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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Quest Hub Highlight: Western Plaguelands

Now this used to be a zone I would dread having to go to and level, simply because the overload of the browny/red horrible undead type land would bore me to tears, but everything has changed and looks a whole lot better!

It's not all going to be sunshine and flowers after years of being blighted by scourge, but WPL is looking rather nice these days. There is actual grass and trees that aren't just trunks or dead! There is of course the same areas which you quest in, Andorhal being the main point, but I was very suprised to see how much had changed. It's a Horde VS Alliance VS Scourge battle, and some nice side stories including some of the Knights of the Ebon Blade characters I recognised from leveling my DK.

 Uther's Tomb is looking nice and fresh with some nice foliage leading up to it. It's improved 10000000% from what it used to look like. Nice to see the ever faithful Night Elf is still taking care of things.

Uther's Tomb
The Path Leading to Uther's Tomb
 Western Plaguelands always had the cauldron quests which were situated on farmland, which was decimated and all were turned into a scourge playground. Now there is actual LIVING crops, with a few scourge still hanging around.

Farmer Patchwerk tending to his crops
 After you complete a fair few quests killing the usual skeletons and zombies, you then get the 'level 2' scourge in the form of Valkyrs attacking Andorhal, luckily I had some farmers to help me sort them out.

I have mentioned my love of the new forsaken buildings before, but I had to take another screenie of them, looking particularly eerie and amazing, especially in this scourge filled setting!

After Andorhal you are sent north, to Hearthglen and various smaller quest points. My favourite quest has to be the ones involving a Troll Druid called Zenkiki, who is obviously struggling with how to actually be a Druid, due to him randomly changing form, usually when it's not appropriate.

He turned into a seal and was flailing around on the grass, was so random and brilliant <3
Inbetween laughing at Zenkiki, the zone was winding down to make your way onto Eastern Plaguelands, and the quests were rather dark and included some familar faces including one of the old scholo bosses, Instructor Malicia, who was harming defenseless bears - she soon died a horrible Fluffling related death. After dealing with her, Zenkiki and I were sent to the weeping cave to see what was happening in there. It was soon obvious that these quests were the back story to Scholomance and the connection between it and WPL. In vanilla it was just, this is WPL and this dungeon happens to be here. Without reading into tons of lore, you kind of just accepted it, but this lead up to it would help newer players understand why there are butchers, and scourge and cultists in Scholomance.

All in all, a very enjoyable zone to quest in, and definately worth doing just to see Zenkiki flail around on the grass in Seal Form <3


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