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Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Awwwooooooooo translates into I FINALLY OWN TITO! :D

 What a long time its been too! Due to not having as much time in the past couple of months, I have played on stolen time to try and get through SSC, TK and Karazhan each week and thankfully that time has paid off with a bunch of lovely new pets to add to my collection. I particularly love Tito and the tornado animation he does every so often, however when you summon him, he does his howling animation and what do you discover?! He's wearing an amazing pink bow!


Bring on Raiding with Leashes III!


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Getting Your Priorities Right

You know when you get that feeling when you really want to start from scratch and just level a character without the assistance of heirlooms and gold boosts? Yep I have it.

I really want to level a new Worgen, either a Druid or a Warlock, but its that choice between finishing other alts who were created first, and who would actually benefit my account as a whole vs having a fresh new alt to play around with.

My hunter is level 68, and is my Engineer and was aiming to be ready to make the Pierre pet and all the other lovely things that engineers are getting in the next patch. So technically I should level her and be waiting in the wings with materials ready. On the other hand, there is my lovely Night Elf priest who has just hit level 89 thanks to winning some pvp pet battles the other day, so only 1 more level with her and I can hit LFR's and have a top level enchanter/tailor too. On the other other hand/paw, I never have enough time to completely finish all my tasks on my Deathknight; Complete any LFR, all my pet battle dailies, finish professions, finish brawlers guild, kill world bosses, primal egg grind, actually levelling my companion pets.... I shouldn't even be considering a new alt! But here I am, checking hair styles and thinking of names.

I can't be alone in this struggle for time sharing between characters. How do you guys cope with multiple alts and juggling between them to keep up to date with gear, reputation grinds, recipes or just current content in general?

Obviously my work schedule has taken alot of my time up recently, and clearly thats a big factor in this, but WoW isn't 100% aimed at those who sit day in day out playing, or so they claim ;) Prioritising is the key, but when you have that I WANT A NEW ALT feeling, it's very hard to shake it off!


Monday, 22 July 2013

New look for the blog!

Just a quick post to comment on my blog looking ever so slightly different. I was flying through Nagrand the other night and forgot how amazing the skies were in Outland and took a few screenshots. Just love the colour! Will be tweaking the text colours the next few days but for now, I'm happy with the new look :D


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Breaker of Hordes

aka Severiti the Hordebreaker!

Alliance players get this title for completing the Vol'jin quest line which takes you through Pandaria and you end up in the barrens collecting resources to help with the uprising against Garrosh. The grind was a bit tedious, but I love the big build up! It's definately what Blizzard does best with regards to incoming patches.

For completing the weekly quest, you gain 200 valor points and a Radical Mojo item which is used for buying items from the quartermaster near Vol'jins camp. I do not intend to do that grind ever again, so there was only one logical choice for what to buy, Gahz'rooki the mini hydra pet!

Sadly not this size usually, used a pet biscuit!


I was reading Nev's new blog post, over at Auction House Addict regarding the possible money making opportunity with Gahz'rooki pets, and quickly read that the vendor and questline will disappear when the next patch hits. Now thinking about it, it makes sense because obviously that part of the story is done and we are heading closer to taking Garrosh down, but it never dawned on me till that moment and it sent me into a panic. I definately won't be doing that weekly quest grind again, however I may just buy up a few Gahz'rooki pets and store them in my bank for future gold making adventures! Thanks for the great advice Nev <3

Currently sitting at 541 pets thanks to my lovely new addition :)


Thursday, 11 July 2013

Darkmoon Faire 'Petting' Zoo

I run past this 'petting' zoo every time I visit the Darkmoon Faire, but haven't ever took the time to really look at the names and types of animals that are on show.

I suppose it has the look of a petting zoo, but no way would I want to try my luck at petting these crazy animals!

Love the little wings <3

Lion Family
The kitten near King Leo paws at him! Cute <3

Sleepy Hydra (snot bubble alert ^^)

That's one big baby

Plenty of Pygmy Cockatrice for all... new darkmoon faire pet perhaps?

Behind the zoo is a mini stable where you can ride tiny ponies and rams too. Gives an achievement for doing so, so its at least worth doing once. Felt sorry for the ram I picked to carry me, my feet were dragging the bottom!


Monday, 8 July 2013

Is buying in-game character upgrades a good idea or a bad idea?

Hey all,

I have just been reading that one of Blizzard community managers, CM Zarhymn has confirmed that Blizzard are looking into ways of adding a way for players to purchase items from their store to assist them in game, and the focus being on an experience enhancing potion, the Enduring Elixir of Wisdom. No details of it actually being added to the game are available, so price and actual availability in certain regions are all being speculated. The BBC have also reported about it.

I can see good and bad points to this possible idea from Blizz, the good side (for them) being another place to get cash from, which obviously a company has to do, they need fresh ideas to continue growth. The bad side I feel is possibly not one shared by everyone, but if you get this item, and rush through all the quests/zones/expansions, you wouldn't really have a clue what was going on in the game, with regards to story and also the time to take to learn your new characters abilities to be able to decently play when you hit maximum level. This notion is entirely based on a new account/new player or someone who has switched faction, in my opinion, its like trying the game out for the first time with the change of quests etc.

For those veteran players, then I agree that for a few pounds/euros/dollars, you could level an alt very VERY quickly and then be able to get back to the end game content. So that would work out nicely, and I might even be tempted if this is the case. On the BBC news article it mentions having to be in control of a level 85 character or above, not sure if they are trying to possibly get the players they lost back by doing this so they would skip most of Pandaria questing, but they may also be looking into the new expansion and getting people to continue to play if they can somehow make them level faster and get to end game content to keep them interested. If thats the case, the expectation for more content patches would be greater due to rushing the game.

I have bought pets and mounts from the blizz store, and although these things are nice, they don't exactly boost or change the way you would play or level by having them, they are vanity items, so I'm sort of sitting on the fence for this magical elixir. I know Diablo already has the real money auction house, so technically Blizz have already gone there, it was only a matter of time before it came over to WoW also.

What do you guys think? Good idea? Bad Idea?

Let's hope we hear more about it in the near future.


Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Keeper of Zoo's

That would be me :D

I headed out to Silithus to get my last pet for the Zookeeper achievement, or so I thought.

There were plenty of pets up so I was delighted to go through them and check for rares. Sadly there wasn't any, but I grabbed an uncommon and waited for my achievement spam.....

Nope, nothing. 

I had 5 seconds of pure confusion until I opened up my achievement tracker and noticed that the Crested Owl was greyed out, even though I own it already and have done for months! Argh! It wasn't the end of the world but I ran over to Darnassus and picked another one up to make the achievement pop.

What a relief! Such a long wait for one little title, but I love it!

Zookeeper Kaitz~

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

News, News and More News!

In my last post, I mentioned that I would take some time to look over the latest news from MMO, Wowinsider and WarcraftPets and what I might expect to see in game soon, and just wow.. I have missed alot! Some of this news might well be very old news to most, but I thought I would go through some of the key info that stood out to me.

2013 Arena Pass

When I first saw this I thought, OH NO PVP!??! Unfortunately my pvp skills are extremely poor at the best of times, how was I supposed to win 50 matches to claim the pet reward??! Thankfully, it states you have the participate in 50 matches, so lose 50 matches and gain a pet! Huzzah! \o/ Will be looking for some players to team up with and get this done, I've always loved the Murkimus murloc pet, so getting the chance to add him to my collection is amazing. I'm kind of annoyed you have to pay for it, but nevermind, where the pets are, my money seems to go! Will register soon.

Pet Battle changes/updates

So pleased to read that they are changing the pet battle 30 second timer for if your opponent is either afk or lagging or just simply trying to waste your time. I have had this happen countless times and it really really gets annoying fast. So basically they are changing it so that the round timer gets progressively shorter if the opponent takes longer than 15 seconds to keep making their move. Fantastic news and a big thumbs up from me.

Throne of Thunder pet drops will also be changed, so that not only can you get them on a standard roll, they are also for bonus rolls too. This is for raid finder difficulty only, but still a good change imo.

How does Severiti the Crazy Cat Lady sound? Pretty damn amazing, and very very true for me irl as I love my cats and blizz are making it an in game title for collecting 20 different kinds of cat pets. Currently sitting on 19/20 if the ones needed for the achievement stay the same, so no problems there!

New Pets Alert!

New pets have been datamined; Essence of Yu'lon, Essence of Niuzao and Essence of Chi-ji but most importantly Aspect of Xuen! I've seen these little cuties hanging around in Kun'lai and been desperate to my get hands on it! Thankyou Blizzard!! These seem to be rewards or items purchased from a new event called the Tournament of Celestials - looking forward to reading more about this.

A new Darkmoon Faire boss has been datamined, currently called Moonfang, and drops a smaller version of itself called Moon Moon. Very cute!

I found this video showing animations and tooltips for some of the pets mentioned above.

Included in this video is Pierre, so are we finally going to get to own this little guy? I'm unsure what to believe, as a few sites have conflicting information. I'm not going to get too excited incase they pull him again.

Glyph of Feathers

Finally you don't have to be discipline specced to gain little wings - Woohoo!

Siege of Orgrimmar

Seriously cannot wait to slice Garrosh in the face! He has always been so annoying so this look into the raid from MMO was nice to see.

Sky Golem!

This looks amazing! I really will need to start levelling my hunter again so I can continue with levelling engineering to get this amazing mount!

So many new goodies and changes incoming, looking very very good indeed!