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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Gimme those rares!

Hey everyone!

Fellow pet collectors will know that changed the way they score pets to order and rank people on pet score rather than pet quantity. Obviously this makes a lot more sense with the whole pet grading system from poor to rare quality pets being in game. So naturally those who have more rare quality pets should be ranked higher. I personally didn't even think about this and when I was going around catching pets, I didn't go for all of them to be rare quality, I was quite happy with uncommons if I got them, but commons I took also just to actually have that pet.

Now the task in hand will be to go around each zone, taming all pets to rare quality to up my score as much as possible, to get into that elite top 500 list! Thankfully I can filter pets by the current zone I am in and see which pets spawn there and if I need to upgrade them, which no doubt will be the case!

Hoping to start this next week will hope to post my progress as I go!

Wish me luck :D I'm gonna need it..


Thursday, 28 March 2013

5.3 Pet Shinies!

Hey everyone!

I just HAD to post about the lovely new pet additions WoW will be getting in patch 5.3! My friend Dan highlighted that MMO-Champion had posted them and there's so many lovely new things! /excited!!!

Thankfully the baby Triceratops, or Stunted Direhorn has made a re-appearance, and it is so incredibly cute, everyone MUST want this! To obtain him, players must win 250 PVP pet battles with level 25 pets via the Find Battle function, very obtainable in my opinion, but that number could rise before it hits live, we'll just have to wait and see. Also mentioned is a new red robot pet, Bad Robot - LOVE the model. Unfortunately I haven't seen/read anything mentioning Pierre, I may have missed it in the excitement of the Direhorn, so please inform me if there has been any mentions!

Other pets to mention would be the Unborn Valkyr pet, which has an amazing model and will spawn in Icecrown it seems, Cory Stockton posted this on twitter to tease all pet collectors! I'm curious to know what he means by "her spawning is certainly unique" very very curious. Other pets that have popped up on the datamined lists are the Quivering Blob, Dark Quivering Blob, Filthling, Gastropod Shell and Gahz'rooki. My guess on these would be that they drop, the Filthlings are on the Isle of Thunder, Gastropods appear in Throne of Thunder and Gahz'rooki has to be from Zul'farrak? Sounds quite plausable to me.

There is also the second installation of old raid content pets which drop from Karazhan, Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine. Absolutely over the moon that they have continued this and I loved the first Raiding with Leashes. The reward for getting all 10 is your very own Tito dog pet, Dorothea's pet dog from the Wizard of Oz opera event in Karazhan.

Besides the pets, there is a lovely new Faerie Dragon mount, which I have to own! So so cute, and the model is just fantastic.

Another mount mentioned is the Armored Dragonhawk which is the reward for collecting 200 mounts, increasesd from the 150 achievement that is currently available to mount collectors.

Other items which caught my eye included:

Unclaimed Black Market Container - This could potentially be really really exciting or really really disappointing, much like the TCG card Landro's Gift Box. 9/10 times you will end up with the lesser items, but that hope of getting something amazing is something WoW players will definately buy into, I know I will!

Exp increasing pet food! In the form of the Pet Treat which increases exp gained by 50% and the Lesser Pet Treat which increases exp gained by 25% Very excited to see these added, hopefully the effect will stack with the Safari Hat.

A weekly pet battling PVP quest? I definately think Blizz are wanting to increase the number of players PVP pet battling as opposed to just doing the dailies and battling wild pets, with the reward of the Direhorn for pet battling and now I have noticed this weekly quest which rewards valor points, lesser charms and a Brawler's Supplies bag. Wonder if anything besides the usual chance of stones and bandages will appear in this? I do hope so!

Massive thanks to WoWhead, MMO-Champion and WarcraftPets for having all the news and up to date info <3

Will be watching very closely over the next few days/weeks to see what else will appear in WoW very soon I hope!


Thursday, 21 March 2013

Spectral Kitten!

Hey guys!

Apologies for the lack of posts, I haven't been able to WoW as much this week, but hoping to back at into it asap!

I did however manage to add another pet to my collection today, thanks for the vigilant eyes of my good friends and guildies Ryyus and Jaedia, who tweeted me to tell me a Spectral Kitten was for sale on our auction house. I thought it must be the BMAH, but nope! The ACTUAL auction house. The price was 150k bid and 200k buyout. I was a little short at that, but a big thanks to Ryyus who sent me some gold to tip me over the 150k mark and secured the kitten for me. It's an amazing feeling to finally say I own one, but would not be able to do so without my friends looking out for me <3 Massive MASSIVE thanks to them.

I used a pet biscuit on him for these screenshots, he is quite a lot smaller than shown here! So cute <3

Other pet news this week included me being able to bag the bargain of a lifetime on Ebay to obtain an unused collectors edition of Wrath of the Lich King to add Frosty the undead whelp to my collection! He is such a cutey, and just love his model. Possibly my favourite whelp next to the Netherwelp and Lil Deathwing!

And finally I was able to get the last panda from the Beasts of Fable daily quest.. I never have to do that again! THANK GOD! It really does take a hell of a lot of time to get through, and a couple of times I actually just ended up with junk which was quite annoying after so many battles.

My pet total now stands at 521! I hope to get to do some serious Tiny Carp pet farming very soon to boost that total to, hopefully, 525. An Ethereal Trader pet is next on the list of very elusive pets though, so will apologise now for my tweet spamming hunting someone down to trade for him.

One final note regarding, they have now introduced the Pet Score rankings, rather than the amount of pets you have ranking system, which means needing to do some serious need of pet leveling to boost my score! Hoping to get into the top 500 soon!


Monday, 18 March 2013

Which pets do you wanna see in the next patch/expansion?

I'm sure this topic has been asked many many times around on other websites and blogs, and I think I may have answered this a couple of times too! However, in the past week/month I have noticed some different models which would definately make pet collectors /squeal if they could get their hands on one of their own.

Litter of Xuen: These guys are scattered around The Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Kai Summit and they are just so sweet. An updated version of the Spectral Kitten really, but really love this model.

Magenta (found next to the Horde Pet Trainer in Vale of Eternal Blossoms): Haven't seen this model used anywhere until just literally standing getting my Beasts of Fable quest on my priest this week. It looks sooooo angry, WoW's version of grumpy cat?

Purple Chicken/Ash Chicken: I first saw these models when doing the quest in Burning Steppes, and thought it was cute, and now the Panda npc in Kun-Lai uses one of these in his team. So unfair that he gets to have one and we don't! Hope to see those in game soon.

We were discussing in guild chat earlier this week about 'that song with the ducks mugging people in the video' and we would love to now see a duck pet in WoW. A little mallard would be cute waddling beside you. Other suggestions have been a baby shark, a badger and a hedgehog. Now I know there has been a few porcupines, but something with less erm MASSIVE spikes, and more like this: "Hey you! Lady in the bow!" Love that advert!

What's your thoughts on this? Comment on here or tweet me @KaitzWoW


Saturday, 16 March 2013

Screenshot time!

Hey everyone :D

More screenshots of an odd glitch, some scenery and of course a little cuteness added in - enjoy!

When will we get our OWN caravan mount!!?!

Me as a troll chillin' with Vol'jin <3
One of the best quests ever! Massive Gnome VS Deathwing!

Was on my way to Black Temple, floating infernal blocked my path!

The roof in the student room of Scholomance - Green shiny skull eyes!
My raptor baby from STV - Need to rescue her from ZG :<

Summit Prowler Mother and babies! Awwww!
Harry Potter Moment! Klaxxi Dude VS Empress

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Quest Hub Highlight: Western Plaguelands

Now this used to be a zone I would dread having to go to and level, simply because the overload of the browny/red horrible undead type land would bore me to tears, but everything has changed and looks a whole lot better!

It's not all going to be sunshine and flowers after years of being blighted by scourge, but WPL is looking rather nice these days. There is actual grass and trees that aren't just trunks or dead! There is of course the same areas which you quest in, Andorhal being the main point, but I was very suprised to see how much had changed. It's a Horde VS Alliance VS Scourge battle, and some nice side stories including some of the Knights of the Ebon Blade characters I recognised from leveling my DK.

 Uther's Tomb is looking nice and fresh with some nice foliage leading up to it. It's improved 10000000% from what it used to look like. Nice to see the ever faithful Night Elf is still taking care of things.

Uther's Tomb
The Path Leading to Uther's Tomb
 Western Plaguelands always had the cauldron quests which were situated on farmland, which was decimated and all were turned into a scourge playground. Now there is actual LIVING crops, with a few scourge still hanging around.

Farmer Patchwerk tending to his crops
 After you complete a fair few quests killing the usual skeletons and zombies, you then get the 'level 2' scourge in the form of Valkyrs attacking Andorhal, luckily I had some farmers to help me sort them out.

I have mentioned my love of the new forsaken buildings before, but I had to take another screenie of them, looking particularly eerie and amazing, especially in this scourge filled setting!

After Andorhal you are sent north, to Hearthglen and various smaller quest points. My favourite quest has to be the ones involving a Troll Druid called Zenkiki, who is obviously struggling with how to actually be a Druid, due to him randomly changing form, usually when it's not appropriate.

He turned into a seal and was flailing around on the grass, was so random and brilliant <3
Inbetween laughing at Zenkiki, the zone was winding down to make your way onto Eastern Plaguelands, and the quests were rather dark and included some familar faces including one of the old scholo bosses, Instructor Malicia, who was harming defenseless bears - she soon died a horrible Fluffling related death. After dealing with her, Zenkiki and I were sent to the weeping cave to see what was happening in there. It was soon obvious that these quests were the back story to Scholomance and the connection between it and WPL. In vanilla it was just, this is WPL and this dungeon happens to be here. Without reading into tons of lore, you kind of just accepted it, but this lead up to it would help newer players understand why there are butchers, and scourge and cultists in Scholomance.

All in all, a very enjoyable zone to quest in, and definately worth doing just to see Zenkiki flail around on the grass in Seal Form <3


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Fly by mining!

What's that you say?

Fly by mining! aka helping a friend who is not the required level to use his or her flying mount to gather ore.


Whilst on my way to help my friend, Jaedia, out with some Hellfire Ramparts boosts for her lil panda rogue, we were talking and she mentioned needing a little more Thorium before hitting Hellfire Peninsula for the Fel Iron Ore to level her Engineering. I offered to help gather the Thorium in Swamp of Sorrows, now that I have a passenger flying mount and Fly By Mining was born! It was very speedy and helped out a friend in need.


Monday, 11 March 2013


Hey everyone,

5.2 brought us many many new events, items and quest, but the most important of all of those are of course the pets! Amongst those new pets came 4 fish pets, in the form of Tiny Carp in the colours red, blue, green and white. Each fish is caught from both open water and pools, but each one is zone specific. (Images taken from Warcraftpets)

    Tiny Blue Carp: Found in Townlong Steppes and Vale of Eternal Blossoms

     Tiny Green Carp: Found in The Jade Forest, Krasarang Wilds and the Valley of the Four Winds

    Tiny Red Carp: Found in The Dread Wastes, Kun-Lai Summit and Townlong Steppes

     Tiny White Carp: Found only in Kun-Lai Summit

     Sadly have not been lucky enough to get my own carp pet yet. Hope to find one soon <3

    Other news concerning fishing is the new daily zone event where there are absolutely swarms of fishing pools and a larger more obvious one which has way more fish than your average pool. You can find out where the daily event is by visiting Ben of the Booming Voice, located east of Halfhill along the river. The first event was in The Jade Forest, at Sri'la Village and there must have been 25-30 pools of Reef Octopus there. Here's a picture of my map to show you the amount of pools there;

    I attached a glow worm to boost my fishing skill and by the time the larger pool was finished, I had around 17 minutes left out of the 1 hour timer. Emptying the pool brings forth a Lurker Below type NPC called Krakkanon, who has roughly 20 million HP. He doesn't hit very hard, if at all, on my DK tank, he does have a move which spits fish at you though, which if caught in it, pushes you further away from him, very lurker below styley. About 10 minutes later, I killed him and he dropped the Mimic Octopus which is one of the three daily fish you give to Nat Pagle to increase your reputation with him and The Anglers.

    The next day the event was in the Woods of the Lost in Jade Forest which is very close to Sri'la Village and had to take some time in fishing the Jade Lungfish pools;

    All in all, I ended up with 130 Reef Octopus, 60 Jade Lung Fish a Flying Gourami and a Mimic Octopus. Not bad I don't think! Great for raising my rep and also my cooking skill.


    Saturday, 9 March 2013

    Dinosaur Hunters UNITE!

    Whilst flying along from checking out one of the new fishing events which was at Sri'la Village in The Jade Forest, I notice firstly a MASSIVE flying dinosaur!

    (Not the first Pterrorwing I saw as I was too excited to screenshot!)

    On closer inspection, this dinosaur is not the only one there and next to him is a troll npc, the Zandalari Warbringer, mounted on a Direhorn/Triceratops! The model is pretty amazing, and totally makes you instantly want the mount, which is a good thing as apparently this npc has the chance on dropping 3 different coloured versions! There is also another Troll npc called the Zandalari Scout who is worth killing too, he wanders near to the spawn point of the Warbringers.

    (Also not the Jade Forest Warbringer, this is from Krasarang)

    You MUST watch out for that Vengeful Spirit, it HURTS!

    The Warbringer has roughly 21million HP, solo-able by some classes, but probably better to have a Dino Hunting team, myself, Ryyus and Jaedia did some Dino Hunting and I personally had great fun hunting them down! The Scout has around 5.3million health, definately solo-able. They both have some nasty moves though, including a fear (which can be interrupted), an AoE thunder cone/stomp effect, they can summon a Vengeful Spirit that if it comes too close to you, hits for a hell of a lot, a meteor shower AoE move and a summon scarab ability.

    There are 5 spawn points throughout Pandaria which are as follows;

    Kun-Lai Summit

    Townlong Steppes
    Jade Forest

    Dread Wastes

    The Warbringer has a low chance to drop a mount, but does drop x3 insignia items which boost your reputation with either The Klaxxi, The Golden Lotus, The August Celestials or The Shado Pan. These items are amazing, firstly its 1000rep for whichever one you get, but if your character has the rep boosting commendation item, that rep is upgraded to 2200rep per insignia - WOW! He also has the chance to drop a Small Zandalari bag or a Big Zandalari bag, which includes materials for various professions but my last big bag I got included 2 BoE epic items. SECOND WOW! Can't wait to see what else could be obtained from those bags. The Scout drops x1 of the insignias and the chance of the bags also.

    All in all, a nice random find for just flying past at the right time! Should definately have this on repeat whilst doing it though...

    Two very lucky Hordies with their mounts! Congrats to you!

    Also up today was Oondasta, the MASSIVE rare world boss spawn on the Isle of Giants. He is extremely mean, and took 3 full 40 man raids to take him down. His attacks hit hard, he hits multiple targets and is taunt immune... hurray...gotta admit the model is amazing though. Managed to use one of my new Mogu Runes and get myself a lovely ilvl 522 ring! Good times <3


    Thursday, 7 March 2013

    5.2 has arrived!

    and wow what a patch it is!

    Hey everyone,

    5.2 is finally here! Woohoo! Been waiting a while for some new things to do, and there is plenty to keep you occupied with the addition of the Isle of Thunder and the Isle of Giants.

    Lets start with the Isle of Thunder, which is the daily quest hub to begin gathering your rep with the Kirin Tor Offensive. They are back and definately mean business! You start by receiving a quest when you are in shrine of the stars or moon, depending on your faction of course, to meet with Veressa Windrunner in Townlong near the Shado Pan daily npcs are. It's basically a meet this npc and they will take you to the Isle of Thunder and they drop in some Thunder King/Mogu history along the way, which is nice to hear, and get reminded of the impact and importance of this enemy.  You arrive quite quickly and you pick up your dailies, which send you across the island to get many more dailies, theres alot of them, but I found them quite enjoyable, some variation in the objectives.

    Whilst wandering around, you notice the nice new models of the trolls and the dinosaurs, which are just stunning, but also the new wild pets! The Swamp Croaker and Elder Python are lovely models, a massive leap from the old style frogs and snakes, so a big thumbs up there Blizz. Naturally I stopped for a little pet battling when I could, and managed to capture a rare quality Swamp Croaker - woohoo! Will go back for my rare quality python asap. I imagine the further you progress with the Kirin Tor rep, the island will open up further so looking forward to that!

    Looks quite dull here, but is such a step up from the old snake models!

    His throat inflates/deflates!

    The second island, is the Isle of Giants, which is directly north from Kun Lai Summit, its pretty well hidden, I had to ask for directions of where it is, as you can't see it on your map. As you fly up close to it, you get dismounted, and have to travel via land mount, as you do on the Isle of Thunder. The isle is pretty much a grinding playground, filled with huge dinosaurs and trolls, ranging from 2million to 15million HP each - eek! I managed to kill a Direhorn and a Troll by myself, but would much prefer a grinding party to gather up the bones they drop. They can be traded with a Troll npc called Ku'ma on the west side of the island. You can trade from 1 bone up to 9999 bones for various items, including pets which includes 4 new raptors pets, a Spectral Porcupine and a mount, which of course is the 9999 costing one.The pets cost 999 bones each, so happy grinding! :D

    My friend Noktharos, who I have mentioned in previous blog posts has been grinding all day, and is at approx 4k bones, good luck with the rest of the grind! He was also extremely kind to me, as whilst grinding these mobs, he has come across some of the new raptor pets, and kindly gave me 4 new pets to add to my collection. Yippeeeeee! They are adorable! Thankyou very very much <3 These pets are cage-able, so will no doubt be on your auction house very soon if you cannot grind them!

    Zandalari Anklerender

    Zandalari Toenibbler

    Zandalari Kneebiter

    Zandalari Footslasher

    On top of these 4 little babies, I managed to complete the new achievement/quest, Beasts of Fable, to get my own Red Panda pet! You start the quest from your Pet Trainer outside your respective factions Shrine hub in Vale, and you have to defeat many legendary pets in order to get this little fella. Personally I didn't find it difficult, as I luckily had in my team, the pets which are strongest against the certain family groups the legendary ones seem to be in, which were Beasts, Critters and Aquatic. It's your team of 3 vs 1 also, which is nice. Once completing the Beasts of Fable quest, it then becomes a daily to, you guessed it, beat them all again! You have the chance from the new bag to get more panda pets though, so well worth it!
    My pet total stands at 511 now! Woohoo!


    Other new additions/upgrades in 5.2 which I have experienced include the massive increase to Galleon's spawn rate, he is approximately up every 1-2 hours, so fantastic for those who never got to kill him before 5.2 hit, and the addition of the shared tag is always a welcome one, when the raid is full, the abuse in /1 was always nasty to see.

    Another fantastic addition is the buff to Valor points from Heroics, depending onthe heroic you can get up to 120 points for your first one, which in itself makes you want to do a heroic a day again, but the added bonus of being able to pick a faction to gain a chunk of rep for doing that heroic, what a lovely addition! This includes The Tilers, The Klaxxi, Shado Pan, August Celestials, The Lorewalkers, The Anglers, Operation Shieldwall and even the Kirin Tor Offensive also. A nice variety for those who need to catch up, like me, but also available for those who had them all to exalted already.

    For day one, that is a hell of a lot of things to have done, but thankfully plenty more to do and will keep you updated of any new 5.2 related business I get up to!