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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Pets, Pets and more Pets!

Hey everyone!

I know I posted about me finally getting my little scourged whelp the other day, but I don't feel like I've posted a proper post about actual pet news in a while.

I'll start off on a negative, with the aim to brush over it, but I'm pretty sad and a little dissapointed with the news of the lovely Pierre being taken out of patch 5.2. Gutted as he looks amazing, but hope to see him in the not so distant future. This was confirmed when Perculia asked Cory Stockton, the lead content designer for Blizz, via twitter earlier this week.

This does mean I won't have to be frantically finding time to play my hunter to continue her engineering levelling, can now decide between her and my priest. So I am let off the hook a little!

Speaking of Cory, he has been busy over at WarcraftPets for his second interview answering more very interesting questions from Brian aka Breanni, definately worth checking it out for some exclusive info including future patch additions and Blizzcon news!

The new TCG pet, the Gusting Grimoire, was announced a while ago and I have been scouting on ebay for to see what kind of prices it is going for, and by the looks of it, its around £5, so not a major money drainer. it's a bit of rip of the Lofty Libram but will no doubt get it to add to the collection when I have the cash.

I have been busy with regards to pets, as my new achievement shows:

Lots of my guildies were calling me crazy for getting to 30, but I definately think I will be crazy by the time the next goal is reached. The last tier of the levelling achievements is to get 75 pets to level 25, and you are rewarding the Singing Cricket pet. Not the best pet in my opinion, but a pet which I do not have, so naturally its a must. I do like the reward for getting 30 up to lvl 25, the Pristine Trap, would definately recommend that you get this before trying to go for the Safari achievements, I definately did them the wrong way around - oops! :D Whilst doing the dailies for levelling my pets, I have gained some Flawless stones and another Porcupette, so thats a great bonus! Just need to decide who to use them on now.

Also remember to do your Darkmoon Faire pet battle daily as Jeremy is back, and hopefully with plenty of Darkmoon Eyes to go around for everyone!



  1. I was really gutted when I found out about Pierre but it was a bit of a relief as I still don't have Transmute: Living Steel!
    & I totally agree that the Gusting Grimoire is a Lofty Libram rip-off!! Little disappointing really.

  2. Yeah, its not just pierre who is missing either, if you listen to the interview at warcraft pets, theres another which didnt make it and apparently they have 6 or so of the book pets lined up, so this isnt the last either o_o

  3. is jeremy up for a pet battle at all levels or 25's only?

  4. I'm disappointed about Pierre too :(
    I thought he looked so awesome!