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Monday, 11 March 2013


Hey everyone,

5.2 brought us many many new events, items and quest, but the most important of all of those are of course the pets! Amongst those new pets came 4 fish pets, in the form of Tiny Carp in the colours red, blue, green and white. Each fish is caught from both open water and pools, but each one is zone specific. (Images taken from Warcraftpets)

    Tiny Blue Carp: Found in Townlong Steppes and Vale of Eternal Blossoms

     Tiny Green Carp: Found in The Jade Forest, Krasarang Wilds and the Valley of the Four Winds

    Tiny Red Carp: Found in The Dread Wastes, Kun-Lai Summit and Townlong Steppes

     Tiny White Carp: Found only in Kun-Lai Summit

     Sadly have not been lucky enough to get my own carp pet yet. Hope to find one soon <3

    Other news concerning fishing is the new daily zone event where there are absolutely swarms of fishing pools and a larger more obvious one which has way more fish than your average pool. You can find out where the daily event is by visiting Ben of the Booming Voice, located east of Halfhill along the river. The first event was in The Jade Forest, at Sri'la Village and there must have been 25-30 pools of Reef Octopus there. Here's a picture of my map to show you the amount of pools there;

    I attached a glow worm to boost my fishing skill and by the time the larger pool was finished, I had around 17 minutes left out of the 1 hour timer. Emptying the pool brings forth a Lurker Below type NPC called Krakkanon, who has roughly 20 million HP. He doesn't hit very hard, if at all, on my DK tank, he does have a move which spits fish at you though, which if caught in it, pushes you further away from him, very lurker below styley. About 10 minutes later, I killed him and he dropped the Mimic Octopus which is one of the three daily fish you give to Nat Pagle to increase your reputation with him and The Anglers.

    The next day the event was in the Woods of the Lost in Jade Forest which is very close to Sri'la Village and had to take some time in fishing the Jade Lungfish pools;

    All in all, I ended up with 130 Reef Octopus, 60 Jade Lung Fish a Flying Gourami and a Mimic Octopus. Not bad I don't think! Great for raising my rep and also my cooking skill.



    1. you take krakkaons food then kill krakkanon. boooo evil death knight! ;)

    2. indeed :< I need my Nat Pagle rep! :P

    3. I had the pleasure of meeting Krakkanon on Saturday evening - he scared me by appearing right in front of me (I'll be talking about this in todays post ;P )

    4. I haven't got to fight Krakkanon yet or got a fish.

      The hubby on the other hand threw in a fishing pole 3 times and got a green carp. He didn't even know there were new fish pets. I fished for 2 hours! He is so lucky!

    5. I have yet to start fishing for the pets.. I'm not really looking forward to it but the Krakken summon was disappointing when the only loot was the stack of fish.

      1. Yeah indeed, if it dropped some sort of fishing item, overalls or some other transmog worthy item, would be interested in that!