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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Screenshot time!

Hey everyone :D

More screenshots of an odd glitch, some scenery and of course a little cuteness added in - enjoy!

When will we get our OWN caravan mount!!?!

Me as a troll chillin' with Vol'jin <3
One of the best quests ever! Massive Gnome VS Deathwing!

Was on my way to Black Temple, floating infernal blocked my path!

The roof in the student room of Scholomance - Green shiny skull eyes!
My raptor baby from STV - Need to rescue her from ZG :<

Summit Prowler Mother and babies! Awwww!
Harry Potter Moment! Klaxxi Dude VS Empress


  1. Haha, the expression on the summit prowler's face! xD

  2. Those prowlers may look cute but they're pretty vicious!

  3. Omg the Day Deathwing Came was THE BEST questline EVER. I was literally in tears. xD

    And have not noticed the Scholo ceiling before. Much win :o