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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Woohoo 5.3 is here!

Hey everyone!

Apologies for the lack of posts, I have been very busy with work and was also away this last weekend for a hen party, so this 5.3 week has all been rolled into 2 days when I was able to play and considering the lack of play time, I think I've done quite a bit!

5.3 has brought many new features, including the continuing quest/event with Vol'jin, heroic scenarios, and of course new pets. Naturally I went with option three as a start ;>

One of the first things I do when a patch hits is check out my achievement window, and see whats been added in the General, Professions and Pet Battle tabs. The two that stuck out for me were The Longest Day and Raiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition and I just have to complete them as soon as possible. I had already read about raiding with leashes and going from the last one, had a fair idea what was in store for me. However, I hadn't read about The Longest Day, and it's literally what it says in the title! A VERY long day indeed. Basically you have to defeat every pet trainer/master in one day, which may sound fine, but the travelling between them is so tedious and long, I had done 50% of them and seriously considering bottling it.

Included under the trainer/master category are the Legendary/Elite pets, which have all received a 50% damage reduction buff since the last time I was battling them, I am assuming this is an addition with 5.3. Thankfully there is a plus side as the daily quest which involved all elite pets has been split into 3 different ones, so now theres 3 bags up from 1 for completing, which gives alot more incentive to actually do them. My personal hates with the debuff have to be Nitun the raccoon/bandicoon from Jade Forest and Ti'un the Wanderer the turtle from Townlong Steppes. The buff Nitun puts on himself for the damage increase is insane and is pretty much a one shot and Ti'un already has the 50% damage reduction but then also just puts up his shield aswell to decrease damage even further. So a note to those battling them, definately make sure you have a pet which ressurects for when Nitun strikes with that massive attack, I used Lil KT and Mini Thor in that fight, so undeads and mechanicals would be my suggestion. For Ti'un I stacked flying type pets.

After all the travelling, I finally reached my final battle in Uldum and got my achievement - Yay!

The reward for this achievement is a Marked Flawless Battle Stone to upgrade any pet to rare quality. I had a pet in mind to use it for and when I didn't see the 'You have received..' message in my chat box and also no mail, I began to wonder what was going on. I relogged and still no sign, so ticketed my issue. Turns out there is a problem with the achievement not rewarding the stone properly so was pretty gutted after spending all that time to not getmy reward. Hoping for a fix very soon! That achievement literally took the whole day, so my plans to go to Karazhan straight after were postponed till the next day.

There are a possible 4 pets from Karazhan so was hoping to add them to my collection asap. The opera event was the Wizard of Oz so no luck with Lil' Bad wolf, The Curator didn't drop the custodian and the Imp from Terestian didn't drop either. Only one pet left to try for, so I continued on and then I remembered the chess event. What a pain to solo! I was hopping back and forth between npcs, mainly moving the king out of fire when needed, and using the priests to damage and heal the king up when he was in trouble. Just over an hour later, I finally solo-ed chess and headed to Malchezaar with my last hope of getting a pet out of this run. I was desperately hoping for this one to drop so I could avoid the chess event for future Karazhan trips, and thankfully my prayers were answered and he dropped the pet, the Netherspace Abyssal!

Love this pet and it's a great way for those who haven't been lucky with the Minfernals to actually get a similar pet.

After Karazhan, I headed the Tempest Keep but no luck with any pets or the mount from there. Next week I will keep my paws and claws crossed for some luck in there.

Next stop will be Serpentshrine!


(Thanks to Wowhead and Warcraftpets for the links)


  1. Wahoo! We got one from Kara this week, but no luck with the others yet. They all look so good! Grats on the achievement too :D

  2. Thanks alot! I know they look amazing, I NEED them all :D haha heading to SSC now - good luck with getting yours!

  3. Ooh grats on the pet. At least you won't have to work past Chess any more :)

    1. I know, it's quite a relief lol Hoping for some more luck next week though, SSC was unkind also :(