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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Back from the dead

Hey guys,

Recently I switched to my DeathKnight as my 'main' character, yet already I am missing the ability to be able to say 'Sure! I'll heal it for you' because well, I can only heal myself on my lady wolf.

Swift Mistsaber mount was always my fav!
I was chatting with some guildies and we kind of all of a sudden came up with the idea of trying to resurrect my first night elf priest from my vanilla/TBC alliance days. With the Scroll of Resurrection function, it would mean that whoever sent me the invite, would receive a prize in the form of a Spectral Gryphon. Winners all around! Sadly the email which I had assigned my old account to didn't receive the scroll, and I went to investigate via contacting the Live Help on the Battle Net account page. Apparently my account had been compromised and the account locked - noooooooooooo! I thought I had lost her forever, but thankfully the GM on the live help was extremely helpful and was able to confirm I was the owner of the account and get her back to me, along with my original Hunter, Kaitlyn (Still in Beastmaster dungeon 0.5 gear /weee :D) I was just amazed at how well the GM handled things. When I log in, I now have a drop down box to both accounts attached to my same email address. So I thought the Scroll of Resurrection idea was out of the window given that both accounts are on one email... until I receive one in my inbox. Now sure how, not sure why, but I will take that 30 days free, upgrade to Cataclysm and boosted to lvl 80 thank you very much! I can then decide how I feel about my characters and decide whats best for my future WoWing.

I must repeat myself with how much love I have for the Live Chat function on the Battle Net support page and the amazing GM Koblekai, seriously amazing, very quick to respond, very friendly and just ingeneral bloody good at their job. 10/10 Superb! A massive thanks to them for reuniting me with my Nelf <3

Time to transmog into my Primal Mooncloth set, transmog my staff to Benediction and it will feel like the good old times! <3



  1. Grats on getting her back. Nightelf Priests with Benediction are the best kind of Priests (not biased at all).