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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Worgens VS Helmets Part 2: Mail Edition

This is part 2 of the Worgens VS Helmets posts I have felt compelled to do since I struggle to show helmets on my own wolf most of the time.

This selection is the good and bad helmets, in my opinion that is, that are for mail wearers. (Apologies for the picture quality, I used mog it since I dont literally own these helmets)

The Good

Crest of the Grand Warband
 I love the looks of this helmet and theres a few recolours of it too which is nice to see. The proportions match well with the wolf profile.

Forest Prowler's Helm
Very detailed, perfect size for a worgen face, and still love the eye that moves randomly around!

Crown of Flame
Tiara/Crown type helmets do look good on Worgens and this one is a particular favourite with the swirling fire on the front, its an updated take on the Crown of Destruction from old raggy in Molten Core.

Gaze of Gara'jal
 I first saw this model on a guildy who is a panda and it looked amazing on him, and again the proportions of it being quite comfortably a bit longer for the worgen face, it looks great! Great detail on the model too.

Maulgar's Warhelm

Another nice tall helmet, but featuring a dragons face, can't go wrong with that!

The Bad 

Demon Stalker Greathelm
This is a classic example of a helmet way too over stretched and just looking absolutely crazy! Just wow...

Horns of the Spurned Val'kyr
Words just cannot describe this one. O_O

Helm of the Crown
 This is the same model of the Hunter Giantstalker tier set, and it just looks boring and a really odd shape imo.

Energized Retinal Armor
 I always was jealous of engineers when I would see them run past in the fancy goggles and specs that they could make, but on second thoughts I wouldn't be too pleased if I had made these for my wolf. My eyes look too close together and in general, not that impressed.

These are just my personal hates/likes, have you seen anything that has made you do a double take? Not just on worgens, but any race would be good to compare, for both good or bad reasons, and if so please do share them with me via leaving a comment or tweeting me at @KaitzWoW


Worgens VS Helmets Part 1: Plate Edition

Being a lady Worgen has its good and bad points, and under the bad points category, the top complaint/worry when a new tier is coming is 'What the hell will the helmet look like on my wolf?!'

I wanted to take the time to show some of the 'OH DEAR GOD THAT'S HIDEOUS' and also the 'Thankgod it fits properly' moments when I have been fortunate to get an upgrade or just browsing in MogIt/AtlasLoot. I am a plate wearer myself, but I feel Worgens get the worst pick when it comes to mail, leather and cloth helms too, so I will be showing you through my best and worst in those sections too.

So here are my picks of the plate helmets, please note this is very image heavy!


Haunted Steel Headguard

 I can see the look and appeal of this helmet, perhaps on other races, however Worgens tend to have thier hairstyle wildly sticking out the back and also tend to have the helmets sticking out at the sides and front to accomodate their nose/muzzle? This one I am just not sure on at all..

Mask of Penance
Side view
I absolutely LOVE the paladin judgement set, I think its still probably in the top five sets of all time and the only way to get my DK something as close as I can to it, was to farm the TBC heroic 5 man set which is recoloured to the purple/pink version you see here. I was quite disappointed when I discovered the looks of this on my wolf, as its very mis-shapen, to again accomodate the nose of a wolf. Also the hair sticking out at the back just looks wrong to me. I had to have hide helm ticked whilst transmogged to this set which was a real shame.

Faceplate of the Impenetrable
Another tier set which is extremely high in appreciation is always Tier 6 from TBC raids and this warrior recolour/remake again doesnt look 100% right on a wolf. Looks perfect on an orc or human imo.

Helmet of the Lost Catacomb

 Never liked this set and its just a wierd fit on a wolf.

Helm of Blazing Glory

Again the hair out of the back is a problem and the width of the helment is out of proportion and too stretched. Really hoped for a bit more from this as I love the looks of it :(

'Thankgod it fits properly!' selection:

Sanctified Scourgelord Faceguard
Love love love the looks of this one, I think the helmets height helps hide the fact that the hair is poking out at the back, which I have realised I need to just accept. I think the taller the helmet on a worgen, the better!

Fel-Steel Warhelm

Another warrior recoloured set for my DK to get, and I again love the looks. The colour may not be the best, but those horns are great!

Ironbark Faceguard

I'm sensing a theme that Worgen hats need to have horns, but again this warrior recolour matches nicely, perhaps a little too wide on the face, but the gap for the nose and the horns to cover the hair at the back, all looking good to me. This looks amazing on a female orc too.

Irondrake Faceguard
 Suprise suprise its another warrior recolour! This one does stick out a little when you look from the side, however I still think its one of the better helmets for transmog for a wolfy.

Jaw of Repudiation
My current transmog set and the fit is just perfect. I love how my eyes are red for a change too! Just love it!

These are just my personal hates/likes, have you seen anything that has made you do a double take? Not just on worgens, but any race would be good to compare, for both good or bad reasons, and if so please do share them with me via leaving a comment or tweeting me at @KaitzWoW


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A little randomness to brighten up your day!

 Exactly what it says in the title!

Feesh hot tub party!...hang on a sec...
Feesh eating chicken!?
Wish I had this many carp pets :(

You can't hide behind that scarecrow forever!

Son of Galleon mount! Love it <3
A very wet but, imo, great screenie of Booty Bay when it's not scorching hot.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lady In Red

My new transmog!!!!

I'm so so happy with it! It's such an amazing and intensely detailed set, I always admired the Warrior tier and finally have a set of my own. My eyes are now red instead of blue and I just love the helmet, which thankfully looks amazing on Worgens.

 It also means I can finally use my Ruby Panther mount that my friend Ryyus gave me, I have been trying to complete another red transmog set for a good while and Quagmirran is being quite awkward with letting go of the last piece, but nevermind, I now have a red set to match my panther and thats all that counts! Quagmirran can sleep a little easier tonight..

My next transmog challenge/goal has to be to complete a gold set so I can then go for the Yellow/Gold panther mount. I have a few gold pieces lying around in my bank but some are more shiny and bright vs the duller gold if that makes sense, so I wouldn't look 100% right if I combined them all. I'm looking at the Conqueror's pieces from TBC dungeons, and combined with Raggy's Mace from firelands, definately a winning combo.


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

This week has flown by!

Hey everyone!

Can't believe its been a week since I posted!
RL things getting in the way of my WoW time again but hoping to play catch up this next week with various achievements I have on my mind at the moment.

In other news... We finally killed Horridon - YAY!

He's such a meanie, well his adds are, he is absolutely fine. Those adds are a right pain in the bum, but our lovely guildies got the disrupting/silencing to perfection on the second door, tanks got the hang of swapping from adds to boss and healers did a grand job keeping us all alive, all of that can only result in a dead dino!

Big grats everyone <3 Onwards to Council!

I also managed to pluck up the courage to go to LFR, the new part of Throne of Thunder, which in the end wasn't too bad, but there's alot going on with all those bosses! I didn't read the tactics before queueing but thankfully the other tank had been before, otherwise that would have been one hell of a mess. Fun bosses, however I bet they are horriblly mean on normal mode, but I am hoping we get to them someday and experience it!

Other news follows on from a previous post, concerning upgrading all my wild pets to rares, and I have managed to complete that in one zone so far, Dread Wastes. It felt great to complete a zone, and really hoping I can strike lucky in more zones very very soon to further my pet score on WarcraftPets.

A new WoWing week starts tomorrow and the last part of Throne of Thunder LFR opens up, looking forward to trying Lei Shen!


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

1 out of 2 aint bad!

Hey all,

The start of a WoWing week is always good when everything has reset and your good to go and try again for transmog, pets, upgrades or whatever your hunting for and this week has paid off!

I mentioned last week that I wanted to tick off some of the mounts that I was missing from my list and I can finally check the Swift White Hawkstrider off that list! I didn't have any luck from Tempest Keep Kael, but Magister's Terrace Kael was very helpful \o/

I think it must be a lucky week as a friend earlier today tweeted that she had finally got her Horse from Karazhan! Congrats again! :D

I have tried ZG today also, sadly no luck there but keeping my paws and claws crossed for a panther mount to head my way soon. For now I am more than happy with my hawk :D

Jaedia was singing the chocobo theme song when this achievement popped up in guild, had to google as I did not know the song, but then realised I do but only through the beak of a certain little parrot -

This lil fella is so clever! Sings other game related tunes also! <3


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Screenies :D

Hey peeps,

Yet another screenshot post from me, its not a cop out I swear! I have literally just sorted through all my recent screenies and had to share my favs <3


Twinsssss and Fluffling - Look at his claws, eek!

My Dragon Kite pet in the drivers seat of a recently deceased Mimiron..

Raggy :D

Deathwing popped over for a coffee

The sheer terror on that pandas face at seeing this giant with a massive pink bow!

MANY MOTHS! HANDLE IT! (Literally if this was IRL I would have collapsed from fear)

FINALLY the gates are fixed :D Huzzah!


Thursday, 4 April 2013

Dungeon Highlight: Magister's Terrace

The phrase 'LFG MGT HC' used to make me shudder with the utter horror that was Magister's Terrace heroic. It probably didn't help that I was a healer at this point, and that dungeon was EXTREMELY mean to heal. Now of course I get my revenge for the many hours spent in there and wipe the floor with the lot of them on my DK!

I wanted to take the time to post some screenies from the event/cut scene which you see after clicking the scrying orb within the dungeon, as at the time, the anticipation to getting into Sunwell after seeing it really was amazing. Sadly I never got to experience it at lvl 70, really wish I had though, but for those of us who couldn't, could still feel included.

Here's my favourite screenshots from the cut scene - Enjoy!


Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Gotta farm 'em all!

With hearing the news of the next mount achievement target, it has spurred alot of people to try and get as many mounts as possible to hit the 200 target asap, or if your like me and weren't really fussed about mounts but would like them in your collection anyway, highlighted that there are some mounts that I could be grinding and that I am not.

My current list stands at:

A'lar from Kael'thas in Tempest Keep
Blue Proto Drake from Skadi the Ruthless in Utgarde Pinnacle (heroic only)
Vitreous Stone Drake from Slabhide in The Stonecore (on both normal and heroic)
Drake of the North Wind from Altarius  in The Vortex Pinnacle (on both normal and heroic)
White Hawkstrider from Kael'thas in Magister's Terrace (heroic only)
Panther from Zul'Gurub from High Priestess Kilnara (heroic only)
Armored Razzashi Raptor from Bloodlord Mandokir in Zul'Gurub ( heroic only) - {Can't solo /cry}

I have been running Tempest Keep for a few weeks and sadly no drop as of yet, but definately want to try and get into the habit of running the other dungeons as much as possible with the hope of perhaps increasing my chances on getting the Armored Dragonhawk.

/pawsandclawscrossed ;D Though I think Ryyus may murder me if I managed to get any of these..


Monday, 1 April 2013


Just a quick post to highlight my latest pet achievement!

So pleased to have hit the 75 mark, and grabbed myself a new pet in the process..

Has to be called Jiminy right?

Wonder what the next achievement target will be! My guess is 150 or 200. My last Pet Battle achievement on the 'Level' tab is to get 30 pets up to level 10, I'm currently 16/30, so shouldnt be too long before I get that one and I have a very VERY long list of pets I want to start leveling so now its a case of who to pick first.