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Saturday, 29 December 2012

What to do when the servers say no

Hey all,

Well since the EU servers have been down for a good while now, I have taken the opportunity to go through some wow blog sites and add to my blog roll!

A shout out to the new arrivals to the roll:

The Crimson Hammer
The WoW Debutante
Touch of Death
A Work in Progress
Warrior Wez
Praka Goes Panda
Harpy's Nest

I hope I've 'followed' everyones blogs correctly and hope to see many more posts from my blog rollers :D#

I also joined twitter, finally! Click the follow button to well.. follow me! :D



  1. Thanks for the shout out and follow! This downtime is proving to be a right pain... but pretty good for getting up to date with stuff. :P

  2. It's np :) Yeah this 'problem' they are having helps us sort out our blogs at least! Do want to take more screenies though :( Hurry up already and fix it Blizz :(

  3. Thanks for following my blog and the shoutout! I've added you to my blogroll too. =)