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Thursday, 30 May 2013

My Top 10 Pets (totally stolen post idea!)

Hey everyone,

I have been reading through some of the lovely blogs on my roll the past few days and noticed Kam from Kamalia et alia and Jojo from Admiring Azeroth had both posted lists of their top 10 pets, so I wanted to join in!

My list includes the following pets, for many various reasons, whether it be a great battler or that its just so cute!

Probably one of the best quests in Cataclysm was when we first met Pebble, and his adventurous ways which kept getting him into trouble!

Loved it when Blizzard introduced the aquatic pets in bubbles, one of the first ones being the Sea Pony  which can be fished up along the shores of the Darkmoon Island.

The newest and cutest baby dinos in town! There are currently three of these little babies to get, I only have the Direhorn runt which is obtainable from Dinos on the Isle of Giants. You can also get the Pygmy Direhorn which drops from Horridon and also the Stunted Direhorn which is the reward for winning 250 pet battles with a lvl 25 team.

Whilst looking through my journal for this post, I re-discovered my love for the Armadillo Pup! He is the guild reward for completing the achievement to kill 50,000 critters as a guild and also having you guild rep up to exalted. He's only 300g aswell!

Zandalari Raptors

The 4 Zandalari Raptors are such an amazing model, I love how teeny tiny their bodies are versus their massive chunky head! Perfect for headbutting. They also have a very sick pet battling move, Black Claw which adds extra damage onto your opponent for each attack you do to them. The Zandalari Toenibbler in particular is quite a beast. If you apply Black Claw, then use either Leap or Primal Cry to increase your speed, chances are you will be faster than the enemy pet and gain that additional extra strike when Flank is used. K.O!

So its technically 2 pets for this next one, but I couldn't seperate them! Look how in love they are, you know with the Bombay Cat running as fast away as it can and all... This interaction is reference to Pepe' Le Pew and his infatuation with cats.

The picture doesn't do it justice, but I love the black dust/sparkles that come off of this pet, and always admired the dragons in the dungeon, Old Hillsbrad. Was there ever a mount like this? and if not, WHY NOT!? Will investigate this.

 My lovely Spectral Cub/Kitten <3 Just utterly adore this pet. Enough said :D!

Mini Thor was one of the first I leveled to 25, and he is usually in my A team for pet battles, with the exception of a few daily trainers. Love his animations too, which include blasting randomly and flying around in a spiral.

Look at those ears and little nose! Adorable <3


(Thanks to Wowhead and WarcraftPets for the links!)

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Worgens VS Helmets Part 4: Cloth Edition

The final part to Worgens VS Helmets, this time looking at which cloth hats make you smile and those which make you cringe.

The Good

Tucks underneath the hair, isn't stretched up like some helmets, nice fit!

First Mate Hat
Everyone loves a pirate hat right?

Hood of Focused Energy
Love how big this one looks, and comes down to the shoulders too.

Horns of Justified Sins

Horns = Good!

Demonfang Ritual Helm

More horns = more good!

The Bad

Cowl of the Illidari High Lord

This is a bad fit, wierd colour choice and just not so hot on a wolf.

Xaril's Hood of Intoxicating Vapors
I love the looks of this on most other races, but its stretched and way out of shape on a wolf.
Again, loved this on other races, the eyes are extremely stretched out and the hair at the back cuts in very close to the front of the hood.

Cowl of Icy Breaths
 I personally don't like this helm on any race, but it looks even worse on a wolf.

Cowl of Malefic Repose

Side view

This design of helmet was a firm favourite of mine back in ICC, and from the front looks fine, that's why I have included a side view, look at the chin on it! EEK

Firewool Cowl

Way too stretched and sticks out where the nose/muzzle is.

These are just my personal hates/likes, have you seen anything that has made you do a double take? Not just on worgens, but any race would be good to compare, for both good or bad reasons, and if so please do share them with me via leaving a comment or tweeting me at @KaitzWoW


Unborn Valkyr? Check!

I managed to find an Unborn Valkyr! Woohoo!

What an amazing looking pet, was so excited to try and get one of these as soon as I could and I lucked out when flying through Storm Peaks! I found her at the co-ords 29,50 where my marker is on the map below:

Unfortunately the quality of the pet was poor, but nothing that a pet stone can't fix! Really just so happy to have one, another to check off the list. The spawn conditions are still unknown for this pet, I'm very very intrigued to hear later down the line what they thought of which was so unique with this pet!

Only time will tell ;)


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Woohoo 5.3 is here!

Hey everyone!

Apologies for the lack of posts, I have been very busy with work and was also away this last weekend for a hen party, so this 5.3 week has all been rolled into 2 days when I was able to play and considering the lack of play time, I think I've done quite a bit!

5.3 has brought many new features, including the continuing quest/event with Vol'jin, heroic scenarios, and of course new pets. Naturally I went with option three as a start ;>

One of the first things I do when a patch hits is check out my achievement window, and see whats been added in the General, Professions and Pet Battle tabs. The two that stuck out for me were The Longest Day and Raiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition and I just have to complete them as soon as possible. I had already read about raiding with leashes and going from the last one, had a fair idea what was in store for me. However, I hadn't read about The Longest Day, and it's literally what it says in the title! A VERY long day indeed. Basically you have to defeat every pet trainer/master in one day, which may sound fine, but the travelling between them is so tedious and long, I had done 50% of them and seriously considering bottling it.

Included under the trainer/master category are the Legendary/Elite pets, which have all received a 50% damage reduction buff since the last time I was battling them, I am assuming this is an addition with 5.3. Thankfully there is a plus side as the daily quest which involved all elite pets has been split into 3 different ones, so now theres 3 bags up from 1 for completing, which gives alot more incentive to actually do them. My personal hates with the debuff have to be Nitun the raccoon/bandicoon from Jade Forest and Ti'un the Wanderer the turtle from Townlong Steppes. The buff Nitun puts on himself for the damage increase is insane and is pretty much a one shot and Ti'un already has the 50% damage reduction but then also just puts up his shield aswell to decrease damage even further. So a note to those battling them, definately make sure you have a pet which ressurects for when Nitun strikes with that massive attack, I used Lil KT and Mini Thor in that fight, so undeads and mechanicals would be my suggestion. For Ti'un I stacked flying type pets.

After all the travelling, I finally reached my final battle in Uldum and got my achievement - Yay!

The reward for this achievement is a Marked Flawless Battle Stone to upgrade any pet to rare quality. I had a pet in mind to use it for and when I didn't see the 'You have received..' message in my chat box and also no mail, I began to wonder what was going on. I relogged and still no sign, so ticketed my issue. Turns out there is a problem with the achievement not rewarding the stone properly so was pretty gutted after spending all that time to not getmy reward. Hoping for a fix very soon! That achievement literally took the whole day, so my plans to go to Karazhan straight after were postponed till the next day.

There are a possible 4 pets from Karazhan so was hoping to add them to my collection asap. The opera event was the Wizard of Oz so no luck with Lil' Bad wolf, The Curator didn't drop the custodian and the Imp from Terestian didn't drop either. Only one pet left to try for, so I continued on and then I remembered the chess event. What a pain to solo! I was hopping back and forth between npcs, mainly moving the king out of fire when needed, and using the priests to damage and heal the king up when he was in trouble. Just over an hour later, I finally solo-ed chess and headed to Malchezaar with my last hope of getting a pet out of this run. I was desperately hoping for this one to drop so I could avoid the chess event for future Karazhan trips, and thankfully my prayers were answered and he dropped the pet, the Netherspace Abyssal!

Love this pet and it's a great way for those who haven't been lucky with the Minfernals to actually get a similar pet.

After Karazhan, I headed the Tempest Keep but no luck with any pets or the mount from there. Next week I will keep my paws and claws crossed for some luck in there.

Next stop will be Serpentshrine!


(Thanks to Wowhead and Warcraftpets for the links)

Sunday, 19 May 2013


It's great when you notice your blog view count is steadily going upward and I just HAD to mark the moment I saw that it had gained over 9000 views!

A massive thanks to those who keep returning to read <3


Thursday, 16 May 2013

Homeward Bound

Since my first Worgen character was a DeathKnight, I have completely missed out the Worgen starting zone, so whilst in the area for Archaeological purposes, I thought I would drop by Gilneas and see for myself where 'home' really is.

After a little flying around, and finding no NPCs I left, but with the intent to come back and try and complete the starting quests, firstly to completely finish them and see how the starting zone/quests look and to ultimatly get exalted with Gilneas.

The broken gate, the only way in and out of Gilneas
There are so many potential quest hubs
As you fly in, you are greeted by lots and lots of Forsaken forces moving in.

A shot of the town centre
Greymane Manor

I love the building designs, very gothic. Gives the place the eerie atmosphere to go with the history of being locked away from the world for so long. Sadly there were no NPCs to interact with, which I hope is to do with me not doing any prequests/start quests, but will have to look into that and see where the quests actually start. Need to clear some time to do this very soon!


Saturday, 11 May 2013

Worgens VS Helmets Part 3: Leather Edition

The third installment of Worgens VS Helmets and this time I focus on Leather users and what hat problems they could potentially face!

The Good

Flamecaster's Burning Crown
 Love the detailing on this one, the recoloured eyes and the cowl/collar looks to leather hats have always been a favourite of mine and they have done a fantastic job on this one.

Spirit Keeper Helm
Not the coolest, but I do like the proportions on a wolf, not too big, not too small and doesn't look too daft from the side.

Cowl of the Clicking Menace
Points awarded again for detailing and I LOVE the colour!

Bonescythe Helmet

Love this as it tucks under the hair and doesn't look ridiculous like some bandana shaped/type ones. Love love love <3

Crown of the Forest Lord
Horns? Check! Love this druid tier recolour <3

Cursed Vision of Sargeras
 Looks perfect on a wolf <3

Ragefury's Eyepatch
 Perfectly sits over the eye, and doesn't mess up your hair! :D

Guise of the Tidal Lurker
My ultimate favourite leather hat on a worgen! The fit is perfect, my hair blends at the back with the feathers, just love it, seriously considering levelling a Worgen Druid JUST to get this set. Amazing!

 The Bad

Cover of Ursol the Wise
This just makes me feel sad when I look at it.

Guise of the Midguard Serpent
When this one first came out with SSC, I remember people in my guild wanting it so badly, firstly the upgrade but secondly because it looked so bad they wanted to scare people, that tells you all you need to know.

Guise of the Devourer
 Just no.

Helm of the Majestic Stag
 It has horns and I do not approve! Can't put my finger on it but it just doesn't work for me.

 Another perfect example of a seriously over stretched helmet.
The Savager's Mask

Dreamwalker Headpiece
 Wayyyyyy too stretched..

Crown of Opportunistic Strikes
 This is by far the creepiest, nightmare inducing one, just.. WHAT is that!?

 These are just my personal hates/likes, have you seen anything that has made you do a double take? Not just on worgens, but any race would be good to compare, for both good or bad reasons, and if so please do share them with me via leaving a comment or tweeting me at @KaitzWoW