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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Lady In Red

My new transmog!!!!

I'm so so happy with it! It's such an amazing and intensely detailed set, I always admired the Warrior tier and finally have a set of my own. My eyes are now red instead of blue and I just love the helmet, which thankfully looks amazing on Worgens.

 It also means I can finally use my Ruby Panther mount that my friend Ryyus gave me, I have been trying to complete another red transmog set for a good while and Quagmirran is being quite awkward with letting go of the last piece, but nevermind, I now have a red set to match my panther and thats all that counts! Quagmirran can sleep a little easier tonight..

My next transmog challenge/goal has to be to complete a gold set so I can then go for the Yellow/Gold panther mount. I have a few gold pieces lying around in my bank but some are more shiny and bright vs the duller gold if that makes sense, so I wouldn't look 100% right if I combined them all. I'm looking at the Conqueror's pieces from TBC dungeons, and combined with Raggy's Mace from firelands, definately a winning combo.


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