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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Clockwork Rocket Robot!

Sing that title to the "Go Go Power Rangersssss" tune and it works!

Hey peeps!

Well you may have a hint of what this post will start with, the fact I got the Clockwork Rocket Bot from the Winter Veil daily! Hurray! Got it whilst doing the daily on my Worgen DK. It's not a struggle at all the get the quest done whilst on her server, but reverting back to Vashj for my other three characters, pretty much have to beg guildies to come and help, for some reason theres never any crossrealmers there, usually hoping that someone has just killed him and I can ninja swoop in and get my quest completed. Oh well, one down, one to go...gimme!

I was surprised to see you can cage the robot, I know you can cage Lumpy, but the robot has a feat of strength attatched once you learn him. Sadly he is also uncommon quality, so need a mechanical pet family stone for him asap.

Also grabbed the Anodized Robo Cub from Everlook in Winterspring, uncommon quality, but that will do for me. I like the new models for these mechanical animals, the Fluxfire Feline has to be my favourite closely followed by the Cogblade Raptor, who still hides from me, hoping to get that little baby soon.



  1. ooh I really like his single green eye! Gratz on your latest captures. I'm still looking for the Anodized Bear Cub. I was at work last night and missed the server restart, my boyfriend didn't... he got the scourged whelping :'(

  2. Yeah this ones really cute! So pleased to have got, need lumpy and I'm set for xmas! Oh wow /superjealous of the whelp, but gz to him! :D

    1. Finally got a scourged whelpling of my own, yayyy! I got mine late night / early morning and not after a reset (I've just blogged about it if you want further details). Good luck finding one!!