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Thursday, 7 February 2013

I'm a mean green killing machine!

RAWR! - Take a moment to recover from that HUGE fright.. ;D

Hey peeps,

Just a quick post to update you on my transmog hunting, I have finally completed my recoloured Warrior T5 set, and I think its a fantastic fit for my lady worgen. I am especially pleased with the helmet as 99.9% of helmets look totally pants on worgens, sure my 'hair' sticks out, but it isn't terrible! Love my cape with the fur trim also, and managed to pick up a green sword to make the outfit complete.

So whats next? Well to totally and utterly complete this outfit, would love to become an owner of the Jade Panther mount which Jewelcrafters make, then I can play my own wolf version of Power Rangers. Staying with that theme, I have been looking into other sets from TBC heroics, and this recoloured paladin set would make a great red ranger outfit.

For now I will stick to sitting on my Green Proto Drake!


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