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Sunday, 23 December 2012

What a pain in the...


Hello all,

Finally decided it was time to get my last race exclusive pet, the Shore Crawler. Sure its just a crab, and sure I'll never use it, but its a pet isn't it? Obviously thats a need for the collection. Without thinking, I make my random lvl 1 goblin, and ask friends to summon me to orgrimmar.. only to find I cant get summoned and that I must "Fulfill my duty to the Bilgewater Cartel" WHAT I have to actually level this thing?

11 levels and a bunch of pretty boring quests later, in my opinion, and I'm in orgrimmar buying my pet. I wouldn't have minded so much if there was quicker transportation whilst questing at such a low level, I forgot how incredibly slow it is to move around, even with the goblin jump racial. I am just pleased that its over. The crab pet is 1 per account, even if you trade or sell the pet, so be warned! No wonder I've never seen any for sale!



  1. Forced content is definitely the worst content. I'm not sure how you managed to keep at it - I rarely make it out of the goblin/worgen starting zones, even if I want to level the character as a serious alt, nevermind as nowt more than a pet provider!

  2. Indeed! It was horrendous lol the beyonce dance kept me going I think!