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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Batinna's Dress Up Transmog Challenge - Punk

Time for another of Batinna's transmog challenges, and this time its the 'Punk' theme! I struggled to find a typically punk theme, and instead, have opted to go with a steampunk look. I wanted to capture the use of gold/bronze coloured weapons and also quite traditional, old fashioned dress and I think I've managed it!

For this set I used:

Noble's Monocle
Shadow Council Tunic
Black Tuxedo Pants
Seer's Boots
Solid Iron Maul
Blood Rage Bracers <-- was pure coincidence that the bracers I am currently wearing are bronze and quite styled to fit this look!

Total outfit cost: 2176g (ouch!) Blame the monocle.

Overall I'm quite pleased with the look, I would have probably changed my weapon to using a gun or some sort, if I could actually wield them to begin with, but nevermind! Its not typically what I had planned for this 'Punk' post, but it all fits together nicely.

The next theme is 'Geek'


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