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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Lvl 90!!!! Now what to do first...

Well I finally reached lvl 90! Yay!!! I say finally, even though it is less than a week since MoP came out, my guildmates have rushed to 90 and are pretty much waiting for wednesday to raid! Being the top level I can be, and of course getting my flying mount back, (how I have missed thee!) what is there for me to do? TOO MUCH

  • Gear farm - As mentioned raids will be upon us soon enough, so got to be raid ready by wednesday - eep! Have already made a good start on doing heroics with some help from guildies, so that should set me up nicely!
  • Dailies/Reputation grinds - So many new reputation grinds and I'm sad to see that you can not get tabards to assist you in getting this elusive rep! /GASP! I'll have to actually grind it like the good ol' days. 
  • Finish levelling professions - I have already finished my Fishing, Archaeology, First Aid, Enchanting and Tailoring, but my Cooking skill seems to be taking forever!!! Definately need to have a couple of hours fishing to catch this one up!
A couple of other things I need to keep my eyes on are the normal auction house and the all new black market auction house. Now since I have been checking the black market AH, I think from around Wednesday/Thursday night perhaps, I have seen the Ellwyn Lamb and Phoenix Hatchling on there for 10k a piece. Some may say that they are rare and nice that they are up for sale, but I'm hoping for something a little more special to come up soon - /begforspectralkitten! That would be amazing, but god knows what the price would be, probably 100k+ which I do not have! I have been able to pick up a Spirit of Summer from the normal auction house, which I was very very pleased with, never got the chance to get from the Midsummer festival back in the day, so that's been a highlight this week! Along side my lovely spirit of summer, I was given two of the new kite pets by my guildie, Miami - Thankyouuuuu! Boosts my collection <3 PLUS! I /love the crane kite! Very very nice!

What are my next goals for the next couple of days? Definately going to hope I get this little fella!

Another of my guildies featured here! He got this little cutey from an 'Ominous Seed' whilst tending to his farm, so I'm hoping I will get him soon!! I also hope to pick up where I left off with my Pet Battling, but I think raiding may get in the way of these goals ;)

Saturday, 29 September 2012

New pets! New pets! New pets!

 Well I finally got round to Pet Battling, which in all is AWESOME!!!! So like pokemon, a fantastic effort from blizzard has clearly been put into this. The main thing to get your head around is which type of pet will be great against another, and I havent totally mastered that yet, but I think that will definately come with time, and having a static team will also help that.

I havent finalised my team as of yet, theres plenty of achievements to do for leveling a number of pets before I fully decide on which are my main three.

In a single sitting I managed to capture 25 new pets, which I think is pretty good going for just starting out with it, and it brings me ever closer to the next pet collection goal :)

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Warcraft gets a whole new look!

Hey all,

Just went around my usual sites checking for news, and when going to, it has a whole new look for Mists of Pandaria and a bunch of cool new tabs and ways to keep track of your pet collection. There is also the addition of hundreds of the new catchable pets, so I better get moving with that asap!

Check out all the latest at


Monday, 24 September 2012

My First MoP Companion Pet!

Well its happened! My first MoP companion pet, and a very easy one to get too!


His name is Fishy, a little cute goldfish in a bubble! He is the reward from the quest "What's in a name name?" where you kill only 7 Riverside Jinyu npcs! Very very easy to get! Which is always nice for a change ;D

Realm Firsts!!!!!

Well it wasn't what I was expecting!

I started out hoping to get Realm First Fishing, like I have done previous when wotlk came out. Unfortunately I wasn't lucky enough with skill points to get that one. So the next best thing was to make sure a friend got a realm first. My friend, Noktharos, wanted to get realm first cooking. After some research, we did some dailies and quickly fished to get him up to 600 skill, in record time of only around 2 hours!!! Congratulations Nokky <3

Disheartened by my lack of my fishing realm first, my new task was to go for archaeology!! AND I GOT IT :D I was extremely shocked that no-one else had thought to go for it, or had beaten me to it. Extremely pleased :)

I would have then gone on to do some pet battling, but that at the moment seems bugged, so off to quest I go!

6 hours and counting!

Well in less than 6 hours, Pandaria will be officially here to explore! I am actually really surprised how excited I am considering I'm not really keen on the panda characters, I think its mainly down to the fact I wasn't able to fully devote the opening few days to Cataclysm when that first came out, like I had been able to previous with Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King.

My guildies have organised a 48 hour marathon for the MoP release, so I'm hoping to stay up as long as I can! I am prepared regarding snacks and things, but not sure on how prepared for the lack of sleep I will be getting! We'll see I suppose :P

So whats my aims in the first few hours of MoP?

  1. Realm first fishing of course! I really hope I can repeat my performance from Wotlk, would be pretty sick to have two fishing realm firsts, just hope no-one else can catch me on it!!!
  2. Learn from the Pet Battling Trainer, I haven't read much about how you start up so I'm really intrigued to see how this will work, if a goblin dressed as Prof.Oak offered me a choice of 3 animals, then that would just be brilliant!
  3. Level! and explore of course, again I haven't seen much of the scenery so I'm hoping it will blow me away a little :)

Plenty to think about anyway!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

To Uldum!

Well I finally got my blue scarab mount from Archaeology this week! It's only taken a full expansion to get!

Since they increased the archaeology nodes you can find per area, I'm thinking its safe to say that I might even just get my crawling hand pet this week also! That will be my goal for today <3

Friday, 21 September 2012

Just over 3 days till MoP launch day! Getting pretty excited for it now!

Can't wait to get grinding for the new pets and give Pet Battling a go!

Warcraft pets is an absolute MUST for any pet collector! Besides the up to date news on any new pets, you can keep an online record of your collection and also check your collection against others on your server who have registered on the site. I am competitive, especially when it comes to pets!

Here's my profile:

186 pets and counting!



Hello everyone!

Welcome to Memoirs of a Pet Collector!

My name is Kaitz and this blog is all about my adventures of expanding my pet collection on World of Warcraft and will also be talking about the upcoming Pet Battling system implemented with the Mists of Pandaria expansion.

Please bare with me as I set up this blog!