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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Batinna's Dress Up Transmog Challenge - Fisher

Before my disappearing act from the blogging world, I was working through Batinna's transmog challenge so what better place to restart my blogging than here!

I'm up to the 'Fisher' theme!

The items I used are:

Blue Overalls
Yellow Lumberjack Shirt
Fishing Pole

I had to get the blue overalls, this item was an absolute must, but I couldn't decide which colour lumber jack shirt to get at first, but seeing as my tailor can only make the yellow one, my decision was made pretty fast ;) I also opted for the basic fishing pole, I just felt the fancy themed ones didn't look right with the plain and simple clothes I had picked.

I also had my Tiny Goldfish pet as company at my fishing shack!

The next theme to transmog is 'Punk'.


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