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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Homeward Bound

Since my first Worgen character was a DeathKnight, I have completely missed out the Worgen starting zone, so whilst in the area for Archaeological purposes, I thought I would drop by Gilneas and see for myself where 'home' really is.

After a little flying around, and finding no NPCs I left, but with the intent to come back and try and complete the starting quests, firstly to completely finish them and see how the starting zone/quests look and to ultimatly get exalted with Gilneas.

The broken gate, the only way in and out of Gilneas
There are so many potential quest hubs
As you fly in, you are greeted by lots and lots of Forsaken forces moving in.

A shot of the town centre
Greymane Manor

I love the building designs, very gothic. Gives the place the eerie atmosphere to go with the history of being locked away from the world for so long. Sadly there were no NPCs to interact with, which I hope is to do with me not doing any prequests/start quests, but will have to look into that and see where the quests actually start. Need to clear some time to do this very soon!



  1. I've only done this zone once - perhaps I should roll a worgen just to reminisce!

  2. I managed to quest through the starting area some time ago and it's definitely worth the change in pace just to play through the architecture, meet the NPCs and learn why you 'change'.

  3. A while ago when I had no game time I leveled a worgen through the starting area and it was really fun. I keep thinking about doing it again, just a case of finding the time.

  4. You won't be able to do the quests on anything but a new worgen character - just like you won't be able to do the goblin starter quests on anything but a fresh goblin, or the pandaren starter quests on anything but a fresh pandaren.

    The in-game excuse is that what you see as a higher level character in Gilneas is what is left after the events of the start zone have played out - the worgen are no longer in Gilneas (can't explain it better than that without going into spoilers).

    The technical reason is that the worgen starter zone is actually not in the Gilneas you can visit, but a separate, inaccessible, area (like the goblin and pandaren starter parts).

    I can really recommend making a young worgen to experience it!

    1. Actually that does make a lot of sense, I think I will at some point make a worgen druid so I get to experience the start quests all the way through :)