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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Breaker of Hordes

aka Severiti the Hordebreaker!

Alliance players get this title for completing the Vol'jin quest line which takes you through Pandaria and you end up in the barrens collecting resources to help with the uprising against Garrosh. The grind was a bit tedious, but I love the big build up! It's definately what Blizzard does best with regards to incoming patches.

For completing the weekly quest, you gain 200 valor points and a Radical Mojo item which is used for buying items from the quartermaster near Vol'jins camp. I do not intend to do that grind ever again, so there was only one logical choice for what to buy, Gahz'rooki the mini hydra pet!

Sadly not this size usually, used a pet biscuit!


I was reading Nev's new blog post, over at Auction House Addict regarding the possible money making opportunity with Gahz'rooki pets, and quickly read that the vendor and questline will disappear when the next patch hits. Now thinking about it, it makes sense because obviously that part of the story is done and we are heading closer to taking Garrosh down, but it never dawned on me till that moment and it sent me into a panic. I definately won't be doing that weekly quest grind again, however I may just buy up a few Gahz'rooki pets and store them in my bank for future gold making adventures! Thanks for the great advice Nev <3

Currently sitting at 541 pets thanks to my lovely new addition :)



  1. Gratzies! I really need to go back and finish the weekly off for the title. A guildie gave me Gahz'rooki as he's not a pet fan. I really think they will be money makers in the future though :)

    1. Definately try and get around to doing it, you would kick yourself if you didn't get it done in time. I still get annoyed at the fact I missed an event which gave out the vampire bat pet, will never be able to get it :<

  2. Gratz on the achieve.
    I still need to go collect some supplies before this is over for some of the vanity items.