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Sunday, 24 February 2013

50k Gold Challenge Complete!

Hey everyone!

I have managed to hit my target of making 50k gold and have done it with plenty of time to spare! So proud of myself, sure it's not a huge amount, but still proud regardless! I was struggling to make some money via my pet sales this week aswell, as there are alot of people who insist on undercutting by a stupid amount, but patience has paid off and been able to sell some to hit my goal.

So what is my reward for reaching my goal? Well I bought a Blazing Hippogryph mount for 90k! Woohoo :D At first I thought I had paid too much or the going rate, but after crying on twitter for help, I was assured I had paid a decent price for it. I'm not going to learn it, instead I'm hoping to trade it on for a Spectral Kitten or an Ethereal Trader, or just straight gold, we shall see!

Will be looking into setting a new gold making challenge in the near future, why not join in and set yourself one too! :D