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Wednesday, 31 October 2012


That title was my impression of a ghost! Happy Halloween everyone! It just so happens it falls on a wednesday and not just any old wednesday, new raid opening day, w00t!

So Heart of Fear is upon us, nice to have the choice of where to go now. Apparently a guild has already cleared all 6 bosses, talk about speed run! Insane!!! <Dice> are sadly still stuck on 2/6 heroics in Mogu'shan Vaults :( This will improve this week, I can feel it! That Gara'jal aint letting us pass at all.. damn you! /shakesfist.

A new pet to add to my collection arrived today also, Eye of the Legion! (Also new honor bought pvp transmog gear, loving my horns <3)

He's pretty cool, definately worth my £6. I thought he may have been part of the elemental family of pets, but turns out he is an undead pet, definately going to level this little guy up :) Sticking with the halloween theme, this week I have a goal to level my Enchanted Broom, Feline Familiar and Sinister Squashling, if I don't do it this week, when will I?! It's turning out to be a nice team combo actually, inparticular suprised with the Enchanted Broom, has some nice little moves which I can't wait to try out :)

I'd better log off here and get ready for the raid!

Current pet number total = 354


Sunday, 28 October 2012

More patch 5.1 goodies!

Well patch 5.1 certainly is looking good, I've already mentioned the addition of lots of new pets, but theres plenty more coming with it!

Some personal favourites of mine include:

  1. The increase in valor points for heroics and scenarios, sure its not alot, but that little bit extra will definately help get to the cap asap, I'm already very bored of the heroics and the scenarios are ok, not amazing. 
  2. New scenarios are being implemented, hurray! Hopefully the achievement Scenaturday will not include these new ones also, and perhaps actually count them.. :(
  3. Theres been some new icons/models released for a very cute looking mechanical raptor and a racoon type creature, gimme!
  4. The nat pagle achievement to get exalted has also been changed from a feat of strength to being awarded 10 points.
  5. You will be able to trade in Lesser charm of good fortune for money. No details on how much as of yet.
These are but a few of the latest blue posts originally posted on mmo-champion

Now its time for my many many dailies..


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Gotta catch some more!

Hey all!

Some more pet news via warcraftpets has revealed new achievements and new wild pets being added in patch 5.1.

There will be a new achievement called "Classic Raid Collector" and this means that old classic WoW bosses will drop pets. What a fantastic idea! Firstly I wanted a good reason to have to go back and do old content other than for 'old times sake' but the most important thing about this news is that finally I can own my own Mr.Bigglesworth <3 Can't wait!

I have also been checking up on Ebay for the new pet via the Trading card game, The Eye of the Legion, which comes from the new card set War of the Ancients. Of course theres a new mount with this set also, but no doubt that will be £100+ on ebay, I can only hope that they come available via the black market auction house soon.


Saturday, 20 October 2012

MoP and New Pets!

Doing my daily website scout, I discovered some news on some pets that have been datamined and what will hopefully become available in patch 5.1! Very exciting :)

 Also just saw this pets post on the news on www.mmo-champion, sure they arent brand spanking new, but I found out some useful knowledge on where to obtain a couple I did not know about!

 Good times <3

What a week!

Well last time I posted was 1 week ago! eep!! I better have some good news ;D!

So October 14th is a very special day for me and my boyfriend, its when we started dating, in 2002! Woop woop for our 10 year anniversary :D Hurray! Not only did he get me a lovely new robe in-game, he also booked a romantic getaway for us! He is so kind and thoughtful <3 Was amazing!

The presents don't stop there either! I log in on Wednesday night to prepare for the raid, when I see a mail from my friend and guildy, Noktharos, containing a Terrible Turnip pet!!!! I have been farming like crazy in the hope to get this lil fella.

Yippeeeee!! I am soooooo gonna level him to lvl 25. I would never have guessed he was in the elemental family mind, I'm quite impressed with that. He has also been renamed to Terry Turnip!

I think getting Terry spurred me on to go for my 250 pets achievement, I didn't particularly want the vermling as the reward, but was nice to reach the goal anyway, for a few seconds till I realised the next pet milestone would be 400! Wow.... just wow. I think the best strategy would be to continue travelling around Azeroth and just battling and catching anything I do not have, regardless of quality, although my mini ocd about having all of them as rares may kick in..

A guildmate recommended these following addons to help with pet battling and catching:

Battle Pet Quality Notifier - Does exactly what it says in the title, shows you what quality the pet is your battling. It also tells you if you have the pet already in your journal, and if so, if the current pet your battling is an upgrade in quality or not. Very very handy!

Pet Journal Enhanced - Has inbuilt filters to look at your pets in many different listed ways, alphabetically, my level etc. Also includes icons next to your pets showing their highest stats, so you can see at a glance if the pet is particularly strong for example.

Check them out at Curse

With regards to raiding, Dice are currently 2/6 heroics down in Mogu'shan Vaults, really pleased to have got Feng down!

The challenge will be with the spirit binder, apparently around 150 guilds had downed him last time I heard from wowprogress, so if we could do that, would raise our guild profile insanely!

Watch this space!!!


Saturday, 13 October 2012


Thats right! World no. 491 guild to kill heroic Stone Guard :D Woop woop! Was very very intense but extremely proud to be in the top 500, and part of such a brilliant guild!
You can check out our progress here!

So its Saturday, and that can only mean one thing.... Scenarios!

So browsing through my achievements, I discovered this, Scenaterday - Basically to do scenarios and to complete them on a saturday and you get the title, Scenaterdist. Sure its not going to replace my 'Insane' title, but still fun to have, plus gives me a proper chance to go through each scenario :) UPDATE! So yeah Scenaterday is bugged! Does not record you finishing each scenario, and will be apparently fixed in patch 5.1 - Poop!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mogu'shan Vaults down!

Well I haven't posted for a few days, been too busy completing Mogu'shan vaults! Woohoo!!!

We went there all guns blazing last wednesday and cleared the first three bosses in pretty good time in my opinion, took about 3.5hours. So naturally after this we felt pretty good and thought we could finish up the next day.. then we met Elegon. His fight is really well thought out in my opinion, so many different things to be watching out for and timing is a massive part of it for certain phases he goes into, you really have to be on your toes for this fight. Long story short, we wiped Thursday and Sunday night on him. I personally felt really deflated. To start with, healing has completely changed and mana is a huge issue until I can get some more spirit, so I really felt this was one of the major factors for us not killing him. So with a bit of a 50/50 feeling towards Elegon, we go back on Monday and one shot him, woohoo! Was so pleased with it! A near perfect kill too. Onwards we went to the last boss and an hour or so later he's down too!!! Ready for heroics next week! /squeal!

According to, this also means that Dice are currently no. 875 in the world! :D

Now with all this new raid content excitement, some may wonder if I have had any time to get new pets? The answer is yes!

I did a little pet battling/capturing for a couple of hours and my total number of unique pets has risen to 224. The number was boosted by getting honored with The Anglers to get my Tiny Goldfish pet :)

One last thing before I sign off, I have been looking for rares for the achievement to kill all the rare 'boss' type monsters, and this adorable item dropped  Crate of Kidnapped Puppies

Ok so it sounds horrendous that there are kidnapped puppies in a crate, but look what it spawns!

Puppies! Very cute! They can be my helpers in my search for future rare killings :D


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

First Raid Night

Well just finished the first three bosses in the new raid, Mogu'shan Vaults, and I've got to say I'm pretty impressed! I had watched a couple of videos before raiding, so I had a fair idea of what was going to happen, but even so, the fights are really well thought out and different. It's so nice to go back to raiding and have these boss mechanics to work with. Very very happy bunny indeed!!!

As a bonus to today, I also got a new pet, the Red Cricket for getting my reputation/friendship lvl to the maximum with Sho at The Tilers marketplace in Valley of the Four Winds. New raid and a pet all in one day? 10/10!