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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Little Booky Wook!

Woohoo! Thought this deserved its own post for sure!

Hey all,

Libram found at 2:01pm server time at approx 34,33 co-ords.
Well as I was re-planting my alts to the rare pet spawn locations, my lady orc was very very lucky indeed! Her spawn point is with the Lofty Librams in Hillsbrad at the Dalaran Crater and at first, the usual green paw marks came up and of course they were rats. I sighed and thought I may aswell clear those out to hopefully spawn the librams. As I was clicking to forfeit the match with the rat, in the background I saw a little purple object flapping around, my libram! It's an amazing feeling to get one of the rarer pets, I'm so happy! I did do the worst thing someone can do when it comes to rare pets and I did battle all 3 librams I found, please note I did fly around a couple of times looking for others who may have been waiting for them, so I did check! I know my location on the crater is in the centre, that is just for the picture. I actually found my librams by following the purple/pink circle, and they were located near to the houses around the crater.

"A wild Lofty Libram appears!"

My best quality of uncommon, so was extra pleased with that. I additionally have a common and a poor quality one in my journal, I'm thinking that if they ever decided to make the capturable pets trade-able, then I can give to my friends if they have had no luck with it by then.

I thought I might be on a lucky streak, so I checked also on my lady orc for to see if I could upgrade my Emerald Proto Whelp and to also look for the elusive Scourged Whelp, only to find lots of farmers/campers, as normal. Her new spawn point will be tanaris to wait for a sandstorm.

On a side note, I also got another Pandaren Water Spirit pet from my daily bag, which is great for potential trades!

With the addition of my lovely libram, my current pet total is 483. Happy hunting!


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