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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mogu'shan Vaults down!

Well I haven't posted for a few days, been too busy completing Mogu'shan vaults! Woohoo!!!

We went there all guns blazing last wednesday and cleared the first three bosses in pretty good time in my opinion, took about 3.5hours. So naturally after this we felt pretty good and thought we could finish up the next day.. then we met Elegon. His fight is really well thought out in my opinion, so many different things to be watching out for and timing is a massive part of it for certain phases he goes into, you really have to be on your toes for this fight. Long story short, we wiped Thursday and Sunday night on him. I personally felt really deflated. To start with, healing has completely changed and mana is a huge issue until I can get some more spirit, so I really felt this was one of the major factors for us not killing him. So with a bit of a 50/50 feeling towards Elegon, we go back on Monday and one shot him, woohoo! Was so pleased with it! A near perfect kill too. Onwards we went to the last boss and an hour or so later he's down too!!! Ready for heroics next week! /squeal!

According to, this also means that Dice are currently no. 875 in the world! :D

Now with all this new raid content excitement, some may wonder if I have had any time to get new pets? The answer is yes!

I did a little pet battling/capturing for a couple of hours and my total number of unique pets has risen to 224. The number was boosted by getting honored with The Anglers to get my Tiny Goldfish pet :)

One last thing before I sign off, I have been looking for rares for the achievement to kill all the rare 'boss' type monsters, and this adorable item dropped  Crate of Kidnapped Puppies

Ok so it sounds horrendous that there are kidnapped puppies in a crate, but look what it spawns!

Puppies! Very cute! They can be my helpers in my search for future rare killings :D


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