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Thursday, 30 May 2013

My Top 10 Pets (totally stolen post idea!)

Hey everyone,

I have been reading through some of the lovely blogs on my roll the past few days and noticed Kam from Kamalia et alia and Jojo from Admiring Azeroth had both posted lists of their top 10 pets, so I wanted to join in!

My list includes the following pets, for many various reasons, whether it be a great battler or that its just so cute!

Probably one of the best quests in Cataclysm was when we first met Pebble, and his adventurous ways which kept getting him into trouble!

Loved it when Blizzard introduced the aquatic pets in bubbles, one of the first ones being the Sea Pony  which can be fished up along the shores of the Darkmoon Island.

The newest and cutest baby dinos in town! There are currently three of these little babies to get, I only have the Direhorn runt which is obtainable from Dinos on the Isle of Giants. You can also get the Pygmy Direhorn which drops from Horridon and also the Stunted Direhorn which is the reward for winning 250 pet battles with a lvl 25 team.

Whilst looking through my journal for this post, I re-discovered my love for the Armadillo Pup! He is the guild reward for completing the achievement to kill 50,000 critters as a guild and also having you guild rep up to exalted. He's only 300g aswell!

Zandalari Raptors

The 4 Zandalari Raptors are such an amazing model, I love how teeny tiny their bodies are versus their massive chunky head! Perfect for headbutting. They also have a very sick pet battling move, Black Claw which adds extra damage onto your opponent for each attack you do to them. The Zandalari Toenibbler in particular is quite a beast. If you apply Black Claw, then use either Leap or Primal Cry to increase your speed, chances are you will be faster than the enemy pet and gain that additional extra strike when Flank is used. K.O!

So its technically 2 pets for this next one, but I couldn't seperate them! Look how in love they are, you know with the Bombay Cat running as fast away as it can and all... This interaction is reference to Pepe' Le Pew and his infatuation with cats.

The picture doesn't do it justice, but I love the black dust/sparkles that come off of this pet, and always admired the dragons in the dungeon, Old Hillsbrad. Was there ever a mount like this? and if not, WHY NOT!? Will investigate this.

 My lovely Spectral Cub/Kitten <3 Just utterly adore this pet. Enough said :D!

Mini Thor was one of the first I leveled to 25, and he is usually in my A team for pet battles, with the exception of a few daily trainers. Love his animations too, which include blasting randomly and flying around in a spiral.

Look at those ears and little nose! Adorable <3


(Thanks to Wowhead and WarcraftPets for the links!)

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