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Wednesday, 31 October 2012


That title was my impression of a ghost! Happy Halloween everyone! It just so happens it falls on a wednesday and not just any old wednesday, new raid opening day, w00t!

So Heart of Fear is upon us, nice to have the choice of where to go now. Apparently a guild has already cleared all 6 bosses, talk about speed run! Insane!!! <Dice> are sadly still stuck on 2/6 heroics in Mogu'shan Vaults :( This will improve this week, I can feel it! That Gara'jal aint letting us pass at all.. damn you! /shakesfist.

A new pet to add to my collection arrived today also, Eye of the Legion! (Also new honor bought pvp transmog gear, loving my horns <3)

He's pretty cool, definately worth my £6. I thought he may have been part of the elemental family of pets, but turns out he is an undead pet, definately going to level this little guy up :) Sticking with the halloween theme, this week I have a goal to level my Enchanted Broom, Feline Familiar and Sinister Squashling, if I don't do it this week, when will I?! It's turning out to be a nice team combo actually, inparticular suprised with the Enchanted Broom, has some nice little moves which I can't wait to try out :)

I'd better log off here and get ready for the raid!

Current pet number total = 354


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