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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Worgens VS Helmets Part 2: Mail Edition

This is part 2 of the Worgens VS Helmets posts I have felt compelled to do since I struggle to show helmets on my own wolf most of the time.

This selection is the good and bad helmets, in my opinion that is, that are for mail wearers. (Apologies for the picture quality, I used mog it since I dont literally own these helmets)

The Good

Crest of the Grand Warband
 I love the looks of this helmet and theres a few recolours of it too which is nice to see. The proportions match well with the wolf profile.

Forest Prowler's Helm
Very detailed, perfect size for a worgen face, and still love the eye that moves randomly around!

Crown of Flame
Tiara/Crown type helmets do look good on Worgens and this one is a particular favourite with the swirling fire on the front, its an updated take on the Crown of Destruction from old raggy in Molten Core.

Gaze of Gara'jal
 I first saw this model on a guildy who is a panda and it looked amazing on him, and again the proportions of it being quite comfortably a bit longer for the worgen face, it looks great! Great detail on the model too.

Maulgar's Warhelm

Another nice tall helmet, but featuring a dragons face, can't go wrong with that!

The Bad 

Demon Stalker Greathelm
This is a classic example of a helmet way too over stretched and just looking absolutely crazy! Just wow...

Horns of the Spurned Val'kyr
Words just cannot describe this one. O_O

Helm of the Crown
 This is the same model of the Hunter Giantstalker tier set, and it just looks boring and a really odd shape imo.

Energized Retinal Armor
 I always was jealous of engineers when I would see them run past in the fancy goggles and specs that they could make, but on second thoughts I wouldn't be too pleased if I had made these for my wolf. My eyes look too close together and in general, not that impressed.

These are just my personal hates/likes, have you seen anything that has made you do a double take? Not just on worgens, but any race would be good to compare, for both good or bad reasons, and if so please do share them with me via leaving a comment or tweeting me at @KaitzWoW


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  1. LMAO your taste in helms is similar to mine! I hate those snout covering helms - they don't even look they would fit my taurens face into that helm! I don't want to have squished nose!