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Saturday, 15 February 2014

My Top 5: Raid Bosses

I wanted to create a 'Top 5' series of posts for some of my favourite moments in WoW. Please feel free to join me


I never got the chance to actually kill him when the raid was current content, but the overall feel and backstory to this whole raid was just incredible.

Lich King

Another epic story and the first time I teleported up to his throne was goosebump inducing! That race to get him to 10% health was immense and I remember the shouts and screams over vent when we finally did it. I had avoided watching the cinematic until we killed him also, so that was a great bonus. We (me and my bf) head back to ICC every week for the hope that Invincible will soon be ours to command!


The old gods lore has always intrigued me. Ulduar is a WotLK raid, and of course when you hear that you think of Icecrown Citadel and killing the Lich King and you know your going to get there eventually. With Ulduar, it was something that was silently brewing for a long time, and that something was Yoggsaron. The build up through the quest zones was great, especially when you would get whispered by Yoggy and just the mention of him was enough to terrify. I personally find Yoggy a more terrifying aspect than the Lich King rising the dead up against you. The not knowing is what creeps me out with Yoggy, and him patiently waiting underground for his time to strike. We are currently running Ulduar weekly for the chance at getting the Mimiron's Head mount.


The thing that I remember the most about Algalon is that this fight gave many many people graphic problems with the lovely sparkly shiney 'warp speed' animation when you first speak to him to start the fight. He is such a great boss, and I think the fact that he was only accessable when you got the key made from doing hardmodes, people would definately do an irl /flex for having the achievement.


Classic raid, with a teeny amount of trash, one of the perks of course! Back in the day when she was spying in Stormwind was an amazing storyline! Loved her come back in Blackwing Descent, looking a bit shabby, but I would take that look if I had come back from the dead as much as she has.


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