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Saturday, 29 December 2012

A new addition and upgrades!

Hey hey!

Hope everyone had a great christmas! I had a lovely time and as with everyone, way too much to eat and drink! Back to WoW business now...

As always I have my alts planted at certain areas/spawn points for the rarer pets, and today I finally logged in to see a sandstorm in Tanaris! You would think being a desert that there would be sandstorms constantly, but I've had my warrior, Severity, planted there for perhaps 1-2weeks without hitting one storm. Anyhoo, all the waiting paid off, after approx 10-12 silithid hatchlings I came across a rare one, and upgraded my Sand Kitten and Striped Scorpid along the way. Some nice upgrades and nice to cross yet another pet off the list.

Severity will now to planted along my shaman, Kaiti, in Felwood, surely one of them will hit lucky? I periodically check for the whelp on my priest by using the Argent Tournament Tabard to teleport there, so thats the most important points covered. I'm hoping also to start grinding for the Alliance version of the Argent Squire on my Worgen, so I can also go and check out the whelp spawn points with her.

Tainted Rat why do you mock me?

It would be the perfect time to find either of these pets as I now also have an undead pet stone, so I can upgrade a Minfernal and a Scourged Whelp immediately!



Current Pet Total: 497

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