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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Gimme those rares!

Hey everyone!

Fellow pet collectors will know that changed the way they score pets to order and rank people on pet score rather than pet quantity. Obviously this makes a lot more sense with the whole pet grading system from poor to rare quality pets being in game. So naturally those who have more rare quality pets should be ranked higher. I personally didn't even think about this and when I was going around catching pets, I didn't go for all of them to be rare quality, I was quite happy with uncommons if I got them, but commons I took also just to actually have that pet.

Now the task in hand will be to go around each zone, taming all pets to rare quality to up my score as much as possible, to get into that elite top 500 list! Thankfully I can filter pets by the current zone I am in and see which pets spawn there and if I need to upgrade them, which no doubt will be the case!

Hoping to start this next week will hope to post my progress as I go!

Wish me luck :D I'm gonna need it..



  1. Good luck!

    That feature is both awesome and a massive pain in the butt... for perfectionists like me. I only started trying to catch everything aaaafter they released it, so I've been obsessively catching rares and rares only. I'm at about 40% rare at the moment, and it's slooooow going.

  2. Thanks! I'm exactly the same, when I know you get more credit for having a certain rare or whatever it drives me mad and I get so determined it done lol.

    I've had a little luck so far, hope it continues :)

  3. Good luck! I too went around and just captured pretty much any quality pet just to tick it off the list. Someday I'll get around to upgrading them all to rare quality.

    1. Thankyou! I really wish I had had some sort of warning and I would have stayed and waited to get rares of each one, but nvm! :D