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Thursday, 28 March 2013

5.3 Pet Shinies!

Hey everyone!

I just HAD to post about the lovely new pet additions WoW will be getting in patch 5.3! My friend Dan highlighted that MMO-Champion had posted them and there's so many lovely new things! /excited!!!

Thankfully the baby Triceratops, or Stunted Direhorn has made a re-appearance, and it is so incredibly cute, everyone MUST want this! To obtain him, players must win 250 PVP pet battles with level 25 pets via the Find Battle function, very obtainable in my opinion, but that number could rise before it hits live, we'll just have to wait and see. Also mentioned is a new red robot pet, Bad Robot - LOVE the model. Unfortunately I haven't seen/read anything mentioning Pierre, I may have missed it in the excitement of the Direhorn, so please inform me if there has been any mentions!

Other pets to mention would be the Unborn Valkyr pet, which has an amazing model and will spawn in Icecrown it seems, Cory Stockton posted this on twitter to tease all pet collectors! I'm curious to know what he means by "her spawning is certainly unique" very very curious. Other pets that have popped up on the datamined lists are the Quivering Blob, Dark Quivering Blob, Filthling, Gastropod Shell and Gahz'rooki. My guess on these would be that they drop, the Filthlings are on the Isle of Thunder, Gastropods appear in Throne of Thunder and Gahz'rooki has to be from Zul'farrak? Sounds quite plausable to me.

There is also the second installation of old raid content pets which drop from Karazhan, Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine. Absolutely over the moon that they have continued this and I loved the first Raiding with Leashes. The reward for getting all 10 is your very own Tito dog pet, Dorothea's pet dog from the Wizard of Oz opera event in Karazhan.

Besides the pets, there is a lovely new Faerie Dragon mount, which I have to own! So so cute, and the model is just fantastic.

Another mount mentioned is the Armored Dragonhawk which is the reward for collecting 200 mounts, increasesd from the 150 achievement that is currently available to mount collectors.

Other items which caught my eye included:

Unclaimed Black Market Container - This could potentially be really really exciting or really really disappointing, much like the TCG card Landro's Gift Box. 9/10 times you will end up with the lesser items, but that hope of getting something amazing is something WoW players will definately buy into, I know I will!

Exp increasing pet food! In the form of the Pet Treat which increases exp gained by 50% and the Lesser Pet Treat which increases exp gained by 25% Very excited to see these added, hopefully the effect will stack with the Safari Hat.

A weekly pet battling PVP quest? I definately think Blizz are wanting to increase the number of players PVP pet battling as opposed to just doing the dailies and battling wild pets, with the reward of the Direhorn for pet battling and now I have noticed this weekly quest which rewards valor points, lesser charms and a Brawler's Supplies bag. Wonder if anything besides the usual chance of stones and bandages will appear in this? I do hope so!

Massive thanks to WoWhead, MMO-Champion and WarcraftPets for having all the news and up to date info <3

Will be watching very closely over the next few days/weeks to see what else will appear in WoW very soon I hope!



  1. Ooooh the Black Market containers are going to be addictive!

  2. The Stunted Direhorn is very cute!!

  3. The Unborn Val'kyr is the best one for me :)