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Thursday, 12 September 2013

Hello 5.4!

It's here :D Yippeeeee! and there is so much to do!

This post is just an introduction of what I encountered within the first hour of logging in and it was jam packed with new info to take in, even before I set foot on the Timeless Isle.

The Vale of Eternal Destruction!

We all knew that the Vale of Eternal Blossoms was in for a huge change, when they released the 5.4 trailer, we knew that everything just wouldn't be the same and WOW what a change!

Garrosh is in for a beating for causing this destruction. It's quite creepy to see loads of little Sha beasties roaming around. The only plus side I see from this is that I can access the mining veins easier due to there being no water and less crocodiles! Due to the changes a couple of things have moved around the map, one of the rare mobs, Sahin Tidehunter is now near the Mogu'shan Palace meeting stone and Grand Master Aki the pet daily trainer is now east of Mistfall Village.

Rare monsters appear on your mini map!

I have seen this so far working in Pandaria and on the Timeless Isle also. Not sure if it is the same on other continents, will be sure to check that out though.

If you hover over them also, it tells you the name of the rare spawn. These were the Zandalari Scouts that patrol around in Townlong. Keep an eye out for these on your map, especially on the Timeless Isle.

New progress bar and information whilst digging at Archaeology sites!

I flew over Vale to spot an Archaeology site, of course I couldn't pass it, and went to gather up some fragments. I then notice that a new Digsite Progress bar pops up to help you keep track of how many more searches you can make before the site is used up. I first thought it was a little pointless as I know that each site has 6 digs per one, but new players wouldn't know this and if you have also been interrupted, for example an LFR queue popped and you had left the site incomplete, you can come back and see your progress on that particular site and pick up where you left off. Nice idea indeed :>

*** EDIT***

HOW on earth could I forget about getting my new title, Severiti the Crazy Cat Lady! Love this, its true ingame and out! <3

Will be posting my thoughts on the Timeless Isle at some point this week too, but for now, really need to catch up to getting my Legendary Cape, curse you Throne of Thunder!



  1. Ooh I haven't done archaeology since the patch but that progress bar is genius!!

  2. I can't tell you how excited I was when I logged in and noticed I had earned that title! My hunter is currently wearing it and running around with an all feline stampede... 'cause why not. XD

  3. Crazy Cat Lady...the hubby said I would end up one, now I have the title to prove it :)

    Love how the rare spawns show up on the map.

    The Vale...I remember it when it was so so pretty!