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Friday, 15 February 2013

CSI: Westfall

Hey all!

I mentioned in a previous post that I was levelling a new alt, a Draenei Hunter! Really enjoying her, even though she's only a newbie, I am loving the change to doing Alliance quests, especially since they have remade the quest hubs.

I started obviously in the Draenei starting zone, but I have already done those previously and didn't really fancy repeating those when there are other new quests to see! So after asking a guildy, Jaedia, for a portal to Stormwind, off I went!

Westfall was my first quest destination but before starting, I had to go after Hogger after all these years. Little did I know he has his own mini event after 'defeating' him now but an NPC as famous as him does deserve one. He was taken to the Stockades so I can only hope I'll see him in there when I hit the appropriate level.

To the Stockades!

After messing around with Hogger, I head to Westfall. Straight away you are hit with the sight of a dead Old Blanchy! O.M.G! Wasn't expecting that, also the CSI team investigating the crime scene was pretty funny, with WoW's own version of Horatio, fully equipped with snazzy glasses! It is a good quest line, and takes you all around the map as you would expect and you end up in Sentinel Hill, a partly walled version with lots of homeless Stormwind citizens scattered around. Throughout the quest chain you see a shadowy/cloaked figure who is the mastermind behind it all, and to be honest I've kinda guessed who it is, but we shall see, don't wanna give any spoilers away for anyone who wants to do it hehe. I had noticed that there were alot of 'homeless' npcs and a guildy, Ryyus, filled in the story for me. Basically the King had to raise taxes to help with the rebuild of Stormwind and fund the war effort making the people suffer money wise, hence the crazy amount of homeless people flocking to Westfall for safety. Pretty sad :(

No wonder he isn't wearing the boots..
Something which I'm sure Blizz employees thought was valid, caught my eye though, and not in a good way! Obviously the following npc is a bum, and obviously he needs something to carry/transport his prized possessions around wherever he travels, but also to use it as a toilet?!!!!?!! Just eww.. there is plenty of farmland to do his business on!! No need for pooping in his cart.

Perfectly poo-less cart going right here!

The quests give a little good feeling as you carry on and you get to feed the homeless that are scattered on the outskirts of Sentinel Hill. I did notice there was a roast pig going to waste near the vendors though....

By this time I had hit lvl 15 and was spamming my Dungeon Finder queue button. Was definately worth doing and looking forward to finishing the zone and moving onto the next.

Hopefully the other zones will be as eventful!

Current Gold Total: 114,463g


  1. I love the quests in Westfall! Feeding the (virtual) homeless is quite rewarding :)

  2. *mad giggling* Didn't we cover this with the mud pie? ;)