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Sunday, 28 October 2012

More patch 5.1 goodies!

Well patch 5.1 certainly is looking good, I've already mentioned the addition of lots of new pets, but theres plenty more coming with it!

Some personal favourites of mine include:

  1. The increase in valor points for heroics and scenarios, sure its not alot, but that little bit extra will definately help get to the cap asap, I'm already very bored of the heroics and the scenarios are ok, not amazing. 
  2. New scenarios are being implemented, hurray! Hopefully the achievement Scenaturday will not include these new ones also, and perhaps actually count them.. :(
  3. Theres been some new icons/models released for a very cute looking mechanical raptor and a racoon type creature, gimme!
  4. The nat pagle achievement to get exalted has also been changed from a feat of strength to being awarded 10 points.
  5. You will be able to trade in Lesser charm of good fortune for money. No details on how much as of yet.
These are but a few of the latest blue posts originally posted on mmo-champion

Now its time for my many many dailies..


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