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Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Wonderful Whizzig of WoW!

and he is indeed rather wonderful!

Whilst scooting around the Isle in the search for rares, I saw a familiar symbol on my map that there was an event occurring, but had never witnessed it in this location.

I immediately investigate to discover an NPC called Whizzig mounted upon a large snail! TOTALLY want a snail mount now, but this is nothing compared to what he sells! I knew they had implemented some accessories for Perky Pug, but never really enquired or read anything about where and how you get them, but finally I know he answer and it lies with Whizzig.

Thankfully the accessories don't cost too many coins, I mean really they could have charged 5000 coins and I'd have still bought them, but I like 500 a lot more. It's nice to see that you can get the Magical Pet Biscuits here too, should I ever run out I know I can get some from Whizzig. There is also a pattern for scribes to get, Glyph of Shifted Appearances.

Now to the main feature... BEHOLD THE CUTENESS!

So amazing! I really hope they introduce these for other pets very very soon! My favourite has to be the pirate hat, and to honor Perky's newly found pirate status, we went on an adventure to kill Dread Ship Vazuvius!


Whizzig wasn't around for very long, so if you do happen to be lucky and find him, make sure to rush over and see him before he disappears and stock up on hats for Perky!


Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Timeless Isle!

Probably one of the most anticipated parts of 5.4, after the introduction of the 'we are actually letting you smash Garrosh in the face finally' raid, has to be the Timeless Isle. Very similar feel to the Isle of Quel'danas and Isle of Thunder in my opinion, where you will go there on a daily basis, have a new faction to grind rep for, and lets not forget the pets and rare monsters too!

I quickly made my way to the Isle, and instantly was met with /1 spam of a rare monster spawn which very recently would happen alot on the Isle of Thunder when that first was introduced. I loved that people weren't greedy and will share the information so everyone can join in on some of the action. They drop lovely things too! I got 1700 coins, some lesser charms, an item to summon insert name here and also a BOA ilvl 496 token to make an item for a plate wearer. Perfect for any alts!

I headed on over the the main part, the court, where all 4 celestials are. Didn't realise we would have to fight them until I saw a huge mass of people running into the centre! I joined them of course, and got myself an achievement for doing so, happy days! :D

After completing a few quests, gaining a nice pot of Timeless Coins, and racing to the rare mobs when they spawn, I noticed there was a daily quest from an NPC named Little Tommy Newcomer. Now I was already suspicious, due to the fact his pets weren't hovering or moving around beside him like the other daily pet trainers have, but nothing could have prepared me for what pet he had!

*Spoiler Alert if you havent done it!* 

Lil Oondasta!! 

WHAT! This pet is insane. It even has Frill Blast as one of its moves. Absolutely mental. Thankfully I had a good few bandages stocked up and after approx 15 tries, I got him down using Mini Thor, Lil Deathwing and Rusty my Anodised Bear.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the Celestial Tournament scenario, which is even harder than this. I will beat it one day but for now I'm back to furiously levelling pets in the hope I can get that break and complete it.

I have managed to add two new pets to my collection though! Bonkers a boxing monkey pet which you get from buying keys for 500 timeless coins each from Master Kukuru who is located at 59,40 in a cave. You then get a choice of random treasure chests to open, 1 per key of course. You aren't guaranteed the pet, you can get other items in the chests including; a random number of Timeless Coins, I had 1 coin in a good few boxes which was really dissapointing! Good luck to those trying!

I also got the  Azure Crane Chick, which you get from the crane nests scattered around the island. 

There are a few things I haven't gotten around to yet, but hopefully will get some time this next week to explore some more \o/


Thursday, 12 September 2013

Hello 5.4!

It's here :D Yippeeeee! and there is so much to do!

This post is just an introduction of what I encountered within the first hour of logging in and it was jam packed with new info to take in, even before I set foot on the Timeless Isle.

The Vale of Eternal Destruction!

We all knew that the Vale of Eternal Blossoms was in for a huge change, when they released the 5.4 trailer, we knew that everything just wouldn't be the same and WOW what a change!

Garrosh is in for a beating for causing this destruction. It's quite creepy to see loads of little Sha beasties roaming around. The only plus side I see from this is that I can access the mining veins easier due to there being no water and less crocodiles! Due to the changes a couple of things have moved around the map, one of the rare mobs, Sahin Tidehunter is now near the Mogu'shan Palace meeting stone and Grand Master Aki the pet daily trainer is now east of Mistfall Village.

Rare monsters appear on your mini map!

I have seen this so far working in Pandaria and on the Timeless Isle also. Not sure if it is the same on other continents, will be sure to check that out though.

If you hover over them also, it tells you the name of the rare spawn. These were the Zandalari Scouts that patrol around in Townlong. Keep an eye out for these on your map, especially on the Timeless Isle.

New progress bar and information whilst digging at Archaeology sites!

I flew over Vale to spot an Archaeology site, of course I couldn't pass it, and went to gather up some fragments. I then notice that a new Digsite Progress bar pops up to help you keep track of how many more searches you can make before the site is used up. I first thought it was a little pointless as I know that each site has 6 digs per one, but new players wouldn't know this and if you have also been interrupted, for example an LFR queue popped and you had left the site incomplete, you can come back and see your progress on that particular site and pick up where you left off. Nice idea indeed :>

*** EDIT***

HOW on earth could I forget about getting my new title, Severiti the Crazy Cat Lady! Love this, its true ingame and out! <3

Will be posting my thoughts on the Timeless Isle at some point this week too, but for now, really need to catch up to getting my Legendary Cape, curse you Throne of Thunder!


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Weekly Goals 28/08-03/09 The Results!

It's that time of the week again and time also to see whether I have met my WoW goals for the week.

Here's a quick reminder of what tasks I set myself this week:

5 more pets to level 25
5 more pets upgraded
Get my hunter to level 80
 Valor Capped on both my Priest and Deathknight

 and the results? 100%! Wahooooo :D

5 more pets to level 25

I have surpassed my goal of 5 and ended up with 9 new level 25 pets! Really really pleased! I have especially been wanting to get my Baneling pet up to level 25, so he now joins the level 25 club.

5 more pets upgraded

For this one I stuck with my goal of 5, and not all were upgraded using Flawless stones either. I have had a little luck with looking for some wild pets that needed upgrading, to continue my quest to get all to blue quality. With finally capturing a rare Grassland Hopper from Townlong and then a Jungle Grub and Mei Li Sparkler from Krasarang,brought my total to 5. I am now complete in Townlong for upgrading to rare quality pets too! Good times!

Get my hunter to level 80 

With some greatly appreciated help from a friend boosting me through the Northrend arena quests, I speeded my way from 78-80 in approx 1 hour and therefore met my goal of getting to level 80.

Valor Capped on both my Priest and Deathknight

Now this is the goal I thought I would never get, but I am very proud to say I have done it! I now have 3k valor points on my Deathknight and just over 2k on my Priest. I kinda forgot though that the patch is hitting on Sept 10th, not tomorrow, so I spent 1k on my Deathknight on upgrading a couple of pieces. I can then have next week to cap and be ready for the patch :>

Speaking of 5.4, I am giving myself a 1-2 week break from my goals, just so I can enjoy the new content at my own pace without thinking I need to do pet battles dailies or level an alt. This next week will probably be spent capping valor again, and also farming materials to try and make some much needed cash.


Monday, 2 September 2013

Introducing Loreyna!

I mentioned a few weeks ago about that itch you get when you want a new alt, and this week it has been soothed by finally making my Warlock alt, Loreyna!

When I make a new alt, I always revert to having to think of names similar to Kaitz, but I didn't feel it was appropriate for my warlock, I felt she needed a more grand name, if that makes sense. So I was toying with the idea of naming her after one of my first characters who was an undead warlock named Lucretia, but it just didn't feel right. After some time of thinking, I decided on Loreyna, something different, but also named after one of my favourite characters on True Blood, who is equally as wicked as my new Worgen will be!

Hoping to get her leveled in the near future, but for now I'll get back to LFR with the hope of capping my characters valor points this week!

Watch this space for future posts involving this little wolf :>