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Thursday, 28 February 2013


Hey everyone!

Need a name for him - any suggestions?

So overjoyed to be able to post this FINALLY, after months of searching and waiting, the Scourged Whelp is finally mine! :D Had it not been for my friend, Lastator, saying 'You should check for whelps, they appear in the mornings' I wouldn't have looked at all, so a massive thanks to him for the reminder!

I found my whelp at the co-ordinates 71,43, but also saw two other spawns at 71,34 and 69,42. Hope this helps anyone looking. Couldn't believe it when I saw the green paw on the map! I actually caught the whelp on my alliance server, Ghostlands, so had to log my priest to use the undead stone I have had in my bags, waiting for the day to upgrade my whelp! My priest can finally hang up for Argent Crusader's Tabard and just chill out at the inn instead of freezing in Icecrown all the time.

So that brings my pet total to 504, still a couple of pets left to get in game, have to wait till the summer for one of them, but the Sumprush Rodent and Singing Cricket will be next on the list, unless some lovely kind person trades me a Spectral Kitten or Ethereal Trader of course!



  1. Yay congrats! When I was trying to help Matty with one recently, I told her that a couple were around... until they were snapped up really quickly by someone trying to get a rare I suspect =/

  2. Thanks! That's really annoying, people farming them all to get the rare, I found the third one and put a message in /1 to alert other collectors, and someone came literally 2-3 seconds afterward, they are in such high demand, its crazy! I heard they are doing something with the spawn rate for 5.2, so hopefully will be able to get them a little easier for those who still need :)

  3. congratulations on your latest cutie. How about Idris for a name?

  4. Thanks! Idris, hmm not sure on it, does it mean anything or have links to anything in particular? Was thinking something more dark with it being scourged, Idris sounds like a nice happy name to me XD

  5. Woot, Gratz! So happy you caught one! I'm so jealous :)
    One day this whelping and that Mini Infernal will be mine!