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Monday, 17 December 2012

Happy Fun Stones?

Not the exact Happy Fun Rock, but they make me happy.. Flawless Pet Battle Stones!

Hey all,

Whilst doing my circuit of pet battling dailies in Pandaria, I received a second Flawless Magic Pet Battle Stone from Wastewalker Shu in the Dread  Wastes, the same trainer I had got my previous magic stone from. It got me thinking if certain trainers have higher % chances of giving certain pet family stones from the bags you get from the dailies, or if its just a random coincidence that it was the same trainer who gave me the same stone. Probably the second option, but I'm going to test the theory out regardless, many pet battles to come!

The first stone I used on my Enchanted Broom, mainly because I have leveled it previous to getting the stone, but also I will never be able to farm a rare version of it, so made sense really. My second I am definately keeping for that special day when the Minfernal will be mine! That means, I can instantly upgrade him to be rare and not have to sit and hope for a rare to come along, so its win win all round. It also means that more people will be able to capture them, without me being greedy checking them all for the quality, I say all, haven't even seen one yet! /cry

Off to pet battle some more, will hopefully have some luck with more stones!


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