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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Minfernal is finally mine!

Can't actually believe I'm typing this post, at long last!

Hey guys,

I've been online most of the day, probably from around 1:30pm till 00:35am (UK Time) and its finally happened, I've  been able to add the Minfernal pet to my list! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D! and the best part is, the only spawn that was there was mine, no-one tried to gank me, (which has been happening alot today...), no-one else farming, literally just me and him. The bonus part is that it was a RARE, SAY WHAT! So I get to keep my flawless magic pet stone for now.. not sure who to use it on.

Co-ords approx 41,44 SouthEastern part of Shattered Vale

I think my breakthrough for getting it was changing tactics on my 'rage random killing' which involved both the infernals and fire elementals around the Shattered Vale, and also the rat critters I found. I have been doing this for AGES thinking that was the way forward, my theory was kill the stuff to make new stuff appear. Naturally I got 1-2 catchable rats every hour or so, but I accidently killed one of them, making me think, what if I killed the catchable pet spawns in the zone? Surely that is the way to get a catchable pet, you wipe out the rest to make new ones spawn, and I'm now sitting here able to talk about my new pet...coincidence? Try it yourself and pleaseeee let me know, I'm going to try for the Scourged Whelp using this 'theory' (more like grasping at straws to keep me entertained while farming... :D)

The feeling of getting some rare in game is always so frantic and a completely insane heart pounding moment, definately in this case, hope to update with another whelp related post soon, but I am more than happy with my Minfernal for now, can't wait to level him!

So with the new addition, current pet total is 498!

Off to Icecrown to stalk some dragons...gonna be a late one!


Saturday, 29 December 2012

What to do when the servers say no

Hey all,

Well since the EU servers have been down for a good while now, I have taken the opportunity to go through some wow blog sites and add to my blog roll!

A shout out to the new arrivals to the roll:

The Crimson Hammer
The WoW Debutante
Touch of Death
A Work in Progress
Warrior Wez
Praka Goes Panda
Harpy's Nest

I hope I've 'followed' everyones blogs correctly and hope to see many more posts from my blog rollers :D#

I also joined twitter, finally! Click the follow button to well.. follow me! :D


A new addition and upgrades!

Hey hey!

Hope everyone had a great christmas! I had a lovely time and as with everyone, way too much to eat and drink! Back to WoW business now...

As always I have my alts planted at certain areas/spawn points for the rarer pets, and today I finally logged in to see a sandstorm in Tanaris! You would think being a desert that there would be sandstorms constantly, but I've had my warrior, Severity, planted there for perhaps 1-2weeks without hitting one storm. Anyhoo, all the waiting paid off, after approx 10-12 silithid hatchlings I came across a rare one, and upgraded my Sand Kitten and Striped Scorpid along the way. Some nice upgrades and nice to cross yet another pet off the list.

Severity will now to planted along my shaman, Kaiti, in Felwood, surely one of them will hit lucky? I periodically check for the whelp on my priest by using the Argent Tournament Tabard to teleport there, so thats the most important points covered. I'm hoping also to start grinding for the Alliance version of the Argent Squire on my Worgen, so I can also go and check out the whelp spawn points with her.

Tainted Rat why do you mock me?

It would be the perfect time to find either of these pets as I now also have an undead pet stone, so I can upgrade a Minfernal and a Scourged Whelp immediately!



Current Pet Total: 497

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hey all,

Well christmas is nearly here and my time on wow will be extremely limited, so my blog will be coming to a full stop over the festive period.

I know I have only been blogging a couple of months so still pretty new to the scene, I want to thank those who stop by my blog, makes me smile to see the page views increase each day, can't wait for the 1000 views mark!

 Hope everyone has a wonderful christmas and a very happy new year!


Sunday, 23 December 2012

What a pain in the...


Hello all,

Finally decided it was time to get my last race exclusive pet, the Shore Crawler. Sure its just a crab, and sure I'll never use it, but its a pet isn't it? Obviously thats a need for the collection. Without thinking, I make my random lvl 1 goblin, and ask friends to summon me to orgrimmar.. only to find I cant get summoned and that I must "Fulfill my duty to the Bilgewater Cartel" WHAT I have to actually level this thing?

11 levels and a bunch of pretty boring quests later, in my opinion, and I'm in orgrimmar buying my pet. I wouldn't have minded so much if there was quicker transportation whilst questing at such a low level, I forgot how incredibly slow it is to move around, even with the goblin jump racial. I am just pleased that its over. The crab pet is 1 per account, even if you trade or sell the pet, so be warned! No wonder I've never seen any for sale!


Friday, 21 December 2012

This s#!@ is....

Bananas! B.A.N.A.N.A.S - Literally!

I know I have just posted about my Pet-tastic day, but it just got better <3 I was browsing on for any interesting EU trading going down, and I spy a post "WTT Bananas" I check the replies and to be honest, for a pet as rare as Bananas, the offers were appauling. You can only get this little one via a trading card which was from one of the first sets of cards, and it goes for a hefty price on ebay. Anyway I add the player and I offered x2 Pandaren spirits, an Aqua Strider, Grinder, Eye of the Legion and Puffer the fish and they accepted! I am over the moon! Christmas has come early indeed.

Current pet total: 493!


What a pet-tastic day!

Evening all!

Lumpy - Pebbles' dad!

 Well.. I'm pretty pleased with myself, I got the last christmas event pet I needed, Lumpy! He's usually alot smaller than in the picture, was so excited I used some pet items on him! Also got another clockwork rocket bot in the same bag, so if anyone's needing one, message me!

I also finished my Raiding with Leashes achievement! Waahhhooooooo! Since raiding naxx in wotlk I have always wanted my own Mr. Bigglesworth and that day has finally arrived. Immediately tried to rename it to Mrs. Bigglesworth but unfortunately not possible :( Any suggestions for names anyone? Going to have a good long think about it. I will definately continue my old raid runs, firstly to get some spares of the pets for future trading/if friends need, but also its quite a good little money run for a few hours work.

Look at the teeny tiny paw prints in the snow! /squeal

So with my pet count at 492, whats my next goal? Not sure to be honest, I still have alts planted at various spawn points and no luck as of yet for my Scourged Whelp and Minfernal. Still doing the Pandaren Air Spirit Trainer daily as thats my last for that set, still no sign of the Imperial Moth from my tailoring daily, no sandstorms in Tanaris. Literally these are luck of the draw, right place right time pets. One day...keep watching for posts.

In the meantime I shall be herbing, coincidently in Felwood, coincidently near some infernal npcs, no idea why..


Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Clockwork Rocket Robot!

Sing that title to the "Go Go Power Rangersssss" tune and it works!

Hey peeps!

Well you may have a hint of what this post will start with, the fact I got the Clockwork Rocket Bot from the Winter Veil daily! Hurray! Got it whilst doing the daily on my Worgen DK. It's not a struggle at all the get the quest done whilst on her server, but reverting back to Vashj for my other three characters, pretty much have to beg guildies to come and help, for some reason theres never any crossrealmers there, usually hoping that someone has just killed him and I can ninja swoop in and get my quest completed. Oh well, one down, one to go...gimme!

I was surprised to see you can cage the robot, I know you can cage Lumpy, but the robot has a feat of strength attatched once you learn him. Sadly he is also uncommon quality, so need a mechanical pet family stone for him asap.

Also grabbed the Anodized Robo Cub from Everlook in Winterspring, uncommon quality, but that will do for me. I like the new models for these mechanical animals, the Fluxfire Feline has to be my favourite closely followed by the Cogblade Raptor, who still hides from me, hoping to get that little baby soon.


Monday, 17 December 2012

Happy Fun Stones?

Not the exact Happy Fun Rock, but they make me happy.. Flawless Pet Battle Stones!

Hey all,

Whilst doing my circuit of pet battling dailies in Pandaria, I received a second Flawless Magic Pet Battle Stone from Wastewalker Shu in the Dread  Wastes, the same trainer I had got my previous magic stone from. It got me thinking if certain trainers have higher % chances of giving certain pet family stones from the bags you get from the dailies, or if its just a random coincidence that it was the same trainer who gave me the same stone. Probably the second option, but I'm going to test the theory out regardless, many pet battles to come!

The first stone I used on my Enchanted Broom, mainly because I have leveled it previous to getting the stone, but also I will never be able to farm a rare version of it, so made sense really. My second I am definately keeping for that special day when the Minfernal will be mine! That means, I can instantly upgrade him to be rare and not have to sit and hope for a rare to come along, so its win win all round. It also means that more people will be able to capture them, without me being greedy checking them all for the quality, I say all, haven't even seen one yet! /cry

Off to pet battle some more, will hopefully have some luck with more stones!


Sunday, 16 December 2012

Little Booky Wook!

Woohoo! Thought this deserved its own post for sure!

Hey all,

Libram found at 2:01pm server time at approx 34,33 co-ords.
Well as I was re-planting my alts to the rare pet spawn locations, my lady orc was very very lucky indeed! Her spawn point is with the Lofty Librams in Hillsbrad at the Dalaran Crater and at first, the usual green paw marks came up and of course they were rats. I sighed and thought I may aswell clear those out to hopefully spawn the librams. As I was clicking to forfeit the match with the rat, in the background I saw a little purple object flapping around, my libram! It's an amazing feeling to get one of the rarer pets, I'm so happy! I did do the worst thing someone can do when it comes to rare pets and I did battle all 3 librams I found, please note I did fly around a couple of times looking for others who may have been waiting for them, so I did check! I know my location on the crater is in the centre, that is just for the picture. I actually found my librams by following the purple/pink circle, and they were located near to the houses around the crater.

"A wild Lofty Libram appears!"

My best quality of uncommon, so was extra pleased with that. I additionally have a common and a poor quality one in my journal, I'm thinking that if they ever decided to make the capturable pets trade-able, then I can give to my friends if they have had no luck with it by then.

I thought I might be on a lucky streak, so I checked also on my lady orc for to see if I could upgrade my Emerald Proto Whelp and to also look for the elusive Scourged Whelp, only to find lots of farmers/campers, as normal. Her new spawn point will be tanaris to wait for a sandstorm.

On a side note, I also got another Pandaren Water Spirit pet from my daily bag, which is great for potential trades!

With the addition of my lovely libram, my current pet total is 483. Happy hunting!


Thursday, 13 December 2012


I'm officially in the Brawler's Guild!

Hey all!

Well yesterday I finally decided bid on a Blood Soaked Invitation from the Black Market Auction House, for the sum of 1100g and won it! I've been bidding for a few days now and always seemed to be outbid, no idea how on my very low populated server..

Anyway, having read very little about the place (only that there is a pet to be had!), I just thought I would wing it and check it out without reading exactly what to do with regards to ranks and achievements. It's nice to see a new tab under the World Events section in achievements for the Brawlers Guild, and they award a nice amount of points too, not these 5 pointer achievements like the pet battling ones. So you enter and are greeted immediately with the Brawler's Guild quartermaster and he sells potions to help you out in the actual arena battles with various stats to suit whichever class you are. He also sells the pet, Clock'em, which you buy for 30 silver and have to be Rank 4 with the Brawler's Guild. Off to get rank 4 then!

On the opposite side of the room, I saw maybes 4-5 players standing around some npcs. Some of the npcs you can interact with and you speak to those to join the queue to enter the arena against the NPC type bosses, when you are rank 1 they are similar in health to one of the MoP rare spawns, and they increase in health the higher rank you go.

There are other NPCs, Brawler Enthusiasts which are friendly most of the time, and these are used for one of the achievements, Bottle Service, and to do this you need to purchase some bottles called Expired Blackout Brew and use one on the Brawler Enthusiast, once it has enraged and becomes hostile. Pretty easy to do once the NPC is enraged, its just the RNG of waiting for it to happen.

The same vendor who sells the brew also sells rotten fruit, which again is used for an achievement, Haters Gonna Hate, where you need to deliver a killing blow to one of the arena bosses whilst having 10 stacks of the debuff, You Stink!, and you get this after someone throws some rotten fruit at you. Each piece of fruit gives one debuff, and there is a small cooldown after the use of each type of fruit, so can't be spammed, but is fairly simple to get up to 10 debuff stacks. I had a another player help me get this whilst facing King Kulaka, who is the last boss in the Rank 2 stage of the battles, I took this advice from a post on wowhead due to the fights I had been doing had all required me to move around constantly, and this is the earliest one in the rankings to be able to just tank and spank in one spot, therefore another player can throw the fruit at you.

These two achievements pretty much explain themselves, free 30 points basically!

I could go through the bosses I have defeated so far by name and what moves they tend to do, but to be honest thats half of the fun of finding out what you'll be up against! So no spoilers on that I'm afraid! I am currently Rank 4, but there is an achievement to hit Rank 7, but I have personally hit a brick wall with the current boss, as you are timed and unfortunately my disc spells are not strong or fast enough to kill him in that alloted time and a horrible firey death is what I get for trying, literally! Will have to possibly go shadow.. really will have to be desperate to do that though! ;D


Current pet total:

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Scourged Whelp and Minfernal are only the beginning...

of my problems!

Hey all,

A bit frustrated today, as I had a couple of new pets on my 'hit list' to capture, only to find that they are getting farmed/camped as much as the Scourged Whelp and Minfernal! Honestly thought these two would be my last to get, but it seems the Emerald Proto Whelp from Sholazar and the Lofty  Libram from Hillsbrad can be added to my 'annoying pets to capture' list. Already on this list is the Robo Raptor from Blades Edge Mountains, Irradiated Roach from just outside Gnomeregan and the Robo Bear from Everlook, there is always at least 3 people there flying/hovering/sneaking waiting for spawns. Almost as grumpy as grumpy cat.

On the plus side, Mondays raid was rather fruitful as I got another weapon upgrade, Kri'tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm from Empress Shek'zeer! Not only is the weapon amazing in stats and I could use my sha touched gem, my shadowfiend is now a Sha!

Pretty cool :)


Current pet total: 472

EDIT! 18:41pm:  Log back onto my priest to attend wednesdays raid, and would you believe it, an Emerald Proto Drake whelp! Only one aswell! Sadly not rare, but uncommon, would have caught it regardless of quality <3 Good times!

Monday, 10 December 2012

Back to life...

back to reality! I'm noticing a trend in my posts beginning with song lyrics, good times!


It's been nearly a week since I posted! To be fair I have been away for the weekend, it was my birthday on Friday so I earned a few days rest, and rest meaning hectic and busy in London! Had a fab time <3

Anyhoooooo whats new?

The darkmoon faire has gone, and they took my Darkmoon Eye pet with them! Will have to hope for it next month. I did manage to catch a crow pet though! Sure its of poor quality but the fact I have it is a miracle, I only saw this one as a secondary pet once since the hot fix, really not very common, at least for me.

Earlier last week I posted the shared topic from BlogAzeroth, and 2 of my wishes have come true already! Firstly I own a Cinder Kitten - bought her on Friday as a birthday treat for myself, and she is worth every penny, so adorable. Definately will level her to 25 as soon as I finish leveling my current three. I also have a new main hand weapon, woohoo no more blues! It is the elite version of the Dagger weapon from the Protectors in Terrace of Endless Spring, was rather pleased to finally get my Mystically Epic achievement!

2/3 wishes aint bad at all! ;)


Current pet total: 470

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: What do you want for Winter Veil?

Hey all!

Whilst browsing, I noticed there was a new shared topic! My second to participate in /woop!

What do you want for Winter Veil? Where do I start!

  1. Cinder Kitten pet - Just been released onto the Blizz Store, this little cutey is a must! 
  2. Robot and Lumpy Pets - I have missed out on getting Lumpy and the Clockwork robot from previous Winter Veil world events, so I'm really hoping that they come to me this year, I have been a good girl! Honest!
  3. A new main hand weapon - Preferably the lovely mace from Heart of Fear which drops from the Empress. It's too good! I have my gem ready to go in it also, and apparently your shadowfiend turns into a sha when you have this mace, errr need!!!!?!! Sounds brilliant!
To be honest I could list each pet I don't currently have, but if I did manage to achieve one of these, I would be a very happy person :)

Winter Veil starts on Saturday December 15th and runs till January 2nd, can't wait! One of my favourite times of year, in game and out!


Current pet total: 468!

Monday, 3 December 2012

The Darkmoon Faire is in town!

Hey all,

It's the first week of the month and we all know what that means... we welcome to Darkmoon Faire back to Azeroth, and there are some new goodies to be had!

Firstly a new pet trainer, who uses a Darkmoon Tonk and a Darkmoon Monkey and the added new pet, the Darkmoon Eye. Very similar to the Eye of the Legion pet, with it being a floating eye, but it has the appearance of the moving eye on the gateway into the Darkmoon Faire. Sadly the only way to get this is to beat the trainer and pray that it is contained in the bag which you get for defeating him. I like the fact there is a new trainer, its a shame you can't just buy the eye via 90 tickets like the others, but I suppose this way makes it even more special and rare for those lucky people who get it. I have to make sure I do this everyday, only 7 chances afterall until next month.

Another new pet to come to the faire is the Darkmoon Hatchling, which is a pet version of the purple and green strider mount that you can buy for 180 tickets. Very cute indeed and is available to buy for 90 darkmoon prize tickets. I don't have the mount myself, but this screenshot was taken using the strider mounts that are available to use when on the island, when you teleport into the faire, a new gnome npc offers to let you ride one. Definately have to get my own now!

There are two new wild pets to capture on the island, the Darkmoon Glowfly and Crow. Unfortunately there have been reports that the Crow pet is bugged at the moment, and I experienced it first hand when trying to get one of my own. I went to battle a glowfly, to discover the crow as the secondary pet. By this time I had already captured an uncommon glowfly and couldn't find any crows on the island, so was thrilled, only to discover my trap would not work and I would get the message 'Pet cannot be captured'. Others have experienced this bug/problem, and I do hope it gets fixed soon!

Last but by no means least, a new ride has arrived, the merry go round! You buy your ticket book from the panda on the gate and your in. Sure you may think not to bother, your only going around in circles and you don't actually gain anything... but you do! The longer you sit on, the more time you gain on a lovely buff with increases experience AND rep gained by 10%! Don't mind if I do! The things you can sit on are a murloc (which I chose), wyvern, gryphon, nether rocket x2 and a cloud serpent. They are all cute little wooden looking versions, the cloud serpent one even has a moving tail! Well worth a look.

Current pet total: 464