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Friday, 21 December 2012

What a pet-tastic day!

Evening all!

Lumpy - Pebbles' dad!

 Well.. I'm pretty pleased with myself, I got the last christmas event pet I needed, Lumpy! He's usually alot smaller than in the picture, was so excited I used some pet items on him! Also got another clockwork rocket bot in the same bag, so if anyone's needing one, message me!

I also finished my Raiding with Leashes achievement! Waahhhooooooo! Since raiding naxx in wotlk I have always wanted my own Mr. Bigglesworth and that day has finally arrived. Immediately tried to rename it to Mrs. Bigglesworth but unfortunately not possible :( Any suggestions for names anyone? Going to have a good long think about it. I will definately continue my old raid runs, firstly to get some spares of the pets for future trading/if friends need, but also its quite a good little money run for a few hours work.

Look at the teeny tiny paw prints in the snow! /squeal

So with my pet count at 492, whats my next goal? Not sure to be honest, I still have alts planted at various spawn points and no luck as of yet for my Scourged Whelp and Minfernal. Still doing the Pandaren Air Spirit Trainer daily as thats my last for that set, still no sign of the Imperial Moth from my tailoring daily, no sandstorms in Tanaris. Literally these are luck of the draw, right place right time pets. One day...keep watching for posts.

In the meantime I shall be herbing, coincidently in Felwood, coincidently near some infernal npcs, no idea why..


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