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Monday, 3 December 2012

The Darkmoon Faire is in town!

Hey all,

It's the first week of the month and we all know what that means... we welcome to Darkmoon Faire back to Azeroth, and there are some new goodies to be had!

Firstly a new pet trainer, who uses a Darkmoon Tonk and a Darkmoon Monkey and the added new pet, the Darkmoon Eye. Very similar to the Eye of the Legion pet, with it being a floating eye, but it has the appearance of the moving eye on the gateway into the Darkmoon Faire. Sadly the only way to get this is to beat the trainer and pray that it is contained in the bag which you get for defeating him. I like the fact there is a new trainer, its a shame you can't just buy the eye via 90 tickets like the others, but I suppose this way makes it even more special and rare for those lucky people who get it. I have to make sure I do this everyday, only 7 chances afterall until next month.

Another new pet to come to the faire is the Darkmoon Hatchling, which is a pet version of the purple and green strider mount that you can buy for 180 tickets. Very cute indeed and is available to buy for 90 darkmoon prize tickets. I don't have the mount myself, but this screenshot was taken using the strider mounts that are available to use when on the island, when you teleport into the faire, a new gnome npc offers to let you ride one. Definately have to get my own now!

There are two new wild pets to capture on the island, the Darkmoon Glowfly and Crow. Unfortunately there have been reports that the Crow pet is bugged at the moment, and I experienced it first hand when trying to get one of my own. I went to battle a glowfly, to discover the crow as the secondary pet. By this time I had already captured an uncommon glowfly and couldn't find any crows on the island, so was thrilled, only to discover my trap would not work and I would get the message 'Pet cannot be captured'. Others have experienced this bug/problem, and I do hope it gets fixed soon!

Last but by no means least, a new ride has arrived, the merry go round! You buy your ticket book from the panda on the gate and your in. Sure you may think not to bother, your only going around in circles and you don't actually gain anything... but you do! The longer you sit on, the more time you gain on a lovely buff with increases experience AND rep gained by 10%! Don't mind if I do! The things you can sit on are a murloc (which I chose), wyvern, gryphon, nether rocket x2 and a cloud serpent. They are all cute little wooden looking versions, the cloud serpent one even has a moving tail! Well worth a look.

Current pet total: 464

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