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Monday, 10 December 2012

Back to life...

back to reality! I'm noticing a trend in my posts beginning with song lyrics, good times!


It's been nearly a week since I posted! To be fair I have been away for the weekend, it was my birthday on Friday so I earned a few days rest, and rest meaning hectic and busy in London! Had a fab time <3

Anyhoooooo whats new?

The darkmoon faire has gone, and they took my Darkmoon Eye pet with them! Will have to hope for it next month. I did manage to catch a crow pet though! Sure its of poor quality but the fact I have it is a miracle, I only saw this one as a secondary pet once since the hot fix, really not very common, at least for me.

Earlier last week I posted the shared topic from BlogAzeroth, and 2 of my wishes have come true already! Firstly I own a Cinder Kitten - bought her on Friday as a birthday treat for myself, and she is worth every penny, so adorable. Definately will level her to 25 as soon as I finish leveling my current three. I also have a new main hand weapon, woohoo no more blues! It is the elite version of the Dagger weapon from the Protectors in Terrace of Endless Spring, was rather pleased to finally get my Mystically Epic achievement!

2/3 wishes aint bad at all! ;)


Current pet total: 470

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