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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Pet Battles with Spectators, Cageable Carp and other pet madness!

Wow I have missed alot of news since I have been offline!

Whilst catching up on WoW 5.3 news, of course the focus points were any pet changes, upgrades, nerfs and new features. It might be old news to some of you reading, of which I apologise, but I will repeat it anyway! ;D

Pet Battles with Spectators

Not sure if this is a good or bad thing yet to be honest, I can see why they would introduce this but it may prove some problems too, especially on a PVP server, would those watching the battle become immune like the battling players? Need to find some more info out before I decide. Source MMO-Champ.

This video taken from MMO-Champion shows what it would look like from the spectators point of view.

Cageable Carp pets

I for one am a little relieved that the 5.2 four fishable carp pets will soon be cageable and up for trading/sale, as I haven't seen any of these little guys whilst fishing. I know the drop rate is low and for those who did get them whilst fishing will be pretty annoyed that their hard work is being downgraded, however for those like me who are finding it increasingly hard to find WoW time, I can still enjoy and collect pets like this which might otherwise take up hours of my time which I do not have to spare. I do sympathise with those who got them the fair and square way, but they will know they did so and hate the gratification that they got them 'before the nerf' so to speak. Source from Wowhead.

Still no sign of Pierre for 5.3

Sadly this news has been confirmed by Cory Stockton aka @mumper via twitter. When will he be available!!?? Only time will tell. The Skyclaw mount from Engineering is also not making an appearance. Source via MMO-Champ.

A mixture of feelings about this news, but quite sad to hear I will be even longer without my very own Pierre :<


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