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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Dinosaur Hunters UNITE!

Whilst flying along from checking out one of the new fishing events which was at Sri'la Village in The Jade Forest, I notice firstly a MASSIVE flying dinosaur!

(Not the first Pterrorwing I saw as I was too excited to screenshot!)

On closer inspection, this dinosaur is not the only one there and next to him is a troll npc, the Zandalari Warbringer, mounted on a Direhorn/Triceratops! The model is pretty amazing, and totally makes you instantly want the mount, which is a good thing as apparently this npc has the chance on dropping 3 different coloured versions! There is also another Troll npc called the Zandalari Scout who is worth killing too, he wanders near to the spawn point of the Warbringers.

(Also not the Jade Forest Warbringer, this is from Krasarang)

You MUST watch out for that Vengeful Spirit, it HURTS!

The Warbringer has roughly 21million HP, solo-able by some classes, but probably better to have a Dino Hunting team, myself, Ryyus and Jaedia did some Dino Hunting and I personally had great fun hunting them down! The Scout has around 5.3million health, definately solo-able. They both have some nasty moves though, including a fear (which can be interrupted), an AoE thunder cone/stomp effect, they can summon a Vengeful Spirit that if it comes too close to you, hits for a hell of a lot, a meteor shower AoE move and a summon scarab ability.

There are 5 spawn points throughout Pandaria which are as follows;

Kun-Lai Summit

Townlong Steppes
Jade Forest

Dread Wastes

The Warbringer has a low chance to drop a mount, but does drop x3 insignia items which boost your reputation with either The Klaxxi, The Golden Lotus, The August Celestials or The Shado Pan. These items are amazing, firstly its 1000rep for whichever one you get, but if your character has the rep boosting commendation item, that rep is upgraded to 2200rep per insignia - WOW! He also has the chance to drop a Small Zandalari bag or a Big Zandalari bag, which includes materials for various professions but my last big bag I got included 2 BoE epic items. SECOND WOW! Can't wait to see what else could be obtained from those bags. The Scout drops x1 of the insignias and the chance of the bags also.

All in all, a nice random find for just flying past at the right time! Should definately have this on repeat whilst doing it though...

Two very lucky Hordies with their mounts! Congrats to you!

Also up today was Oondasta, the MASSIVE rare world boss spawn on the Isle of Giants. He is extremely mean, and took 3 full 40 man raids to take him down. His attacks hit hard, he hits multiple targets and is taunt immune... hurray...gotta admit the model is amazing though. Managed to use one of my new Mogu Runes and get myself a lovely ilvl 522 ring! Good times <3



  1. I had no idea about this troll npc's dotted around Pandaria. I'll be keeping an eye out for them now though. The mounts look uber-cool!

  2. We SO need to do more dinosaur farming! :D Did a little on Friday on the isle for Tricey who is our new guild mascot.

    1. We do indeed! Need to meet our new Guild Mascot too!

  3. I saw one of the scouts whilst doing one of my elite battles in Kun-Lai the first day which prompted me to forfeit and tag him. I wasn't sure what to expect at the time but I found out rather quickly when that spirit wanted to touch me. I had her snared at first but figured I should kill her when started moving toward me. Bad move.

    I've killed a couple of them now - a Warbringer and the War-God so I have a better idea of what they can do now. Hoping to see the world boss soon though. Grats on your new ring!

    1. Thanks! they do hit like a truck those spirits, really mean :(