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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Scourged Whelp and Minfernal are only the beginning...

of my problems!

Hey all,

A bit frustrated today, as I had a couple of new pets on my 'hit list' to capture, only to find that they are getting farmed/camped as much as the Scourged Whelp and Minfernal! Honestly thought these two would be my last to get, but it seems the Emerald Proto Whelp from Sholazar and the Lofty  Libram from Hillsbrad can be added to my 'annoying pets to capture' list. Already on this list is the Robo Raptor from Blades Edge Mountains, Irradiated Roach from just outside Gnomeregan and the Robo Bear from Everlook, there is always at least 3 people there flying/hovering/sneaking waiting for spawns. Almost as grumpy as grumpy cat.

On the plus side, Mondays raid was rather fruitful as I got another weapon upgrade, Kri'tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm from Empress Shek'zeer! Not only is the weapon amazing in stats and I could use my sha touched gem, my shadowfiend is now a Sha!

Pretty cool :)


Current pet total: 472

EDIT! 18:41pm:  Log back onto my priest to attend wednesdays raid, and would you believe it, an Emerald Proto Drake whelp! Only one aswell! Sadly not rare, but uncommon, would have caught it regardless of quality <3 Good times!

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