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Monday, 18 March 2013

Which pets do you wanna see in the next patch/expansion?

I'm sure this topic has been asked many many times around on other websites and blogs, and I think I may have answered this a couple of times too! However, in the past week/month I have noticed some different models which would definately make pet collectors /squeal if they could get their hands on one of their own.

Litter of Xuen: These guys are scattered around The Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Kai Summit and they are just so sweet. An updated version of the Spectral Kitten really, but really love this model.

Magenta (found next to the Horde Pet Trainer in Vale of Eternal Blossoms): Haven't seen this model used anywhere until just literally standing getting my Beasts of Fable quest on my priest this week. It looks sooooo angry, WoW's version of grumpy cat?

Purple Chicken/Ash Chicken: I first saw these models when doing the quest in Burning Steppes, and thought it was cute, and now the Panda npc in Kun-Lai uses one of these in his team. So unfair that he gets to have one and we don't! Hope to see those in game soon.

We were discussing in guild chat earlier this week about 'that song with the ducks mugging people in the video' and we would love to now see a duck pet in WoW. A little mallard would be cute waddling beside you. Other suggestions have been a baby shark, a badger and a hedgehog. Now I know there has been a few porcupines, but something with less erm MASSIVE spikes, and more like this: "Hey you! Lady in the bow!" Love that advert!

What's your thoughts on this? Comment on here or tweet me @KaitzWoW



  1. I love the Ash Chickens! Fell in love with them when questing too and made a post about them. Would love to have one for a pet!

  2. Araga's cubs use the same model.

  3. !! The Ash Chicken has a guitar? :o Want. Want. WANT.
    I first discovered them when I started levelling my Goblin. I loves them so much, they look so ridiculous.

    1. It does! In Vale of Eternal Blossoms its standing there playing XD