back to ICC every week for the hope that Invincible will soon be ours to command!


The old gods lore has always intrigued me. Ulduar is a WotLK raid, and of course when you hear that you think of Icecrown Citadel and killing the Lich King and you know your going to get there eventually. With Ulduar, it was something that was silently brewing for a long time, and that something was Yoggsaron. The build up through the quest zones was great, especially when you would get whispered by Yoggy and just the mention of him was enough to terrify. I personally find Yoggy a more terrifying aspect than the Lich King rising the dead up against you. The not knowing is what creeps me out with Yoggy, and him patiently waiting underground for his time to strike. We are currently running Ulduar weekly for the chance at getting the Mimiron's Head mount.


The thing that I remember the most about Algalon is that this fight gave many many people graphic problems with the lovely sparkly shiney 'warp speed' animation when you first speak to him to start the fight. He is such a great boss, and I think the fact that he was only accessable when you got the key made from doing hardmodes, people would definately do an irl /flex for having the achievement.


Classic raid, with a teeny amount of trash, one of the perks of course! Back in the day when she was spying in Stormwind was an amazing storyline! Loved her come back in Blackwing Descent, looking a bit shabby, but I would take that look if I had come back from the dead as much as she has.


Sunday, 9 February 2014

Batinna's Dress Up Transmog Challenge - Punk

Time for another of Batinna's transmog challenges, and this time its the 'Punk' theme! I struggled to find a typically punk theme, and instead, have opted to go with a steampunk look. I wanted to capture the use of gold/bronze coloured weapons and also quite traditional, old fashioned dress and I think I've managed it!

For this set I used:

Noble's Monocle
Shadow Council Tunic
Black Tuxedo Pants
Seer's Boots
Solid Iron Maul
Blood Rage Bracers <-- was pure coincidence that the bracers I am currently wearing are bronze and quite styled to fit this look!

Total outfit cost: 2176g (ouch!) Blame the monocle.

Overall I'm quite pleased with the look, I would have probably changed my weapon to using a gun or some sort, if I could actually wield them to begin with, but nevermind! Its not typically what I had planned for this 'Punk' post, but it all fits together nicely.

The next theme is 'Geek'


Thursday, 6 February 2014

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: 'History of your class' - Deathknight

I haven't participated in a Blog Azeroth shared topic in ages and this weeks topic intrigues me to find out the story behind the class I play, a Deathknight.

I have played WoW from Vanilla and Deathknights did not appear as playable characters till Wrath of the Lich King, but their presence was there in the Warcraft universe way before World of Warcraft existed, so it was only a matter of time before we would get to play as them. A lot of interaction through questing, pin pointed key names and the faction standing against the scourge, the Argent Dawn. Quite frankly its quite confusing to keep up with who did what where, but I personally remember Kel'thuzad being the main name to stand out, alongside the Lich King of course. I knew he was one of the Lich Kings top agents, but since doing my research for this post, he pretty much ruined Azeroth and changed everything.

We got a great history lesson throughout these quests, involving many different families and people who were slowly corrupted and/or destroyed. Alexandros Mograine of the Argent Dawn and his sons Renault and Darion were definitely the core of the story, and WoWWiki have it written so perfectly;

'During the assault on Blackrock Spire in the Second War, Mograine of the Silver Hand witnessed an orcish warlock channeling magic through a dark orb. After the warlock's death, Mograine went to claim it for the Alliance, but his hand was badly mangled as soon as he touched it. Though describing the orb as the "living embodiment of shadow," he was still curious as to what power it might hold and kept it in an iron chest.
Mograine kept the orb a secret until the Scourge reached Lordaeron. He revealed it to several other members of the Silver Hand, suggesting that they search for the orb's polar opposite - a manifestation of the Light itself - to be used against the impending undead holocaust. Mograine's peers, appalled at the sight of this dark crystal, attempted to destroy it with a holy spell. Unexpectedly, the crystal absorbed the spell and became its antithesis, the very crystal of pure light that Mograine suggested moments before, and even restored life to his mangled hand. It was decided that from this crystal a weapon would be forged that would smite the undead with such power that only a cloud of ash would remain in its wake—The Ashbringer.
Under the command of Saidan Dathrohan, Mograine and Fairbanks traveled to Ironforge to ask King Magni Bronzebeard to forge the mighty blade. Magni, having only just learned of his brother's apparent demise, was more than willing to craft a weapon to battle the undead, and described it as the greatest creation wrought by his hand. 

Mograine and the other former Knights of the Silver Hand banded together to continue the war against the Lich King. Alexandros was appointed Highlord and the Ashbringer was the Order's greatest weapon. However, the blade caught the attention of Kel'Thuzad. Striking a deal with Balnazzar, who had covertly taken control of the Order by possessing Dathrohan and wished to use it against the Lich King, the two planned to kill him. To do so, Balnazzar corrupted Mograine's son Renault and had him lead his father into a trap. Renault led his father and High Inquisitor Fairbanks to Stratholme where an army of undead waited for them. Renault fled and Fairbanks, being the first to fall, was trapped under the pile of undead corpses. Mograine stood alone against the undead, yet managed to destroy all sent at him. In fatigue, Alexandros dropped his blade. Renault returned and killed Mograine with his own sword, corrupting the Ashbringer. Unable to use the blade, Renault left it with his father's corpse.
However, Kel'Thuzad raised the Ashbringer's corpse turning him into a death knight of the Scourge, and reclaimed his blade. Kel'Thuzad took Mograine back to Naxxramas to have him serve as one of the Four Horsemen. Later, led by nightmares of his father's tortured soul, Darion led a small group of Argent Dawn members into Naxxramas to free him. Darion was the only one to survive the assault, escaping with the blade but forced to leave his father's body behind.
When Darion returned to the Scarlet Monastery with the blade, Alexandros's corrupted spirit manifested and confronted Renault, accusing him of murder before mercilessly killing him. Later, during a Scourge assault on Light's Hope Chapel, Darion plunged the Ashbringer into his own chest in an act of self-sacrifice that obliterated the Scourge armies and seemingly freed Alexandros's soul of the Scourge's corruption. In doing so, however, Darion damned himself into undeath and was escorted off the battlefield by Kel'Thuzad.' 

The Argent Dawn quests in Eastern Plaguelands were a great stepping stone to set the scene and ultimately we would be lead to Naxxramas, for the first time in game. Sadly I didn't raid in vanilla so I never got to experience it back then. The main attraction, if you want to call it that, was to be an owner of the Corrupted Ashbringer sword, which was eventually removed from the game. Owners of it got to experience a special in game event when you would enter Scarlet Monastery, showing Alexandros get his revenge upon Renault. When Naxxramas re-appeared for WotLK I was pleased to see they didn't re-instate the ability to get it as it would lessen the importance of it.

Darion made his re-appearance as a high lord at Ebon Hold, the DK starting area. The zone is extremely well planned out, having familiar faces teach you the ways of being the perfect Deathknight.

As you quest through the zone, and kill many many people, the ultimate quest, the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel, is where the Deathknights, led by Darion still wielding the Corrupted Ashbringer, march upon Light's Hope Chapel and Tirion Fordring. The Deathknights are no match and are defeated on the holy ground which the chapel stands. Alexandros suddenly appears to Darion, as a flash back. Arthas then appears and claims his soul. Defeated, Darion then learns from Tirion of his betrayal by Arthas, sending them in to purposely die. Arthas attacks Tirion, which forces Darion to break his bonds to the Lich Kings service and throws the Corrupted Ashbringer for Tirion to push Arthas back. Shocked by this, Arthas escapes (of course!) and we see Tirion join the Knights of the Silver Hand and Argent Dawn to create the Argent Crusade. Darion leads his Knights of the Ebon Blade to assist in the destruction of the Lich King and the scourge and for to create a place for the renegade Deathknights to call home. I found a fantastic WoW Machinima of The Battle for Light's Hope Chapel, please check it out!

We, the newly freed Deathknights, are now free to go about our business as any other class would, not before we get pelted with old food when we walk through Orgrimmar/Stormwind for the first time though!

It must have taken so long for the developers to weave all of this lore together and to create the start up zone to perfection, sure the story was there, but a lot of people know the lore inside out so any incorrect points would have shattered the experience for players.

I've really learnt a lot from doing this research, I knew the general points of the story, but it feels nice to increase my understanding of the history involved with the development of my character.

Huge thanks and credit to WoWWiki for this post!


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Hit the ground running

That's exactly how I feel since coming back to play WoW after my moving out break.

I am quite a competitive person, and when Warcraftpets tell me I am 7th on my server for my pet collection, I refuse to accept! I took a good long look at which pets I needed and which I could get my hands on as soon as possible and thankfully I have added another 3 to my collection since yesterday.

I completely missed the Christmas event this year so couldn't pick up my own Rotten Helper. A friend from my old guild traded me one in exchange for a lend of some of my cat pets to help him get his crazy cat man title.

I also totally missed the introduction of the in game blizzard store so when I discovered that and saw the Alterac brew pup was available, my mouse malfunctioned and accidentally bought one.

My third and final pet comes from hours of reacquainting myself with the Celestial Tournament and the lack of my little battle note book (currently on my old desk at home!). I could not remember which pets I used for which trainers, so that took some time and the patience of a saint.. but I was rewarded with Xu-fu! I only need Yu'la to complete my celestial pet set now!

I have noticed the EU store is back up and running for actual items again, which means the Gryphon and Wyvern plushies are available. I must resist these though, they are quite pricey, so definitely have to join the 'to buy some time soon' pile along with the new D3 expansion landing in March. I must have the treasure goblin pet! I get so excited when I spot them on D3 so having my own would be amazing.

The next pets I have my eyes on drop from the rares on the Timeless Isle, so alot of camping and praying seems to be in store for me.


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Batinna's Dress Up Transmog Challenge - Fisher

Before my disappearing act from the blogging world, I was working through Batinna's transmog challenge so what better place to restart my blogging than here!

I'm up to the 'Fisher' theme!

The items I used are:

Blue Overalls
Yellow Lumberjack Shirt
Fishing Pole

I had to get the blue overalls, this item was an absolute must, but I couldn't decide which colour lumber jack shirt to get at first, but seeing as my tailor can only make the yellow one, my decision was made pretty fast ;) I also opted for the basic fishing pole, I just felt the fancy themed ones didn't look right with the plain and simple clothes I had picked.

I also had my Tiny Goldfish pet as company at my fishing shack!

The next theme to transmog is 'Punk'.


Monday, 27 January 2014

So it's been a while...

Hey everyone!

I firstly want to apologise for just disappearing all of a sudden, but about 2 days after my last post, my boyfriend and I finally found a place of our own to move in together. It's been an exciting yet stressful time, especially since we wanted to be in before Christmas, but we are finally starting to feel settled in our new little nest. Since then I haven't blogged or played WoW but I am hoping that will change in the next week.

Watch this space! :D So pleased to be back and must make up for lost pet collecting time!